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16 Trending Home Products You Won’t Believe Exist

Some of these aren’t the most practical home products, but they’re trending for a reason!

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Self Stirring Mugvia

Self Stirring Mug

Avoid dirtying spoons with this innovative self-stirring mug. It quickly blends beverages without the effort of shaking or stirring using two AAA batteries. Check out these 12 mistakes almost everyone makes when brewing coffee.

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Angry mama microwave cleanervia

Angry Mama Microwave Oven Cleaner

If this little lady looks steaming mad, that’s not such a bad thing for your microwave. This clever device will steam clean a microwave with a little, vinegar and lemon. Here are some more gadgets that make cleaning your kitchen so much more fun.

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Zenergy Brand Trongs Prep and Eating Utensil

Turn wing night at home into a laughing fest with these funny finger claws, meant to help you keep your hands spotless while you eat messy wings. If anything, it may just get the kids to stay at the table a little longer. Use them to eat these saucy, game-changing wing recipes.

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Craft Beer-Scented Candlesvia

Craft Beer-Scented Candles

Does your home need a fresh scent? These soy-based candles are available in various craft beer-inspired scents, so while you may not be a fan of the floral-scented candle burning in the other room, you can kick back in ultimate brew heaven. If you love beer, check out this guide for cooking with beer.

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We naturally love this idea. You can use this attachment as a power scrubber to clean your bathroom, garage or kitchen.

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Combination Lock for Wine & Liquor Bottle-Wine Whiskey Bottle Top Stopper - Bottle Password Code Lockvia

Digital Bottle Locking Cap

Whether you have an expensive bottle of wine you want keep or you’d like to secure certain medicines from reaching your little one’s hands, this digital bottle locking cap will keep everyone away from your items. Using a digital lock, only the person with the combination can open it. You may also be interested in these DIY simple window locks to keep your home safe.

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Tub shroomvia

The TubShroom

Sales are up on this product on Amazon thanks to its ability to fit neatly in your drain and catch every single piece of hair that would typically clog your drain. It may seem like just an extra accessory, but you’ll wish you had it when dirty water starts backing up during your shower.

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Sock clipsvia

Use the Buddy System

Keep pairs of socks with their mate, pajama sets or matched outfits together by using a small sock clip after laundry. This will help pairs stick together, even if they’re discarded on the ground. Here’s the best laundry trick you’ve never heard of.

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The Barisieur Alarm Clock

If you’re going to have to wake up by an alarm, it should at least be one that smells like freshly brewed coffee, right? You can set the Barisieur Alarm Clock to wake you up at a certain time by brewing you a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

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Levitating Moon Light

Social media has been all over this trending gadget, which will take your home decor to new heights. If you’ve ever wanted the sweet light of the moon to fill up your room, now it can! The moon lamp uses soft light to create a relaxing environment. If you like slightly “out there” products, check out these foods you didn’t know you could buy from Amazon.

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Woof washer Pet 360° Washer Dog Shower Cat Cleaning Quick Bath Accessories with ring-shapedvia

Woof Washer 360

Love to go on hikes with your pup, but hate the grime they come home with? Before you spend one more moment on your hands and knees, scrubbing them down between vigorous shakes, try this weirdly efficient tool. This trending dog washer gently cleans your canine’s coat in one clean sweep. If you love your pup, you may want to give them one of these 13 incredible gifts.

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Bug-A-Salt Gunvia

Bug-A-Salt Gun

Kids and adults alike will get great joy out of using this plastic gun to eliminate pesky bugs. The shotgun works by shooting a spray of regular table salt to decimate flies on contact. Here are more ways to get rid of pantry bugs.

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Luxe Bidet Neo 120via

Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Even your tush needs a little luxury, which is why people are going crazy for this trending bidet toilet attachment. Rather than purchasing a bidet, you can save a lot of money with this small accessory. It’s a single nozzle, non-electric mechanical bidet attachment that uses fresh water for ultimate self-cleaning without the overuse of toilet paper.

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Are you the type of person who dreads doing laundry? Then you might be the perfect candidate for FoldiMate. This efficient machine will fold an entire load of laundry in 5 minutes or less. You simply place your clothes through the FoldiMate horizontal feeder, and it folds your clothes and places them neatly at the bottom of the machine. Check out how Marie Kondo suggests to fold your clothes.

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Bug Zapper Racketvia

Bug Zapper Racket

If you get satisfaction out of a classic fly swatter, you’re going to want to get your hands on this bad boy. This electric zapper allows you to catch bugs mid-flight, offering a large surface and handy LED light that’s ideal for use at night.

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VTOSEN Otoscope Cameravia

VTOSEN Otoscope Camera

Haven’t you heard you’re not supposed to clean your ears with Q-Tips? Now you can clean them the safe way with this intriguing otoscope camera. It’s the ultimate hygiene machine, allowing you to clean your ear wax or ear mite more completely and safely under this guidance.

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