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The 10 Best Pots and Pans Organizers

If you've got kitchen organization problems, we've got clever kitchen organization solutions.

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Kes 30 Inch Kitchen Pan Pot Rack Wall Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

One of the most useful kitchen organizers is a pots and pans organizer. It’ll neatly tuck away cookware—no more jammed drawers and crammed cabinets full of hard-to-store essentials. The right organizer not only provides a home for frying pans and pasta pots but also makes for easy access every time you cook.

As one of the most clever kitchen organizing ideas, the following pots and pans organizers promise a tidier kitchen and an easier cooking experience. Some require heavy lifting to install, while others fit right into cabinets and shelves—no screws necessary. No matter what type of pots and pans organizer you’re looking for, we’ve done the research to find the very best gadget for every household.

How We Chose the Best Pots and Pans Organizers

The best pots and pans organizers were selected based on user reviews, thorough research and consideration of each of their functions.


  • Function: Can it fit multiple pots, pans and lids? What about all three together?
  • Ease of installation: How easy is it to set up?
  • Size: Can it fit in a small cabinet? How many pots and pans can it store?
  • Price: Does its value line up with its cost?

Pan Organizer Rack For Cabinet Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Best Overall Pots and Pans Organizer

Mudeela Three-in-One Pan Organizer

We love that the Mudeela three-in-one pan organizer is customizable to your space, offering three different setup options and eight removable shelves. Since the wire racks are adjustable, almost any size pot or pan can comfortably fit. With over 10,000 Amazon ratings, shoppers love this best-selling, Mudeela pots and pans organizer. The best part of all? It’s under $40. You’ll love these Amazon home and kitchen essentials under $100, too.

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Lynk Kitchen Cabinet OrganizerVia Merchant

Best Slide-Out Pots and Pans Organizer

Lynk Professional Sliding Shelf Organizer

Say goodbye to digging around on your hands and knees to find the waffle iron at the back of your cabinet. The Lynk smooth sliding shelf extends out of the cabinet to make locating what you need a breeze. It also has a nearly five-star rating and over 6,000 glowing Amazon ratings.

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Simple Trending Adjustable Pot And Pan Lid Organizervia merchant

Best Budget Pots and Pans Organizer

Adjustable Pan and Pot Lid Organizer

Storage pieces don’t have to break the bank—sometimes they can be affordable kitchen gadgets. This countertop pan organizer is a steal at $15 and can be used standing up or laid on its side, depending on what best suits your space. Choose from bronze and silver colorways.

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Rev A Shelf Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Heavy-Duty Pots and Pans Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf 2-Tier Wire Pull Out Kitchen Cabinet

If you’re reorganizing your kitchen, dedicating a cabinet to Rev-A-Shelf’s pots and pans organizer is a smart idea. The pullout organizing system is available in two sizes—12 inches and 21 inches—and can hold 100 pounds of pots, pans and lids in a two-tiered, sliding unit.

“This is exactly what I needed,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Lisa. “I have a standard 34-inch cabinet and all my pots and pans and lids took up the whole thing laying flat and stacked. Now, my whole set of pots, pans, and lids fit nice and neat, and I even had room to add another sliding bakeware rack.”

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Cusinart Heavy Duty Pan OrganizerVia Merchant

Best Cast Iron Pots and Pans Organizer

5-Tier Pan Organizer

Cast iron, meet your match. With a 50-pound capacity, the 5-tiered organizer is strong enough to hold your heaviest pans, including cast iron and enamel cookware, without buckling or tipping over.

“I have owned multilevel pan storage racks in the past, however, this is by far the most solid and well-made one I have ever seen,” shares verified Amazon purchaser PhotoGraphics. “The spacing between each level is wider than average to accommodate almost any frying pan. And unlike any similar product I’ve seen, it can be fastened down to the cabinet bottom so the whole thing doesn’t move or tip over when you remove a pan.”

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Better Things Home Store Kitchen Cabinet OrganizerVia Merchant

Best Pan Organizer

Expandable Pan Organizer

If your cabinets don’t have the depth for sliding units, you’re not out of luck. This expandable pan organizer runs the width of your cabinet, shelf or counter so you can maximize space. Plus, the expandable rack and additional wires can hold up to 14 pans and lids, depending on their thickness.

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Lynk Pan Lid Kitchen Cabinet OrganizerVia Merchant

Best Lid Organizer

Slide Out Lid Holder

If you’re already investing in a smooth sliding shelf, you’re going to want to add this genius sliding lid holder to your cart too. This organizing rack is the answer for utilizing that small, awkward cabinet everyone seems to have. Since it’s only 8 ¼-inches across, the metal rack squeezes into skinny cabinets while organizing about 18 lids, depending on their size.

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Old Dutch 60 Inch Cookware Stand Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Pots and Pans Organizer for Small Spaces

Old Dutch Cookware Stand

Looking for kitchen storage ideas for your small space? This cookware stand has your back. The tree-like organizer’s shape makes it a compact kitchen organizer for corners and other tight spaces. And with eight tiers, it gradually widens as it goes down to fit pots and pans of any size. Editor’s tip: Add cookbooks or plants in the empty spaces for added decoration.

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Mounted Pot RackVia Merchant

Best Space-Saving Pots and Pans Organizer

Mounted Kitchen Pot Rack

When cabinets aren’t much of an option, turn to this shelving unit. The sturdy, two-and-a-half-foot-long organizer comes complete with two shelves, a hanging bar and 12 moveable S-hooks. This means there’s plenty of room for pots, pans, lids and utensils. Plus, the S-hooks double as a kitchen utensil organizer.

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Cabinet Mount Lid OrganizerVia Merchant

Best Pots and Pans Organizer for Cabinet Doors

Simple Houseware Cabinet Door/Wall Mount

Talk about a smart pantry organization tool. Put interior cabinet doors to work with Simple Houseware’s lid organizer. The two-pack of racks, which each hold three lids, can be screwed into doors or walls to keep pot and pan lids within easy reach. Plus, they have over 7,000 enthusiastic ratings thanks to their sturdy construction and affordable price.

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