Our Italian recipes will make you say “buon appetito.” Check out our classic Italian recipes and our quick and easy recipes, too!

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Fried Green Tomato Lasagna

My family likes lasagna, so I usually make it once a week. This variation is one I created to use tomatoes that aren't quite ripe yet. My family and friends love it.

Green and Red Tomato Salad

Don't turn up your nose at green tomatoes. In this clever recipe, red and green tomatoes are topped with a...

Green Tomatoes Parmesan

Meet the Cook: If you follow the recipe directions, you should end up with firm tomatoes. It's been a tried-and-true...

Green Tomato Parmesan

Oven-baked green tomatoes are deliciously tangy smothered with tomato sauce and topped with three kinds of cheese. Serve this as...