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25 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table Ideas

These Thanksgiving table ideas make it easy to feast in style.

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(Un)coordinate Colors

For a laid-back tablescape, don’t be afraid to mismatch colors. Whether your napkins are a different hue than your tablecloth or you need to bring in extra chairs, it’s OK (and even welcome!) if there’s color variation. You’ll love these Thanksgiving decorating ideas for the rest of your home.

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Repurpose a Cheese Board

A cheese board isn’t just for, well, cheese. Use the pretty serving piece to house all sorts of Thanksgiving goodies, such as these green bean bundles. The board’s unexpected use will help it stand out on your table. See more simply beautiful Thanksgiving menu ideas.

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Go Natural

Thanks to harvest decor, Thanksgiving is already a rustic holiday. So it makes sense to incorporate natural elements in your table decor, too. We love the look of woven placemats, buffalo check napkins and neutral dishes. Learn how to plan a country Thanksgiving here.

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Keep It Fresh

When buried under full dishes of food, your Thanksgiving table can start looking a little drab. Keep things light with the help of fresh flowers and succulents. When planted in funky vases, your table’s brightened right up.

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Stick to a Color Scheme

Unite your Thanksgiving table under one pretty color palette. Pick three to four colors—like the sage green, bright orange and beige in this scene—and use them for linens, serving pieces, decorative accents and more. If you’re having trouble picking a scheme, look at your dining room for inspiration.

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Give It a Name

Make it easy for guests to know where to sit or what’s safe for them to eat with wine cork labels. Make them yourself by cutting a slit lengthwise along a wine cork, then placing a labeled piece of card stock inside. If your holders start to tip over, gradually level the surface of the cork until they stay put.

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Mix and Match

Your Thanksgiving table decor doesn’t have to match. In fact, it’ll look better if it doesn’t. We suggest finding a standout piece you love (like a patterned table runner) and building out the rest of your collection based on that item’s colors and textures.

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Pick Fancy Florals

Upgrade your table (here, we broke up a few grocery store bouquets) by integrating fall flowers and fancy votive candle holders into your tablescape. These small, simple elements look high-end and can distract attention away from your worse-for-wear plates. Here’s what to do with those sweetly scented grocery store carnations.

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Keep the Kiddos Happy

Whether you’re a fan of the kids’ table or not, it’s important to let children have their own space. A miniature table covered in mess-proof craft paper is the perfect space for children to color, play games or eat. Painted metal buckets and a colorful tray keep all of the goodies in one place, making clean-up a breeze.

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Add a Touch of Glitz

Candles add instant warmth to your table, but a collection of geometric gilded holders give them a glamorous upgrade. Plus, since they’re simply made of metal, these holders can be used year-round.

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Go Rustic

For down-home country Thanksgiving table decor, skip the expensive centerpiece and opt for a galvanized tray instead. When filled with potpourri and garnished with a wheat stalk, it’s the perfect rustic accent.

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Try Boho Style

Your Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be stuffy. Try an adventurous bohemian theme for bright, bold style. We love the look of colorful plates, gemstone napkin rings and a macrame table runner. Learn more about hosting a bohemian Thanksgiving here. No matter what your style, learn how to set a table for any occasion.

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Nestle Everything on a Tray

A serving tray is the perfect Thanksgiving table accent. It holds everything from wine bottles to hors d’oeuvres. And, thanks to raised edges, the tray makes it easy to clean up any spills.

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Use a Bowl

Unless you’re serving soup, it’s rare to see a bowl on a Thanksgiving table. However, this versatile dish is perfect for housing salad, cranberry sauce or a heaping helping of mashed potatoes. Here’s a thought: Let guests show their gratitude by placing “I Am Thankful For” tags at each place setting. Before you dig in, have guests go around the table and share what they wrote down.

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Put Planters to Work

The outdoor planter holding your fall blooms? Bring it inside for an oh, so easy centerpiece. Just make sure to wipe down the bottom and sides of the planter to avoid dirt stains.

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Serve It Potluck Style

Reduce stress by dishing up your meal potluck-style. Just lay down a long table runner, and place a stack of plates and a cup of utensils on one end. Place dishes on the runner when you’re ready to eat, and let guests help themselves. Like the casual look? Find more fun Friendsgiving ideas here.

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Make It Bright

Got a bunch of kids coming to dinner? Make their place setting extra fun with bright colors. A polka-dot tablecloth, orange napkins and a mini gravy boat full of crayons are sure to hold their attention. Plus, an edible turkey treat is guaranteed to summon smiles. Find more adorable Thanksgiving treats here.

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Create a Cute Centerpiece

When you head to the grocery store to pick up fixings for your holiday feast, grab a few extra ingredients to make a wow-worthy centerpiece. For this show-stopper, layer orange slices in a glass container, plant a trio of decorative cabbages and fill the rest of the space with faux berries.

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Stick to a Theme

For a cohesive table, pick a theme and stick to it. Consider using hues of pink and rose gold for a simply beautiful Thanksgiving or layering rustic accents for a country Thanksgiving. Not sure what Thanksgiving theme fits your personality? Find out here.

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Get Simple

There’s nothing wrong with using your everyday dishes for the holidays. But you can add a special touch with a colorful napkin, placemat or flatware holder.

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Taste of Home

Look for Eclectic Finds

Want to ensure your Thanksgiving table is like no one else’s? Head to the thrift store. There you’ll discover eclectic items that guarantee a unique tablescape. Here are 10 more things you shouldn’t pass up at Goodwill.

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Honor Tradition

If you have a beloved family heirloom—like napkin rings passed down for generations or Grandma’s silver—make it the star of your Thanksgiving show. Use simple, solid colors to let your treasures stand out. Psst: Here’s how to clean that heirloom silver—in just a few minutes!

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Stay Beautiful

For contemporary Thanksgiving table decor, pick a trendy color (like millennial pink!) and use it to deck out your table. We love these pale pink plates, rose gold flatware and sparkling wine glasses in this place setting.

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Count on Country

For a rustic vibe, consider using wood napkin rings. The simple, earthy accessories look perfect when paired with a sprig of fresh rosemary. Here’s what to cook with the rest of your rosemary.

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Traditional Thanksgiving Wine GlassesTaste of Home

Garnish in Style

When serving speciality cocktails, let guests garnish their own glasses. We suggest a small tray to hold cinnamon sticks, orange slices and more. Not only does this accent serve a purpose, but we promise it smells delicious, too. Get the recipe for this warm cranberry drink here.

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