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20+ Unexpected Ways to Make an Ice Cream Sandwich

This treat is exactly what it sounds like: ice cream sandwiched between two cookies. But what happens when you're fresh out of cookies? We found a handful of unexpected alternatives!

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Graham Crackers

Graham crackers aren’t just for s’mores—they’re perfect for ice cream sandwiches too, and they pair well with almost any ice cream flavor. If you are craving s’mores, try one of these fun twists on the classic treat.

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Frosted Circus Animal Cookie Pink and White Sprinkled Animal CrackersHolly Cromer/Getty Images

Frosted Animal Crackers

Perfect for kids (and kids at heart), mini ice cream sandwiches made with frosted animal crackers are a fun dessert any time of year. Here are more ways to creatively use animal cookies.

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Brownie Squares

You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Cut two squares of brownies to use as your cookie alternative. This fudgy brownie recipe would be a great choice if you’re up for making brownies from scratch.

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PiizzelleTaste of Home

Crisp Pizzelles

If you’re looking for something lighter than the traditional chocolate chip cookie, try using pizzelles. These delectable Italian treats make an eye-catching dessert when filled with ice cream. Here’s a classic pizzelle recipe to get you started.

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Toasted Waffles

Whether you grab toaster waffles out of the freezer or whip up a batch of homemade, waffles make a great ice cream sandwich. Try it with maple ice cream for a brunch-inspired dessert. Here’s our Test Kitchen’s favorite frozen waffle brand.

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selection of pastries.john shepherd/Getty Images

Mini Pies

Yes, really! Mini pies can make a delicious and decadent ice cream sandwich. Try blueberry or raspberry mini pies for the perfect summer flavor combo. Or try this apple-cinnamon mini pie recipe for a fall-inspired treat.

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Glazed donuts background image. Macro with shallow dof.styxclick/Getty Images


Use your bagel slicer or a sharp knife to slice a doughnut in half to serve as the “bun” for your ice cream sandwich. If you’re up for making doughnuts from scratch, here’s our step-by-step guide.

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Churro ice cream sandwich, made with homemade churros and vanilla ice cream. On a bege napkin on top of a blue wooden table.Marcelo Trad/Getty Images


A popular treat at Walt Disney Resorts, ice cream sandwiches made with churros offer a delicious combination of cinnamon sugar, flaky churro and creamy vanilla ice cream. Here’s Disney’s famous churro recipe—just pipe them into a cookie shape.

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watermelon sliced on wooden backgroundDeeNida/Getty Images

Watermelon Slices

Talk about a refreshing summer dessert! Slice a thick, wedge-shaped piece of melon, scoop out a pocket in the middle and fill it with ice cream for a show-stopping creation.

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Lemon Pound Cake LoavesTaste of Home

Pound Cake

Try a new twist on a classic strawberry sundae! Slice two pieces of pound cake, like this favorite recipe, and use them as your cookie alternative. Strawberry ice cream would make a great filling.

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macarons french pastriesAnne DEL SOCORRO/Getty Images


Whip up a batch of macaron shells to make perfectly petite ice cream sandwiches. With an array of macaron flavors, the ice cream sandwich combinations are nearly endless. While macarons are notoriously difficult to make, we’ll walk you through it in our step-by-step guide.

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Nilla Wafers

If you’re crunched for time, get a box of Nilla Wafers and your favorite ice cream. These snack-sized sandwiches are ideal for an afternoon treat or midnight snack.

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Chocolate Chip cookie dough in a blue bowlRebecca Smith/Getty Images

Edible Cookie Dough

Try your favorite ice cream filling in between two thin slices of safe-to-eat raw cookie dough. Here’s how to make two different kinds of edible cookie dough and a delectable cookie dough ice cream sandwich.

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Taste of Home

Rice Krispies Treats

Try slicing a Rice Krispies Treat in half for your ice cream sandwich. Swap out the crisped rice for your favorite sugary cereal for a colorful option! Discover more fun ways to use Rice Krispies.

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Several muffins with chocolate chips on a linen tablecloth at breakfastManuel Alvarez/Getty Images

Muffin Tops

Muffin tops are the best part of any muffin, and sandwiching ice cream between two tops takes it up a notch. Blueberry muffins would pair perfectly with vanilla ice cream, or try a cinnamon muffin with maple ice cream for a fall-inspired dessert.

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Small Crispy Pretzel Twistshiramtom/Getty Images

Pretzel Thins

Try pretzel thins for the ideal mix of salty and sweet. After filling the sandwiches with ice cream, dip them into chocolate and let them harden for a crunchy, poppable treat. Pretzels make a great base for an array of delicious recipes.

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"Delicious homemade peanut butter cups, all natural peanut butter."jjpoole/Getty Images

Peanut Butter Cups

Swap out the cookies for peanut butter cups. This candy makes a heavenly, decadent sandwich that’s sure to please chocolate and peanut butter lovers. FYI: Our Test Kitchen tried the top peanut butter cups to see if Reese’s were really the best.

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Red velvet crinkle cookies cooling on a baking rack for Christmas holiday bakingeurobanks/Getty Images

Red Velvet Cake Cookies

Whipping up cookies with a cake mix is a real time saver. If you’ve got a box of red velvet cake mix in your pantry, you can make a deliciously decadent ice cream sandwich.

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Unfrosted cupcakes on a white plateXsandra/Getty Images


Simply slice a cupcake in half to create two ice cream sandwich “buns,” similar to this popular cupcake-eating trick. Classic vanilla cupcakes perfectly complement any of these delicious homemade ice creams.

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Traditional Funnel CakesTaste of Home

Funnel Cake

A fair favorite, funnel cake makes for a fun ice cream sandwich twist. Try making mini versions of this popular recipe to use as your ice cream sandwich cookies.

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Crispy Organic Unhealthy Bacon on a Backgroundbhofack2/Getty Images

Strips of Bacon

Everything’s better with bacon—even dessert. Another salty and sweet combo, bacon and maple ice cream may just be your new favorite ice cream sandwich. The key here is baking bacon basket-weave “cookies” to use for the sandwich.

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Stack of whole wheat Tortillas close up (this picture has been taken with a Hasselblad H3D II 31 megapixels camera)Juanmonino/Getty Images

Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas

The perfect dessert for taco night! Fry up tortillas, dredge them in cinnamon sugar and set in an upside-down muffin tin until hardened before filling with ice cream. Find more ways to switch up your taco Tuesday.

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High Angle View Of Pineapple Slices On Cutting BoardKunnapat Jitjumsri / EyeEm/Getty Images

Pineapple Rings

Core and slice your pineapple for a tropical take on ice cream sandwiches. After assembling your sandwiches, freeze them to help them firm up. Garnish with a drink umbrella for a truly tropical vibe. Find even more tropical desserts to brighten your day.

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