Grocery Store News: Aldi, Costco, Trader Joe's, Target & More

Is the grocery store is your home away from home? Check out the latest from your favorite supermarket and all the grocery store news you need to know.

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    Sam’s Club Is Already Selling Spooky Hot Cocoa Bombs for Halloween

    Sam's Club promises that its Halloween hot cocoa bombs are both spooky and yummy. We're sold!

    Here’s Why the 7-Eleven Logo Looks Like That

    Why is it 7-Eleven and not 7-11? Why does the current 7-Eleven logo have a lowercase N? We answer the...

    8 Brand-New Trader Joe’s Items That Just Hit Stores

    Trader Joe's has brand-new snacks right now!

    9 Things You Won’t See in Walmart Anymore

    With safety measures constantly evolving, it can be hard to keep up with the changes. We have you covered.

    Amazon vs. Walmart: What to Know Before Shopping Online

    Can't decide between shopping at Amazon or Walmart? We compare membership services, grocery delivery and their prices (and sales!) to...

    Walmart Has Announced Plans to Remove Plastic Bags from Its Stores

    The retailer has set a goal to become a zero-waste company—meaning no more Walmart plastic bags.

    Trader Joe’s JUST Brought Back Their Famous Peonies—for a Limited Time

    Trader Joe's peonies are guaranteed to brighten your day!

    Costco Is Selling GIANT Ready-to-Drink Margaritas

    We'll be serving Costco margaritas on the patio!

    Walmart, Target and More Are Lifting Their Mask Mandates

    The CDC revised its guidelines for those who are vaccinated, and stores are making changes to mask rules.

    The Best Things to Buy at Costco for May 2021

    Start your engines—we're going on a Costco run!

    8 Easter Desserts You Can Get at Aldi Right Now

    No time to bake for Easter? Aldi's got you covered.

    This Genius Shopping Cart Hack Will Change the Way You Grocery Shop—for Good

    Tackle your next grocery trip with these clever TikTok grocery shopping hacks.

    5 Easter Desserts You Can Get at Costco Right Now

    Getting Easter dessert on the table has never been easier.

    13 Stores That Have Grocery Delivery and Pickup

    We found the best grocery delivery and pickup options to help you shop for staples without going in the store.

    6 Secrets I Learned While Working at Walmart

    You love their deals and the fact that it's a one-stop-shop, but what goes on behind the scenes at your...

    16 Aldi Finds We Need to Have for March 2021

    Keep your eyes peeled for these brand-new Aldi Finds!

    Costco Just Raised Its Minimum Wage FAR Above Its Competitors

    It's more than double the federal minimum wage.

    Walmart Is Selling Blue Raspberry Peeps, Just in Time for Easter

    Peep these new Blue Raspberry Easter treats!

    These 7 Aldi Products Just Won Product of the Year Awards

    Add these award-winning products to your cart the next time you shop at Aldi.

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    Philadelphia Is Making Dessert Cups for People Who Are Obsessed with Cheesecake

    The new single-serve Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble dessert cups come in four decadent flavors.

    Costco Irish Soda Bread Is Back in Stores for St. Patrick’s Day

    You can grab a two-pound pound loaf for $5.99!

    Walmart and Sam’s Club Will Administer the COVID-19 Vaccine in 22 States

    Over 1,000 Walmart and Sam's Club locations will receive doses of the vaccine.

    Costco Is Already Selling Its 100-Calorie Boozy Ice Pops

    What's better than cocktails and popsicles? Costco frozen cocktails!

    Costco Is Selling a Heart-Shaped Cheesecake for Valentine’s Day

    Thank you, Costco, for this lovely Valentine's Day dessert.