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Make tidying up feel less like a chore with our best home and kitchen cleaning and organizing advice. We’ve rounded up tips and hacks to help your space feel fresh and new.

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    The Best Handheld Vacuums to Tackle Tiny and Major Messes Alike

    Even small messes demand major cleaning power. Find out what the best hand vacuum options are for your dust-busting needs.

    How to Clean a Bird Feeder

    Follow these tips for cleaning and maintaining feeders to keep your backyard birds healthy in every season.

    The Ultimate Room-by-Room Fall Cleaning Checklist

    It's been a long summer—so it's time to clean up the house for fall. This fall cleaning checklist will help...

    5 Shower Cleaning Hacks You Need to See Before You Tackle the Bathroom

    Keep your bathroom squeaky clean and sparkling with shower cleaning hacks from TikTok and Instagram.

    How to Get Rid of Gnats in Your House with a DIY Gnat Trap

    You can get rid of gnats for good with a DIY gnat trap.

    Here’s Why You Should Keep Track of Your Pyrex Model Numbers

    Pyrex is supposed to last a lifetime, but accidents happen in the kitchen. If your glassware ever needs replacing, the...

    The Best Dishwasher Detergent, According to Experts

    Want the ultimate clean? You need the best dishwasher detergent that'll leave dishes shiny and glassware sparkling. We tried 10...

    I Tried an Herb Saver and Will Never Throw Out Basil Again

    Say goodbye to throwing out wilted herbs and hello to fresh basil, mint, dill and parsley for weeks!

    What Do Dryer Sheets Do?

    Ever wondered how dryer sheets work? It's not magic. It's really quite simple.

    How to Decode the Tupperware Symbols on Every Product

    Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and more—here's everything you need to know about the Tupperware symbols.

    I Cleaned My Whole House with Grove Co. Plastic-Free Cleaning Products. Here’s My...

    Could Grove Co. cleaning products clean my home and leave behind a pleasant scent? I tried the plastic-free cleaners to...

    I Tried Caldrea Cleaning Products—and My Kitchen Smells Amazing

    Caldera cleaning products offer luxe fragrances and a mid-range price tag. We HAD to try them!

    The Best Trash Bags to Contain Kitchen Messes

    No one wants to clean up a mess left behind by a busted garbage bag. That's why we tested the...

    100 Uncommon Uses for Common Household Items

    Brace yourself for 100 aha! moments. These unique uses for everyday items are downright genius.

    5 Genius Kitchen Storage Products We Found on TikTok

    Tidy up your kitchen with genius storage products that went viral on TikTok!

    10 Kitchen Storage Solutions on Amazon with (Nearly) 5 Stars

    These Amazon kitchen storage products are loved by thousands! Pick up one of each and organize your kitchen from top...

    How to Clean Kitchen Mats So They’re As Fresh As New

    You've probably mastered the best way to make your kitchen floor sparkle—but don't forget the mats! Here's how to clean...

    How to Create a Makeshift Garment Bag with a Box of Kitchen Trash Bags

    This clever hack will definitely save you money!

    How to Clean a Top-Load Washing Machine

    If your clean clothes smell less than fresh, it might be time to tidy your top-loader! We'll explain how to...

    This Is America’s Best Laundry Detergent, According to a Survey

    Not all laundry soaps are created equal! Find out which brand was voted the best laundry detergent in the country.

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    Summer Cleaning Checklist: 10 Things You Should Clean This Season

    Prep your home for warm weather with our list of summer cleaning tips. Here's everything that needs a good scrub...

    How to Clean Grill Grates for Better Tasting and Safer Food

    Learn how to clean grill grates the right way! Follow these tips and your grilled food will taste better and...

    25 Pantry Storage Containers to Keep You Organized

    Running out of space for cereal, pasta, flour and canned goods? Find a set of pantry storage containers that will...

    How to Clean the Most Common (and Stubborn) Food Stains

    Learn how to remove the most common food stains for good with these easy cleaning techniques.

    The Best Organizers for Your Pots and Pans

    Get your kitchen in perfect order with these pots and pans organizers.

    Kitchen and Home Organizing Gear We Love at Wayfair

    We uncovered Wayfair's must-have kitchen and home organizing items for everywhere from the refrigerator to under the bed. We didn't...