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15 Crazy-Useful Ways Alexa Can Help in the Kitchen

Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot do more than you may think. The smart speakers can help keep your food fresh, search for recipes and even brew your coffee.

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Alexa, the friendly voice of Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot, is more than just another “smart” gadget you can get for cheap on Prime Day. She can actually help out in the kitchen. Here’s how.

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Curate a Grocery List

Whether you’re flipping through favorite recipes to decide what to make for dinner or you ran out of milk (again), all you have to do is tell Alexa what you need to pick up next time you’re out. No pen and paper needed—it will save to your phone!

If you’re not a fan of grocery shopping, these secret supermarket tips might change your mind.

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Save Your Leftovers

It can be hard to tell if that salad is still good, and no one likes to take a bite into mushy lettuce. Tell Alexa what food you’re unsure of and she’ll tell you how to tell if it’s safe to eat or not. If you missed our tips on storing food safely, Alexa will give you the rundown.

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Deliver Your Favorite Taste of Home Recipes

Alexa can search just about anything—including our recipes! You look up recipes just like you would on our site, but keep your hands free to chop, slice and dice.

Here are our 100 highest rated recipes if you’re still in search of the perfect meal.

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Keep Track of Time

Set a timer. And then set another. And another. You could even set six timers if you need to! Although, we can’t imagine having that many cooks in the kitchen. Regardless of how stressed you may feel, your Echo or Echo Dot can keep up with any dinner party prep. (Psst: Here’s a menu for that.)

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healthy, gluten free quinoa pasta (fusilli) - top view of a metal measuring cup against painted wood;Shutterstock / marekuliasz

Convert Units

Let’s be honest: No one remembers the conversion lesson from 3rd grade science class. But Alexa can help you out. Ask her to convert tablespoons to teaspoons or cups to ounces. No mental math needed!

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Rear view of a young female adult opening the fridge to get the milk out to make breakfast.; Shutterstock ID 1101458522; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): TOH Amazon EchoShutterstock / DGLimages

Make Simple Ingredient Swaps

Out of eggs? Alexa can tell you exactly how much applesauce to swap in to your recipe instead. She’s ready to go with any alternative you could need.

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Answer Your Burning Questions

If Mom’s out of town and you need to know how to cook something simple like baked chicken, something scrumptious like cookies or something elaborate like pad thai, your Echo or Echo Dot can lead you through it. All you have to do is, well, ask!

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Control Your Kitchen

Alexa can brew your coffee. We’re not kidding! Actually, if you have any smart appliances, she can control them all. You don’t have to lift a finger.

To modernize your space, check out these 12 smart appliances you can snag today.

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Give You a Break from Cooking

Even the best home cooks need a night off (that’s you!). Ask Alexa to look up restaurants (even check out tonight’s specials and make a reservation) or order takeout. If you’re in search of savings, read up on restaurant deals that keep some money in your wallet!

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Stay on Track

Trying out the Whole30 meal plan? The keto diet? No matter which health kick you’re on, use the Echo or Echo Dot to look up nutritional info and get suggestions on what to eat that fits your new lifestyle.

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Add Some Spice to Your Night

­­Whether you’re hosting your husband’s large Italian family, or opting for a date night in, you can make your kitchen a little more vibrant by streaming some tunes. Amazon’s smart products will play music, and you have an excuse to  break out your dancing shoes.

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Taste of Home

Find Out If That Chicken Is Cooked

Need to check the temperature of the meat you have in the oven (or on the grill)? No problem: Alexa can figure out how hot it is! Jab a special digital Wi-Fi thermometer into your meat and let technology do the rest.

Double check safe cooking temperatures here.

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Accommodate People with Allergies

Gluten free grandparents or kiddos with peanut allergies make even the most seasoned chef a little nervous.You won’t have to worry about emergency trips to the doc anymore. Alexa can let you know if a food item or recipe has an ingredient you’re desperately trying to avoid. (You can start with these recipes.)

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Bloody Mary CocktailShutterstock / Ramon L. Farinos

Channel Your Inner Mixologist

Become an expert bartender with the help of Amazon. You can even take a swig back in time with cocktail recipes that your grandparents loved. The Echo products will teach you how to craft the perfect mixed drinks for a night in. 

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Young Woman Looking In Fridge At Kitchen; Shutterstock ID 762123727; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): TOH Amazon EchoAndrey_Popov/Shutterstock

Cure Indecisiveness in an Instant

If the kids are squabbling you can have Alexa flip a coin to decide what to make for dinner. If you have ingredients you don’t know what to do with, Alexa can combine them to make a meal. And if you have no idea where to start, she’ll pick something for you!

If tonight is one of those nights, click through these easy dinner recipes next!

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