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8 Ways to Shake Up the Classic Negroni Recipe

Here's a closer look at the classic Negroni recipe, plus a handful of sparkling Negroni variations that will put the "cheer" in "cheers!"

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Classic Negroni recipe made with gin, campari and martini rossoShyripa Alexandr/Shutterstock

Basic Negroni

Let’s start here. One part sweet vermouth + one part Campari + one part gin = the classic Negroni recipe. Stirred (not shaken!) and served over ice, it’s one of the easy mixed drinks that every amateur bartender should master.

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Grapefruit Negroni

Sour meets sweet in The Stripe’s tangy twist on the traditional. Simply make your Negroni as you usually would, then add a dash of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. And in case you didn’t know, you can use the leftover fruit and rind to clean your house.

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St. Germain Negroni

For a lighter libation, swap gin for St. Germain like Mike and Steph of I Am a Food Blog. One of the secret cocktail ingredients every master mixologist loves, it’s an elderflower liqueur that adds an airy, floral finish to your drink.

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Sparkling Negroni

Bring on the bubbly! Joy the Baker uses a splash of champagne (or prosecco) to turn a regular Negroni recipe into a sparkling, celebratory sip. It doesn’t have to be pricey—for bubbles on a budget, check out this list of champagne under $20.

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White Negroni

What makes a white Negroni recipe from Drinking Hobby different than its darker counterpart? This clearer cocktail is made solely with French ingredients, which means you’ll use Lillet Blanc instead of the standard vermouth and a light Parisian aperitif instead of the Campari.

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Negroni Float

Meet the grown-up version of your favorite childhood treat. To make this frosty float from Craft & Cocktails, start with the blogger’s delicious Negroni recipe as your base, then add a dollop of velvety vanilla ice cream. For bonus points, make your own ice cream following one of these recipes.

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Chocolate Negroni

Why choose between drinks or dessert when you can have both in one cocoa-flavored cocktail? Zestful Kitchen’s trick is to make your own chocolate-orange syrup for a full-bodied fudgy flavor. (Just like these other dark chocolate concoctions.)

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This cozy cocktail from Stir & Strain is Christmas in a cup. Stir in the scents of the season with a Douglas Fir-flavored brandy, then garnish your glass with a sprig of fresh rosemary dusted in powdered sugar “snow.”

Want more drink ideas for your holiday toast? Here are our favorite festive finds.

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Blood Orange Negroni

You’ll be raising the most gorgeous glass in the room, thanks to this recipe from Feasting at Home. Made with a squeeze of blood orange, it’s a rich red hue that’s almost too pretty to drink. Psst: Here are more gorgeous dishes starring the stunning citrus.

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