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Find recipes for every cooking style you can think of—from freezer-friendly and make-ahead to slow-cooker, comfort foods, quick recipes and more.

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    I Made Blueberry Boy Bait and It’s the Best Way to Use Fresh Blueberries

    Light, fluffy and perfectly golden, this blueberry coffee cake—affectionately known as "blueberry boy bait" —might become your new favorite treat.

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    Brown Sugar Air-Fryer Ham

    This air-fryer ham features a simple, old-fashioned glaze just like Grandma used to make. The mustard and vinegar counter the...

    How to Make a Sprinkle-Covered Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Talk about a magic mashup! This birthday cake ice cream sandwich recipe combines two of our favorite treats into one...

    11 Kids’ Charcuterie Boards Your Littles Will Love

    You'll have as much fun building these kids' charcuterie boards as your kiddos will have eating them.

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    18 Easy Diabetic-Friendly Dessert Recipes

    Take a bite out of our easy and diabetic-friendly dessert recipes—including cookies, bars, pies and more. These simple ideas will...

    How to Make Air-Fryer Frozen Hamburgers

    Beat the heat this summer with air-fryer frozen hamburgers. No thawing necessary—and the cleanup couldn't be easier!

    Instant Pot Cuban Chicken

    I love the flavors of Cuban food. Lots of citrus, garlic, cilantro and spices; I could eat it every day....

    Pressure-Cooker Sonoran Clam Chowder

    Being from New England originally I always appreciated a good rich clam chowder. But living in the Southwest the past...

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    50 Easy Fourth of July Desserts to Make This Year

    Don't waste your time on complicated treats! From peach cobbler to all-American sheet cake, these easy Fourth of July desserts...

    How to Make Chantilly Cake

    You've never tasted a cake like this (unless you're from New Orleans).

    Steak and Potato Foil Packs

    As a park ranger, I've cooked a lot of meals outdoors. I often assemble a steak and potato foil pack...

    Pressure-Cooker Southwestern Pork and Squash Soup V

    I adapted a pork and squash stew recipe using tomatoes and southwestern-style seasonings. My husband and sons loved it, and...

    Air-Fryer Cinnamon Rolls

    By starting with refrigerated crescent roll dough, you can have fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls in only a few minutes, especially...

    Maple Sage Grilled Chicken VSA

    Maple and sage are reserved for the fall no more! My family devours these sweet and savory chicken fillets in...

    I Made Ghirardelli’s One-Bowl Flourless Brownies and They’re Impossibly Sim...

    I'll show you how to make Ghirardelli's One-Bowl Flourless Brownies.

    Pickled Corn

    When fresh corn is in season and you're overeating it straight off the cob, try making pickled corn instead! —Amanda...

    We Made a Frozen Pudding Dessert from 1968 and It’s Still Amazing Today

    Frozen Pudding Dessert is a five-ingredient treat that's easy to make and can be changed up to include your favorite...

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    73 Easy Easter Desserts

    Sweeten your Sunday celebration with these easy Easter desserts—like lemon chess pie and rhubarb crisp. Don't let the stress...

    These Slow Cooker Liners Make Kitchen Cleanup a Breeze

    From mouthwatering roasts to luscious cheesecakes, is there anything your slow cooker can't do? Well, we have yet to find...

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    90 Easy Chicken Dinners

    Need a meal for tonight? Try one of these delicious and easy chicken dinners.

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    Spinach and Feta Bourekas

    Light and soft, with a bit of crunch, these bourekas are one of my favorite appetizers for holidays. They can...

    Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

    Pho is one of Vietnam's most well-known dishes. For many families, the cooking of the dish is a true labor...

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    Our Favorite 5-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Recipes

    You need just five ingredients (or fewer!) to slow-cook these tasty main dishes, sides and snacks.

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    55 Easy Recipes to Make When You Need Comfort Food Quick

    Most comfort food is known for utilizing a low and slow cooking technique. But what do you do when you...

    21 Scandinavian Desserts to Savor

    Craving Scandinavian desserts? These recipes show all the best that Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland have to offer including kringles,...

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    16 Healthy Burritos to Try This Month

    Who says healthy eating has to be boring? Spice things up with healthy burritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.