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Get the most out of your small kitchen appliances by knowing what they do and how to take care of them.

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Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice

My husband often ordered pineapple fried rice at Thai restaurants, so I surprised him by tweaking some similar recipes to come up with a version that's both simple and delicious. —Bonnie Brien, Pacific Grove, California

Bean & Pineapple Soft Tacos

The sweet and spicy filling in these delicious soft tacos is a refreshing change from basic ground beef or chicken....

Pineapple Smokies

These sausages in a tangy-sweet sauce make an excellent holiday snack. The recipe is quick and easy but makes lots....

Pineapple-Stuffed Burgers

"I really enjoy making these special burgers with a surprise inside," writes Ann Couch of Halifax, North Carolina. The homemade...

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Chicken Tacos with Pineapple Pico de Gallo

“This recipe is not only light and tasty but also absolutely delicious,” writes Jenny Flake from Gilbert, Arizona. “The pineapple...