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These new food trends have us drooling—and you will be, too. Find all your new favorites, from street food trends to food truck trends, here first.

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    Taste of Home Names the Food Trends Headed for Your Kitchen in 2021

    Our food trends report shows that home cooks are out front, leading the way on what’s new and exciting in food.

    Frozen Honey Is the Sweetest Trend Taking Over TikTok

    It's all about frozen honey pops right now!

    This Is How to Make Cotton Candy Pickles at Home

    It's sounds bizarre, but I just had to find out: are cotton candy pickles good? The answer surprised me! Here's...

    Can You Boil Potatoes in the Mesh Bag? Here’s the Truth.

    You can boil potatoes in the mesh bag. But should you?

    Turn Your Living Space into a Plant Sanctuary with a DIY IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet

    Show off your plants in a stylish yet practical setup with an IKEA greenhouse cabinet!

    This Viral Video Shows You How to Make CREAMY Lemonade

    I wouldn't mind seeing creamy lemonade stands out around my neighborhood. It's sweet, sour and frozen!

    This Video Shows You How to Dice Onions Without a Knife—But Does It Really Work?

    This hack promises the best way to dice an onion. But is it too good to be true?

    You Can Make Smoked Cream Cheese, and We’ll Be Snacking on It All Summer

    You can serve this smoked cream cheese appetizer with Ritz crackers. It's so easy to make!

    This Map Shows the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors Across the Country

    You'll never guess what state loves rum raisin ice cream.

    How to Make Pasta Chips in an Air Fryer, According to TikTok

    Forget boring potato chips and switch up your snacking with ridiculously delicious (and easy!) pasta chips.

    People Are Making Bacon-Wrapped Pickles Right Now, and We Love the Trend

    The only thing that could make pickles better? BACON.

    This Viral Hack Shows You How to Keep Food Cold Outside

    All you need is a container, water and a freezer!

    People Are Making Snickers-Stuffed Pickles—Here’s How to Make “SnicklesR...

    This candy bar-and-pickle "sandwich" will take your pickle obsession to a whole new level.

    Here’s How to Make a Fruit Charcuterie Board for Summer Snacking

    Use all of your favorite fruits. The more colors you have, the more beautiful your fruit charcuterie board is bound...

    This Viral Video Shows You How to Make Frozen Grapes with Jell-O

    You'll want to keep frozen grapes on hand at all times.

    This Genius Hack Will Completely Change the Way You Butter Movie Theater Popcorn

    You'll never again have to eat popcorn that's only half-buttered. This is brilliant!

    What Is Tajin—and Why Are People Obsessed with It?

    Try Tajin on freshly sliced melon and mango!

    This Viral Video Shows You How to Make Watermelon Pizza

    You can make all kinds of watermelon pizza, but this TikTok-famous recipe is tart, spicy and refreshing.

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    15 Viral TikTok Recipes and Food Hacks

    You've seen them, you've heard about them...but have you tried them? These insanely viral TikTok recipes are worth the hype.

    Red Bananas Are Real—Here’s Where to Find Them

    The red banana is a popular fruit around the world!

    People Are Making Melting Potatoes, and They Are Melt-in-Your-Mouth Good

    It's time to grab a bag of spuds and heat up a skillet! This recipe for melting potatoes is taking...

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    People Are Making “Adult Pineapples” with Malibu Rum and Pineapple Spears

    This has all the flavors of a tropical island—rum, coconut and pineapple. Count us in!

    There’s a Scientific Reason You Love the Wendy’s Frosty and Fries Combo So ...

    Dipping fries in a Wendy's Frosty is fast-food perfection.

    2-Ingredient Oreo Sushi Is the Only Way We’re Eating Oreos from Now On

    TikTok creators can't stop making Oreo sushi rolls!

    You Need to Make Coconut Water Ice Cubes for All Your Rum Drinks

    You can use coconut water ice cubes to make the simplest drink for summer—it only has two ingredients.

    This S’mores Charcuterie Board Is Perfect for Summer Nights

    Swap out the cheese and crackers for toasty marshmallows and chocolate with a s'mores charcuterie board.

    The Best Boozy Ice Pops of 2021

    There may be nothing better than cooling off with a cocktail—unless it's a frozen cocktail pop. We've collected our favorite...