Comfort Food

Comfort food is food that stirs up fond foodie memories and makes you feel warm and cozy. These comfort food recipes deliver on that promise.

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    Vegan Pumpkin Pie

    Rich, creamy and wonderfully spiced for the holidays, this vegan pumpkin pie recipe is perfect for all your guests. —Justin Weber, Kenosha, Wisconsin

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    40 Christmas Pies for a Sweet Holiday Season

    These delicious Christmas pies are filled with our favorite holiday flavors like peppermint, chocolate and even eggnog. Save a slice...

    This Nesselrode Pie Recipe Will Take You Back to the 1940s

    Here's how to make Nesselrode pie, an old-fashioned creamy dessert with chestnut custard and rum-soaked candied fruit.

    Is Canned Pumpkin or Fresh Better for Pies?

    Ever wonder if a fresh pumpkin pie is worth the extra work? We tested one side-by-side with a pie made...

    12 Diabetic-Friendly Pies and Tarts

    No one will be left out when dessert is served!

    How to Make the Perfect Flaky Pie Crust

    The best pies start with the best crusts. Learn how to make pie crust from scratch using these step-by-step instructions.

    Which Premade Pie Crust Is the Best Shortcut? We Found Out!

    Short on time? No shame in using a premade pie crust. Our Test Kitchen sampled nine to find the very...

    20 Mini Pies for the Holidays

    'Tis the season for sweet treats! These mini holiday pies are a delightful addition to cookie platters and dessert spreads...

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    101 Best-Ever Thanksgiving Pies

    These Thanksgiving pies make beautiful (and tasty!) centerpieces for your holiday table.

    Mama’s Buttermilk Coconut Pie

    My mama showed me how to make this pie about 40 years ago, just as her mama showed her how...

    The Best Sweet Potato Pie

    I love this recipe's rich, sweet potato flavor and irresistibly buttery crust. Sour cream makes the filling super smooth, and...

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    50 Pies for 50 States

    What flavor of pie is your state known for? Did we get it right?

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    65 Juicy, Flaky Fresh Fruit Pies We Love

    From lattice-crowned classics to fruity flavor twists, these recipes make achieving sweet, flaky perfection as easy as pie.

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    The Most Popular Pie from Every Decade

    Make sure to save us a slice!

    Cast-Iron White Chocolate Tart

    This decadent dessert is worth every calorie. If you aren't a fan of citrus, leave out the orange flavoring and...

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    35 Vintage Summer Pies You Need to Try

    No need to rummage through worn cookbooks for a refreshing summer dessert. We've got all of your favorite vintage pie...

    How to Make Pie in a Mason Jar Lid

    Look around for your spare Mason jars. You can bake up some adorable mini pies in their lids!

    35 Gorgeous Pies to Make Right Now

    Craving a slice of sweet, flaky perfection? From bubbly, fruit-filled classics to silky cream indulgences, each of these impressive pies...

    Chocolate Ganache Pumpkin Tart

    I love the flavor combination of spiced pumpkin and chocolate, which inspired me to create this chocolate pumpkin tart. Sometimes...

    Upside-Down Pumpkin Pecan Tarts

    These flaky phyllo treats with a rich pumpkin filling are a fantastic twist on pumpkin pie and can be prepared...

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    How to Make the Dreamiest No-Bake Key Lime Cream Pie

    Too hot to bake? That's no problem with this Key lime cream pie recipe. See how our Test Kitchen makes...

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    32 Patriotic Pies Decked Out in Red, White and Blue

    If you've got a sweet tooth this 4th of July, these patriotic pies are perfect for your Independence Day celebration.

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    33 Fruity Pies You Haven’t Made Yet

    When it comes to pie flavors, you know the basics like apple and cherry. But what about grapefruit meringue? Or...

    25 Juicy Stone Fruit Pie Recipes

    Stone fruits—that's cherries, nectarines, apricots, plums, peaches and even mango—make for delicious pies. Learn how to put these fruits to...

    12 Over-the-Top Mile-High Pie Recipes

    What's a mile-high pie without a generous dose of whipped cream or meringue? These are our favorite towering treats from...

    Southern Sweet Potato Tart

    Our family loves sweet potatoes, so I try to incorporate them in as many dishes as I can. My secret...

    Dark Chocolate-Caramel Macchiato Pie

    One of my first entries in the National Pie Championship was this impressive pie with coffee flavor and cool chocolate...

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    40 Berry Pie Recipes to Make This Summer

    Make the most use of summer's berry bounty with these delectable recipes. A great berry pie is always welcome at...