Our Italian recipes will make you say “buon appetito.” Check out our classic Italian recipes and our quick and easy recipes, too!

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Slow-Cooked Pizzaiola Meat Loaf

I like to add Italian Castelvetrano olives to the meat loaf mixture in this recipe. They're bright green, very mild and fruity, and are available in the deli section of the grocery store. —Ann Sheehy, Lawrence, Massachusetts

Italian Spiral Meat Loaf

40 reviews

Take a classic comfort food to delicious new heights with this impressive recipe. Sausage, pizza sauce and mozzarella give Italian...

Italian Mushroom Meat Loaf

1 review

Healthful oats and flaxseed amp up the nutrition in this tasty meat loaf. —Kylie Werning, Candler, North Carolina

Healthy Slow-Cooked Meat Loaf

8 reviews

What could be easier than this recipe for an Italian-inspired meat loaf made in the slow cooker? No fuss, easy...

Spinach Turkey Roll

3 reviews

My husband doesn't care much for garlic, so I use elephant garlic, which is milder. He never mentions the garlic...

Prosciutto-Stuffed Meat Loaf

4 reviews

An amazing blend of flavors—including prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and cheese—make this rolled loaf something special.

Italian Pinwheel Meat Loaf

2 reviews

I have been making this main dish for at least 20 years. I assemble it early in the day and...

Mini Turkey Meat Loaves

3 reviews

These turkey loaves are tender, hearty and convenient. They're loaded with flavor—not to mention oats, turkey and veggies! Bake them...

Italian Meat Loaf

2 reviews

"I received the recipe for this moist meat loaf in my high school economics class," recalls Lisa Malone of Cordell,...

Festive Meat Loaf Pinwheel

2 reviews

Most people wouldn't think of serving meat loaf for a holiday gathering, but think again! It's wonderful for a crowd...

Meat Loaf Stuffed Zucchini

4 reviews

I CAME UP WITH this recipe after being challenged to find different ways to cook this plentiful summer vegetable.

Lasagna Loaf

1 review

This recipe is a product of three different recipes and a little imagination. Even the picky eaters in my family...

Beef Pizza Loaf

3 reviews

Pizza sauce, cheese and vegetables give this meat loaf its pretty pizzazz. It's an economical dish that feeds my husband...

Cheese-Stuffed Loaf

6 reviews

A similar recipe appeared on a campaign brochure for a candidate who was running for office in 1970. I played...

Mini Italian Meat Loaves

2 reviews

This was one of the first recipes I tried as a new wife many years ago. These single-serving loaves have...

Italian Style Meat Roll

2 reviews

I also use this meat mixture for meatballs. Either way, it's mouthwatering.
—Janaan Cunningham

Pizza Loaf

1 review

I'll always be thankful for the help my mother-in-law gave me when I first moved out to the farm. The...

Mozzarella Meat Whirl

I've loved to cook for as long as I can remember. This recipe, which dates back to 1960, is an...

Meat Loaves with Pesto Sauce

The pesto sauce adds herb and cheese flavor that makes this recipe unique. If you're a family of two, prepare...

Marilyn’s Meat Loaf

2 reviews

Our family of five loves baked ham.. so every time I make it, I set aside some thin slices to...

Juicy Italian Meat Loaf

2 reviews

When It's barbecue season, I make this meat loaf right on the grill! Just cook it covered, for the amount...

Old-World Pizza Meat Loaf

8 reviews

Good food and memories are made in the kitchen. A recipe like this one that’s been passed down through generations...

Italian Turkey Meat Loaf

It's easy to whip up this turkey and bean meat loaf on weeknights, and it makes fantastic sandwiches the next...

String Cheese Meat Loaf

8 reviews

My daughter likes the cheese stuffed into this tasty meat loaf made with a blend of ground beef and Italian...

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Meat Loaf-Stuffed Peppers

3 reviews

With my husband—who won't eat the same thing twice—I've had to learn to be creative with leftovers (around here, we...

Italian Meat Loaves

6 reviews

We raise hogs, so pork is something I cook with a lot. These miniature meat loaves made with ground pork...

Pizza Meat Loaf

5 reviews

This is a fun and flavorful loaf that will please the palates of those who like pizza. The sauce and...

Italian Pizza Meat Loaf

3 reviews

If you have kids who protest when they hear meat loaf is on the menu, just try keeping them away...

Sun-Dried Tomato Meat Loaf

5 reviews

Our kitchen staff gives Italian flair to this lightened-up meat loaf by mixing in tangy sun-dried tomatoes. The recipe yields...