Comfort Food

Comfort food is food that stirs up fond foodie memories and makes you feel warm and cozy. These comfort food recipes deliver on that promise.

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What Is Mincemeat Pie and How to Make It

Mincemeat pie is a traditional British dessert for Christmastime. We share the history and show you how to make this sweet, flavorful pie to share with your loved ones.

Mincemeat Pumpkin Pie

Instead of serving separate pumpkin and mincemeat pies one Thanksgiving, I served this one pie that combines those wonderful flavors....

Mincemeat Walnut Pie

Here's a tasty twist on the more traditional mincemeat pie. This one's sweeter, creamier, easier to make and so yummy!

Cranberry-Apple Mincemeat Pies

Traditional mincemeat is too heavy for me, but this fruity version hits the spot. Other agree— few folks who've tried...

Mincemeat Cherry Pie

Cherries and orange marmalade give a nice twist to traditional mincemeat pie. It's sure to add some old-fashioned flavor to...

Walnut Mincemeat Pie

As a cold and tasty finishing touch, my husband and I usually put a dip of ice cream on top...