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20 Ice Cream Accessories for Frozen Treat Fanatics

We all scream for these super-fun ice cream accessories. We've found the best ice cream scoops, terrific toppings and so much more.

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Slt Cuisinart Ice Cream Makervia merchant

Simple Ice Cream Maker

Are you a true ice cream lover if you don’t own an at-home ice cream maker? This best-selling Cuisinart ice cream maker whips up treats like sorbet and frozen yogurt in 20 minutes—all you have to do is pour in your ingredients, set the machine and enjoy.

Our Test Kitchen loves this model because it’s super simple to use. If you need a little help to kick-start your ice cream making, check out our step-by-step instructions.

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Ws Tovolo Ice Cream Storagevia merchant

Ice Cream Storage Tub

After making your homemade treats, you’re going to need somewhere to store them. This Tovolo ice cream tub is just the thing, with a narrow freezer-friendly design and double-walled insulation that prevents condensation and freezer burn.

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Ws Ice Cream Sandiwch Moldvia merchant

Ice Cream Sandwich Mold

While you’re making homemade ice cream, the next step is making your very own ice cream treats. This ice cream sandwich mold from Williams-Sonoma makes it super easy.

While you’re waiting on your mold to come in the mail, pick up a box of our Test Kitchen’s favorite ice cream sandwiches.

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Ws Zeroll Ice Cream Scoopvia merchant

Ice Cream Scoop

No list of must-have ice cream accessories is complete without our Test Kitchen’s favorite ice cream scoop: the Zeroll ice cream scoop. This USA-made scooper glides through frozen treats with ease to produce super-clean scoops to fill up your waffle cone.

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S'wellvia merchant

Ice Cream Bowl

Looking to expand on your collection of ice cream accessories? Add these insulated ice cream bowls by S’well to your cart. These products are new for 2022 and are just the thing for those of us that take our time while eating a sundae. These vacuum-insulated dishes will keep your frozen treats frozen for longer than your plain ol’ cereal bowl.

If you’re taking your favorite pint on the road, try the S’well ice cream pint cooler.

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Waffle Cone Makervia merchant

Waffle Cone Maker

When you visit an amazing ice cream shop, the scoops are the star of the show. However, when your go-to parlor also creates scratch-made waffle cones, well, that’s a match made in heaven.

With this waffle cone maker from Amazon, you can get that fresh waffle cone experience right at home. Waffle cone makers come with molds to shape cones and dishes—perfect for any ice cream style.

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Ws Ice Cream Toppingsvia merchant

Hot Fudge and Caramel Sauce

Don’t settle for lackluster chocolate or caramel syrup. To top your sundaes you’ll want super-rich, super-delicious Williams-Sonoma salted caramel and fudge sauces. These jars also make great gifts for the sundae fanatic in your life.

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Fancy Ice Cream Dishesvia merchant

Fancy Ice Cream Dishes

For when you’re not eating directly out of the pint (no shame!), treat yourself by scooping your favorite flavor into these elegant ice cream dishes from Wayfair.

Be sure to bring these out to serve elegant ice cream desserts at your next dinner party. May we suggest these Warm Pineapple Sundaes with Rum Sauce?

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Midnight Scoop Ice Creamvia merchant

The Midnight Scoop

If you’re looking for a next-level ice cream scoop to complete your collection of ice cream accessories, add the Midnight Scoop to your cart right now.

According to our editors, this is one of the best ice cream scoops you can buy—and it should be! The Midnight Scoop was designed by an aerospace engineer and ice cream aficionado.

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Isi Whipped Cream Makervia merchant

Whipped Cream Dispenser

No doubt about it: Homemade whipped cream is better than any of the pre-made stuff. However, breaking out the hand mixer each time you want to top your favorite scoop with a dollop can be a bit of a pain. An easy shortcut is to use a cream dispenser from Williams-Sonoma—one of our favorite ice cream accessories. Fill the canister with cream and the N2O charger will take care of the rest!

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Chefn Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker Ovia merchant

Single-Serve Ice Cream Maker

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen but still want to experiment with the wonderful world of homemade ice cream, try this single-serve ice cream maker by Chef’n. To make your own serving of ice cream, just freeze this dish, then add your ice cream base right to the bowl. With a little stirring, you’ll soon have a few scoops of ice cream.

You can also use this compact gadget to mix toppings into any ice cream—store-bought or from-scratch—a la Cold Stone Creamery.

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Hamilton Beach Milkshake Makervia merchant

Milkshake Mixer

To make homemade milkshakes you can absolutely use a blender, but we think it’s much more fun to use an old-fashioned milkshake mixer. All you have to do to make a milkshake from scratch is load up the metal cup and get whirring with this Hamilton Beach milkshake maker. And if you prefer malts, just add a scoop of malted milk powder!

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Libbey Milkshake Glassesvia merchant

Milkshake Glasses

Sure, you can serve that homemade milkshake in your favorite glass, but it’s so much more fun to serve them up in special milkshake glasses. These retro glasses from Wayfair are also great for ice cream floats and boozy ice cream drinks, too.

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ice cream tools and products Cuisinart Stainless Steel Ice Cream Makervia

Stainless Steel Electric Ice Cream Maker

When you want to make enough ice cream to feed a group, give this Cuisinart two-quart ice cream machine a try. It works with just the turn of a dial and can make everything from traditional ice cream to sorbet to fro-yo. It’s also one of our Test Kitchen’s go-to models.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Scoopvia merchant

Ice Cream Sandwich Scooper

Turn any cookie and ice cream combo—store-bought or homemade—into an ice cream sandwich with this specialty scoop from Uncommon Goods. Just dip this scooper into your favorite pint and pair it with a great drop cookie and you’ve got a delicious treat.

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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Ice Cream Maker Attachment Ovia merchant

Stand Mixer Ice Cream Maker Attachment

If you’ve got a KitchenAid stand mixer at home (and we know all you serious bakers do), you don’t need to invest in an all-new appliance to make ice cream. Instead, snag the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment. This extra fits right onto your mixer and churns a batch of homemade ice cream in 20 minutes.

Don’t forget to check out our other favorite KitchenAid attachments.

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Fancy Sprinkles Poolvia merchant

Fancy Sprinkles

Whether you’re building an over-the-top milkshake or just enjoying a scoop after dinner, sprinkles make any frozen treat better. Fancy Sprinkles is the headquarters for head-turning sprinkles and sugars.

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Ws Ice Cream Startervia merchant

Ice Cream Starter

Want homemade ice cream without all the fuss? Try an ice cream starter from Williams-Sonoma. Just stir this mix with cream and pop it into your ice cream maker for a shortcut treat. When you have a little more time, try our homemade coffee ice cream recipe.

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Cuisinart Soft Serve Makervia merchant

Soft Serve Maker

If soft serve ice cream is more your style, we know you love a good Dairy Queen Blizzard. Next time you’re having a craving for one of these DQ-style treats, you can skip the drive-thru and take a quick trip to the kitchen.

This Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker churns your ingredients. When you’re ready to enjoy, just pull the handle and make the perfect swirl. Another reason we love this gadget: It comes with three built-in topping dispensers so you can customize your cone.

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Luxardo Cherriesvia merchant

Maraschino Cherries

What’s a sundae without a cherry on top? When you’re making your perfect sundae at home, skip those basic neon red cherries and opt for Luxardo maraschino cherries. These cherries are the darkest red and are imbued with a sweet yet tart flavor. And don’t sleep on the syrup at the bottom of the jar; it’s a great topper for ice cream.

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