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10 Online Grocers You Might Not Have Heard of Before

Looking for online sources for groceries only to discover traditional sites are overwhelmed? Try these under the radar alternatives that deliver big taste and plenty of shelf filling options.

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Whether you’re sheltering in place, self quarantining or simply don’t want to leave the house, you’ve probably attempted to order online grocery delivery recently only to discover that the most popular options have no delivery availability. Or, very few open slots for online delivery orders with a limited stock of food items. But all is not lost! We’ve found some top choices for fresh produce, gourmet foods, shelf stabilized milk, kid-friendly meals and even fully cooked dinners hidden in plain sight online. Here are some stores that are offering grocery delivery and pickup.

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Misfits Market

What it is: Misfits offers the best prices available for organic produce (about 40 percent less than retail) delivered right to your door with one catch: it might not the prettiest produce. The Misfits model is to rescue organic fruits and veggies that don’t meet the high beauty standards of supermarkets—picture slightly lopsided peppers or oddly tilted carrots—but still deliver big in the health and taste departments. Then they box up the food at a discount to customers. The first box is a surprise, after that you can customize your order and add additional pantry items.

Best for: In-season fruits and vegetables without having to brave the supermarket.

You’ll also find: After your first box, you can shop for additional items from a weekly list including canned tomatoes, pasta, garlic, avocados and veggie snack chips.

Special deal: Get 25 percent off your first Misfits box with code COOKWME-LP2GCL entered at checkout.

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What it is: Hungryroot not only delivers healthy groceries, such as washed and prepped veggies and organic grains, right to your door, but they also offer options to fit with every special diet including vegan, vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, pescatarian, tree-nut free, peanut-free and egg-free. Oh, and omnivores will be happy with the range of options that include grilled chicken breasts and smoked salmon. Additionally, Hungryroot offers meal packs you craft with 10-minute recipes.

Best for: Stocking the refrigerator with nutritious options without having to deal with a traditional grocery store; you’ll find pre-cut stir-fry veggies, seasoned tofu and a range of sauces to instantly make a healthy dinner.

You’ll also find: Delicious pantry items from boutique companies including Purely Elizabeth granola, Siggi’s yogurt, Nature’s Pantry fig bars and Cedar’s hummus, plus Hungryroot’s own line of healthy soups, sauces and even vegan cookie dough.

Special deal: Get 30 percent off your first delivery of $99 or more (discount automatically appears at check out).

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What it is: What are you craving right now while you sit in your house wondering if you’ll ever go out again? Goldbelly will make all of your comfort food wishes come true. The company ships iconic foods from small food vendors across the country right to your door, anywhere in the United States and also connects customers with the top purveyors of beef and fish from around the country.

Best for: It’s a tie on this one for the crave-satisfying tastes from iconic foodie spots across the country and being able to shop for king crab and Pacific salmon from Seattle’s Pike Place Market or ground beef and dry-aged steaks from Pat LaFrieda.

You’ll also find: Bread, bagels, cookies, cakes and pies from the best bakeries around the country; plus care packages so you can cheer up someone else in quarantine.

Special deal: Check out the Flash Sales page for limited-time deals and keep an eye out for $15 off codes after you create an account.

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Ackroyd's Scottish BakeryVIA ACKROYDSBAKERY.COM

Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery

What it is: Not your typical grocery delivery. Ackroyd’s offers both imported groceries from the United Kingdom and made-from-scratch savory and sweet bakery items, including traditional meat pies, sausage rolls, scones, bread and delectable shortbread. Plus, you’ll find fresh sausage and other meats to cook at home, too.

Best for: Fresh bread delivered right to your door and easy heat-and-eat individual pot pies (including chicken, spinach and feta and Irish stew), that are perfect for lunch, especially if you need a quick option for kids.

You’ll also find: For those new to Scottish/United Kingdom foods and culture, you can try their “starter packs,” such as the “Afternoon Tea” or “Full Breakfast.” Ackroyd’s also has a sweet selection of Easter chocolate that would make a great basket and a range of teas, crackers and jams.

Special deal: Free shipping east of the Rockies on orders over $125 and west of the Rockies on $150; and on orders over $200 to Hawaii.

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Nurture Life

What it is: Nurture Life prepares fresh, ready to enjoy food options so parents who are now homeschooling, working and worrying don’t also have to handle kid-friendly food prep. The healthy meals are divided by age range, with options from ages ten months old to 16 years old, and all have kid-friendly faves but with a nutritious angle. Think turkey meatloaf, cheesy tortellini served with grilled chicken strips, baked chicken bites with green beans and sweet potatoes.

Best for: Food to feed hungry kids so you don’t have to constantly be a short-order cook; and it’s a great option for nutritious baby food, too.

You’ll also find: Meals for the whole family, including chicken meatballs with marinara and grilled chicken breasts, and tasty sides such as chive and roasted garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed string beans. With Nurture Life, you will be able to take a break from cooking. Hurray!

Special deal: Get started for just $39, no code necessary. Use code BESTKIDSMEALS for 25% off your first two orders; new customers only.

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What it is: What’s that you say, you’re not looking for beauty products or clothes? We hear you. But QVC also has an amazing range of prepared foods and ingredients to craft your own meals under their Fabulous Home Cooking Kitchen & Food section of the website, all at tempting prices.

Best for: Meat and poultry! You can choose from cook-at-home options like turkey burgers, pork chops and perfectly marbled steaks. Also, you could opt for already prepared heat-and-eat choices such as southern chicken breast strips, Kansas City BBQ brisket or large serving bone-in hams and whole cooked turkey breast. Plus, there are lots of side dishes, too.

You’ll also find: Cold-pressed juices (with free shipping) and coffee, plus elaborate sweets. If you’re not someone who usually cooks, there’s a cornucopia of quick individual options such as the 24 chicken enchiladas that are pre-wrapped in packs of two; and there’s wine, too.

Special deal: Get $10 off your first order with code WELCOME

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What it is: The office supply superstore has a little known breakroom menu on its site that includes soup, cereals, boxed milk and lots of shelf-stable staples.

Best for: Cases of water, ramen and other soup noodles and shelf stabilized milk. Until recently they were offering fresh fruit, which is now no longer on the site. But there are fruit cups, which are nice to have in the kitchen, too.

Top tip: Currently offering free shipping with no minimum.

You’ll also find: Staples also offers Lean Cuisine meals, baby food and jars of pickles. Search exactly what you’re looking for, ie “soup,” “fruit” or “cereal” since the organization of the site isn’t really set up for grocery shopping.

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Elmhurst 1925via

Elmhurst 1925

What it is: Elmhurst offers a full line of plant-based milk that has fewer extra ingredients than most other brands. Plus, it’s shelf-stabilized for six months, meaning it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until its open, making it the perfect pandemic milk to have on hand.

Best for: The tasty dairy alternatives include hemp, oat, hazelnut, almond, cashew and walnut options.

You’ll also find: Coffee creamers and special “Barista” options that are made for steaming and foaming.

Special deal: Delivery is currently free, and most orders ship the same day.

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Italian Food Online Store

What it is: The name, Italian Food, gives you a good sense of what this site offers, including lots of pasta and sauces, but it’s also a great, inexpensive spot to stock your pantry.

Best for: Flour and yeast! Everyone else is sold out, here it’s on sale.

You’ll also find: Coffee, bottled Italian water, lots of canned veggies, including tomatoes, artichokes and roasted peppers. A fresh foods section offers cheeses and cold cuts. You can even order all the ingredients to make pizza at home, including fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese.

Special deal: Free shipping on nonperishables for orders over $69.

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Cost Plus World Marketvia Cost Plus World Market/Facebook

World Market

What it is: You may know World Market as a home furnishings store with stock from around the globe. But World Market also has a robust selection of international groceries, including ramen noodles from Asia, canned tuna and charcuterie from Europe, plus rice, coffee, tea and global tastes and treats.

Best for: Pandemic shopping has emptied the shelves of block ramen around the country, but World Market has authentic Japanese noodles in stock that you can fill your shelves with, plus versions from Thailand and Vietnam, too.

You’ll also find: Baking mixes and supplies, coffee, tea, olive oil, canned tomatoes and other vegetables.

Special deal: Get free shipping on orders over $49 with code WMFS49

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