Dutch Ovens: Tutorials, Guides, Care & Recipes

Here’s everything you need to know about owning a Dutch oven.

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    My Grandmother Trinidad loved making this albondigas recipe. We like to serve it over tostadas sprinkled with raw cabbage. —Wanda Knutson, Waco, Texas

    Dutch Oven Enchiladas

    7 reviews

    Scoop up a bite of these delicious Dutch oven enchiladas. It is a simple recipe to put together and is...

    Rico Rodriguez’ Mom’s Chicken Tacos

    3 reviews

    Rico Rodriguez' mom, Diane Rodriguez, shares this family-favorite recipe for chicken tacos. Shredded chicken gets smothered in a seasoned tomato...

    Vegan Tortilla Soup

    2 reviews

    Quinoa may be an unconventional ingredient, but it adds protein in this vegan tortilla soup, making it hearty enough for...

    Grilled Chorizo and Shrimp Paella

    1 review

    This shrimp paella recipe is not only healthy but satisfying, too! There's vitamin C from the sweet red pepper, fiber...

    Chipotle Chicken Soup with Cornmeal Dumplings

    1 review

    I combined two of my favorite recipes and came up with this filling soup that has a Tex-Mex flair. The...

    Weeknight Turkey Tortilla Soup

    5 reviews

    This is now my family's most requested soup—so much so that they will make sure I have leftover turkey. You...

    Patio Pintos

    4 reviews

    Any time Mom had the gang over for dinner, she made these pinto beans. Once she made a batch for...

    Texas Pecan Rice

    For a special holiday side dish, I dressed up an old recipe to give it a little more Texas character....

    Chipotle Mac & Cheese

    6 reviews

    Beefy and bubbly, this Southwestern pasta bake heats up the dinner hour with a peppery bite. —Cyndy Gerken, Naples, Florida

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    Firehouse Chili

    22 reviews

    As one of the cooks at the firehouse, I used to prepare meals for 10 men. This chili recipe was...

    Mexican Rice with Poached Eggs

    2 reviews

    This Mexican rice recipe topped with soft fried eggs works for breakfast or dinner. I like to serve the dish...

    Veggie Bean Casserole

    4 reviews

    I serve this as a meatless main dish, but it also makes a nice side dish. It freezes and reheats...

    Meatless Mushroom & Black Bean Chili

    1 review

    This bold-flavored chili is so loaded with beans and spices that I bet no one notices the missing meat. I...

    Mexican Chorizo and Corn Soup

    7 reviews

    This filling soup is fantastic when you need to warm up on a blustery day! If you want a chowder...

    Spiced Apple Chili

    8 reviews

    Nothing says fall like chili and apples. I use smoked paprika to give this slightly sweet chili a smoky kick....

    Beef and Bean Taco Chili

    1 review

    This chili recipe is a lifesaver when I'm cooking on the fly. It's loaded with convenience ingredients, but you can...


    1 review

    This spicy stew-like soup is traditionally served in New Mexico at holiday time to celebrate life's blessings, but it's good...

    Pam’s Pineapple Cranberry Salsa

    Apples and cranberries give this salsa a holiday flavor, while garlic and jalapenos give it just the kick salsa needs....

    Habanero Strawberry Jam

    2 reviews

    I love spicy and sweet dishes! This tastes excellent layered over a bar of cream cheese and served with crackers,...

    Annie’s Original Salsa

    7 reviews

    I spent 5 years working on this recipe. Everyone loves it, and it's one of the few recipes that is...

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    Taco Salad for a Large Crowd

    73 reviews

    I made this huge taco salad to bring to a party and people were scrambling to figure out who made...

    Spicy Chili

    12 reviews

    This spicy chili recipe is the culmination of several years' worth of experimenting to get just the right flavor. For...

    Contest-Winning Vegetarian Chili

    36 reviews

    My husband and I try to have at least one meatless meal each week and this vegetarian chili recipe is...

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    Baked Bean Chili

    16 reviews

    Who says a good chili has to simmer all day? This zippy chili- with a touch of sweetness from the...

    Spicy Split Pea Soup

    2 reviews

    I like to bake a ham just so I can use the leftover bone to make my split pea soup....

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    White Chicken Chili

    141 reviews

    Folks will enjoy a change from traditional chili when they dip their spoons into this flavorful blend of tender chicken,...

    Best Ever Chicken Fajita Chowder

    26 reviews

    Warm up weeknights with bowls of this thick, cheesy soup that captures the
    zippy flavors of the Southwest. —Beverly...

    Santa Fe Chipotle Chili

    Sausage and ground beef make this spiced chili a meat lover's delight. I can freeze and reheat it later without...

    Hearty Sausage and Rice Skillet

    8 reviews

    At the end of the day, who wants a stack of dishes to wash? That’s why we love this entree:...