Create a delicious feast straight from Greece with these Greek recipes. We cover everything easy, healthy and vegetarian. Ancient Greek recipes, too!

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    How to Make Gyros at Home

    This step-by-step guide explains how to make gyros at home. No rotisserie needed!

    How to Make an Authentic Avgolemono Soup Recipe in 6 Simple Steps

    This avgolemono soup recipe is a bright and cozy dish from Greece that's food for the soul.

    Grecian-Inspired Macaroni Salad

    I love all Grecian flavors and tried adding them to a macaroni salad. Toss in whatever olives you can find;...

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    Mediterranean Kofta Meatballs

    For a new take on meatballs, try this quick kofta recipe to make flavorful Mediterranean meatballs full of spices and...

    17 Traditional Greek Foods Everyone Should Try

    Take a trip to Greece without leaving your kitchen! These recipes for authentic Greek food will take you on a...

    A 7-Day Greek Meal Plan

    This week, it's all Greek. Enjoy Mediterranean flavors at the dinner table, and maybe even some baklava for dessert!

    Weeknight Skillet Spinach Pie

    I love sneaking extra veggies into my kids’ dinners, especially with this skillet spinach pie recipe. With a flaky crust...

    40 Greek-Inspired Recipes for Vegetarians

    No fish or lamb here! We found the best Greek-inspired recipes for vegetarians, including spanakopita, baklava, salads and more.

    Greek Chicken with Green Beans

    My Greek grandmother made the most delicious Greek chicken and green beans with a lemon-tomato flavor. Whenever I make this...

    Greek Sausage and Peppers

    This Greek sausage and peppers recipe is an old family favorite. My grandmother, mother and I make this every year...


    Growing up in Cyprus, we would see this melomakarona cookie everywhere during the holidays. Every year my mother, Thelma, would...

    Greek Chicken & Rice

    A fresh take on comfort food, Greek chicken and rice is my go-to on busy weeknights and when unexpected company...

    19 Low-Carb Greek and Mediterranean Recipes

    We love all of these fresh and guilt-free dishes—and you will, too.