Instant Pots: Techniques, Guides & Recipes

With the introduction of the Instant Pot, pressure-cooking has seen a resurgence in popularity. Learn all you need to know about this trendy new appliance with our guide to Instant Pot recipes, tips, techniques and more.

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    How to Clean a Burnt Food from a Pressure Cooker

    Learn how to clean a pressure cooker and say buh-bye to burnt-on crud.

    Instant Pot Has a New Product and We Need It ASAP

    The new high performance blender from the makers of the Instant Pot is an absolute game-changer!

    24 Super Saucy Instant Pot Dinner Recipes

    These Instant Pot dinner recipes are what comfort food dreams are made of. Serve with mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, fluffy...

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    How to Clean an Instant Pot So You Can Use It for Years to Come

    Cleaning an Instant Pot is easier than you think! Here's how to clean an Instant Pot, including how often you...

    New Cooking Appliance Acts As Both An Instant Pot And Airfryer So You Don’t Have ...

    Now, a new device called the "Ninja Foodi" is combining the two devices into one so you don't have to...

    9 Easy Appetizers You Can Make in Your Instant Pot

    They might come before the main course, but these appetizers definitely have the potential to steal the show. Try our...

    6 Desserts You Didn’t Know You Could Make in Your Instant Pot

    The ultra-popular pressure cooker hits another home run with these Instant Pot dessert recipes.

    17 Easy Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners

    Ready to give Instant Pot a try? Start with these simple recipes.

    10 Tiny Tweaks That Will Perfect Your Instant Pot Recipe

    Are you tweaking your favorite Instant Pot recipe (like Instant Pot hard-boiled eggs)? We are, and it's making a...

    5 Things You Should Never Make in an Instant Pot

    The Instant Pot is our new kitchen hero, but there are a few things this multi-tasking tool just shouldn't do.

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    Here’s What Those Buttons on Your Instant Pot Actually Mean

    The practical guide you've always wanted for those confusing Instant Pot buttons and settings.

    Pressure Cooker vs. Instant Pot: Here’s Why You Should Try the Newest Kitchen Gadget

    Pressure cookers have been around a long time, but the Instant Pot has been garnering a lot of buzz. Should...

    6 Important Instant Pot Safety Tips

    All that pressure in your Instant Pot makes for super fast meals, and some household hazards. Read up on proper...

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    5 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Their Instant Pot

    This fast-cooking device can save you time if you avoid these common Instant Pot mistakes. And our Test Kitchen experts...

    6 Reasons We’re Hopping on the Instant Pot Bandwagon

    The Instant Pot has taken the world by storm. Here's why we're loving it.

    6 Important Reasons Why You Should Trade Your Slow Cooker for an Instant Pot

    Instant Pots and slow cookers have long competed to win top spot in the kitchen, but the merits of multicookers...

    Our Favorite Instant Pot Recipes for Summer

    Start your hot fun in the sun ASAP with these sizzlin' Instant Pot recipes.

    23 Instant Pot Recipes for Your Next Potluck

    On your way to a party? These potluck recipes can all be made using the pressure cooker setting on your...

    Crock-Pot Has a Multi-Cooker—Is It Better Than Instant Pot?

    Instant Pot is obviously king when it comes to pressure-cooking, but America's favorite slow-cooker, Crock Pot, has entered the race...

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    Pressure-Cooker Melt-in-Your-Mouth Chuck Roast

    My husband and I like well-seasoned foods, so this pressure cooker roast is terrific. You'll also love how flavorful and...

    Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the New Instant Pot

    Instant Pot reveals an upgraded model of their popular pressure cooker at the International Home and Housewares Show. Here's what...

    21 Southern Instant Pot Recipes

    Southerners are famous for taking their time, but sometimes you need a comforting meal ASAP! This collection of Southern instant...

    Is It Safe to Cook Frozen Meat in an Instant Pot?

    The answer, like your cook time with this amazing pressure cooker, is short. Yes!

    Southwest Favorites for Your Instant Pot

    Take your taste buds on a trip through the Southwest with these big, bold—and did we mention easy?—Instant Pot recipes....

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    Our Best Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

    When chicken dishes are this packed with flavor, it's hard to guess they came together in a flash. It's time...

    Our Best Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes

    There's a lot to juggle in the morning, but spending hours cooking a wholesome breakfast shouldn't be a chore. Try...