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17 Tiki Drinks You’ll Want to Make at Home

These are the fruitiest ways to bring the life to the party.

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Passion Fruit Hurricanes

This is our Test Kitchen’s version of the famous Hurricane beverage that’s so popular in New Orleans.
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Cranberry Dark and Stormy

This breathtaking Dark and Stormy comes to us from The Roasted Root, and if you’re looking for something showstopping to serve this summer, it’s what’s on the menu. This recipe mixes the kick and spice of ginger with the subtle sweetness of cranberry, which makes this cocktail perfect for poolside chilling.

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Pina Coladas

Velvety-smooth texture and a taste of the tropics are what this tropical drink delivers. The easy-to-make drink can be mixed and chilled ahead of time. When ready to serve, just blend for a creamy and delicious beverage.
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Planter’s Punch

The flavor of this Planter’s Punch recipe from The Blond Cook is unparalleled. This cocktail delivers all the tanginess of your favorite fruits—orange, pineapple, lemon and lime. Planter’s Punch is the ultimate summer go-to!

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Guava Coconut Rum Cocktail

My beverage is so sensational it’s like a taste of the tropics in a glass. The guava adds a touch of sweetness to this coconut drink.
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Mai Tai Exps Hca21 37182 E05 13 3b 8

Mai Tai

This party favorite has been around for quite some time. It’s not overly fruity and features a good blend of sweet and sour. For a splash of color, garnish with strawberries and lime
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Raspberry Daiquiri

This recipe from Cookie and Kate delivers the freshness of summer with the sweetness of raspberry. This daiquiri is best made with fresh ingredients and is the most refreshing (and beautiful) way to cool down in the heat.
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Pineapple Colada Shake

This frothy, refreshing coconut and pineapple shake is sinfully delicious! Cool and creamy, it just begs to be your poolside companion. Include this tasty frozen bev in the menu at your ultimate tiki party this summer.
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Cerveza Margaritas Exps Thjj17 101541 B02 08 6b 4

Cerveza Margaritas

One sip of this refreshing drink and you’ll picture sand, sea and blue skies that stretch for miles. It’s like a vacation in a glass, and you can mix it up in moments. What are you waiting for?
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Rubies on Ice

Ginger and pomegranate are made for each other, and the color of this beverage is tantalizing. If you’re looking for a nonalcoholic option, you can easily leave out the vodka for a delicious and festive drink!
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Peachy Keen Daiquiris

You won’t mind breaking out the blender for these frosty fruit drinks—they’re a breeze to whip up. If you don’t have fresh, use frozen peaches. A dash of grenadine gives the golden daiquire a blush of red.
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Pineapple Rum Punch Exps Hca22 164491 Dr 03 15 3b

Pineapple Rum Punch

Create this refreshing beverage with your favorite Bahamian juices. This recipe is inspired by similar Bahamian cocktails from around the world.
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Minty Pineapple Rum Exps Thjj19 194945 B02 19 6b 10

Minty Pineapple Rum

This delicious drink is a great way to use fresh mint and celebrate summer. If your pineapple isn’t overly ripe, add a bit more sugar. Save any leftover pineapple and mint syrup in an airtight glass container, or freeze the mixture in ice cube trays to use later.
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Agua de Jamaica

This agua de jamaica recipe features an iced tea made from hibiscus—tart and deep red like cranberry juice. Add rum if you like.
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Blue Lagoon Margaritas

This is one super drink that’ll have the neighbors asking, “What’s that?” Show them and make an extra batch to share.
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Coquito Exps133179 Hca2081250c02 28 2bc Rms 5


An all-time family favorite, this creamy, frozen coquito recipe features cream of coconut blended with cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and rum. —Evelyn Robles, Oak Creek, Wisconsin
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Spiked Lemonade Exps Thsum18 37199 D02 01 8b 2

Spiked Lemonade

Rum gives a tropical addition to this fabulous homemade lemonade. If you have vodka on hand, try that instead of the rum.

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