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10 Unique Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

These creative kitchen cabinet ideas are great for creating the illusion of space and bringing color and modernization to any kitchen.

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Why not think out of the box when considering different kitchen cabinet ideas? Old furniture can be repurposed to serve as your kitchen cabinets. Old dressers or armoires and even wine crates can be used in place of traditional kitchen cabinets.

Just hang your repurposed piece on the wall or top it off with a nice granite or wood countertop. This old dresser was cleverly transformed into a kitchen island. Check out the handy casters on the bottom that make the piece moveable! Plus here’s 10 must-have kitchen island carts. You can find 12 DIY kitchen island ideas here.

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Tiny Shelves

Most kitchen cabinet ideas include large shelves where the items in the back tend to get lost. This open cabinet with small cubbies keeps everything front and center. This is a great way to store and display your coffee mugs. This style of small cabinets with multiple cubbies will give your kitchen a modern, minimalist look. Get more storage with one of these kitchen island carts.

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Open cabinets are one of the kitchen cabinet ideas that can save you money because you don’t have to pay for cabinet doors. Open shelving offers easy access and gives your kitchen an open and airy vibe. These are the top 10 kitchen trends, according to Google.

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Metallic cabinets exude luxury and will transform your kitchen into a high-end space. Stainless steel, copper or bold brushed-gold cabinets stand out beautifully in your kitchen. You can use actual metal cabinets or paint your cabinets with faux-metal finish.

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Rustic Modern

These rustic modern kitchen cabinets create a warm atmosphere while bringing a unique design to your kitchen. The look is achieved by using a flat finish on natural-wood cabinets. It’s a great modern twist on traditional wood cabinets. Rustic modern kitchen cabinet ideas also let your cabinets stand out in a white kitchen when you don’t want to use bold colors, but still want contrast. These 13 dark cabinet colors are gorgeous.

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If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet ideas that aren’t traditional, grooved kitchen cabinets are a fun, textured option. The cutting edge look of grooved or wood-paneled cabinets create lots of visual interest in your kitchen. Here are 21 surprising tips on how to paint your cabinets.

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High Gloss

High-gloss kitchen cabinets can really brighten up your kitchen. Their reflective surface will bounce light around your kitchen, adding a futuristic vibe. These cabinets add personality to your kitchen and they are quite easy to clean!

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Here’s a clever compromise between glass and solid-wood cabinet doors. With glass panels in the bottom half and solid panels above you get the open look, but retain plenty of storage for things you don’t want to have on display. We also love the unexpected gold drawer and door pulls. These 20 easy DIY ideas will transform your kitchen.

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Two-toned cabinets are among the kitchen cabinet ideas that will create some great visual contrast in your kitchen. Just paint your upper cabinets one color and your lower cabinets a different complementary color. Using a darker color on the bottom and lighter color on the top can help your kitchen look a little larger.

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Try floating cabinets when considering kitchen cabinet ideas for a modern kitchen. These cabinets are either mounted to the wall and don’t touch the floor or ceiling at all or are raised off the floor and illuminated from below to create a floating illusion. They will give your kitchen a sleek and airy vibe. These are the 44 kitchen mistakes you have to stop making.

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