Comfort Food

Comfort food is food that stirs up fond foodie memories and makes you feel warm and cozy. These comfort food recipes deliver on that promise.

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We Tried 8 Brands and Found the Best Canned Chicken Noodle Soup

Craving something cozy? We found the best canned chicken noodle soup to keep you warm and satisfied.

Which Premade Pie Crust Is the Best Shortcut? We Found Out!

Short on time? No shame in using a premade pie crust. Our Test Kitchen sampled nine to find the very...

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Our Test Kitchen Put 11 Spaghetti Sauces to the Test. See Our Favorites.

Want the best brands for your pantry? The Taste of Home Test Kitchen put them to the test—this time trying...

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Our Test Kitchen Found the Best Barbecue Sauces

Finding the best barbecue sauce for your grill-out is tricky with so many options at the store. That's where our...

This Is the Angel Food Cake You Should Be Buying

Need a shortcut for your next dessert? Before you head to the store for your angel food cake mix, see...

We Tried Reese Witherspoon’s Mile-High Lemon Meringue Pie

In her book Whiskey in a Teacup, Reese Witherspoon shares her easy lemon meringue pie recipe. We gave it try...

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I Tried Vinegar Pie! Here’s What I Thought.

This unlikely sweet treat uses only the staple ingredients in your pantry. Here's why.

We Tried Sans Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Brownies. Here’s the Verdict.

Can a brownie mix without gluten or sugar still taste like dessert? We had to find out.