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Take your taste buds on a trip with our favorite Latin American recipes featuring fresh produce, bold flavors and winning combinations.

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    13 Recipes with Dulce de Leche

    If we could use only three words to describe these recipes with dulce de leche, they would be heavenly, luscious and creamy.

    How to Make Authentic Alfajores

    This recipe for alfajores combines shortbread cookies with a rich dulce de leche filling.


    Pacoca (Brazilian peanut candy) is an easy treat that has only five ingredients! It's a popular sweet in Brazil, and...

    Lime and Dill Chimichurri Shrimp

    Chimichurri is a very popular condiment in Argentina and Uruguay and is most often used as a dipping sauce or...

    Chilean Monkey Tail Punch

    Stories vary surrounding the origins of this punch's unique name. Some say it was initially served in a bottle depicting...