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Brighten Up Your Home with Cute Kitchen Gadgets—Starting at Only $5

Go on—pop a few of these cute kitchen gadgets into your cart. You'll get a little dose of joy whenever you use them, and they're all on sale for under $17!

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Mason Jar Measuring CupVIA MERCHANT

As a shopping editor who focuses on finding the deepest discounts on the brands that Taste of Home readers love, I’ve seen my fair share of kitchen gadgets—and these finds are certifiably the cutest kitchen gadgets online. The best part? These cute kitchen gadgets are on sale for less than $20 and won’t break the bank.

You don’t need these gadgets—but at prices as low as $5, can you really resist adding a few to your cart? They make the best gifts for home cooks. Plus, a few of the items below are editor-tested, so you know you’ll actually use them and they won’t just become kitchen decor items that line your shelves.

These cheerful finds may not be smart gadgets, but they’re available at some seriously smart prices.

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The Cutest Kitchen Gadgets on Sale

Angry Mama Microwave Cleanervia merchant

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

First up is one of the best kitchen gadgets on sale. Angry Mama has seen your microwave, knows how dirty it is and comes fully prepared to clean it like a pro. She’s well worth the price at a generous discount of 44%.

Fill her up with water and lemon juice or vinegar—the Shopping Editor who reviewed the Angry Mama strongly recommends opting for lemon juice. Then, take her for a five-minute spin in the microwave. Verdict? This mama makes it easy to wipe away months (or even years) of caked-on gunk.

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Sponge Bedvia merchant

Bed-Shaped Sponge Holder

It’s easier to sleep tight knowing that your sponge has a cozy place to rest. The editor-approved bed-shaped sponge holder offers a dreamy way to store sponges after use. The bottom of the bed drains your sponge, preventing mold and funky smells. The best part? Snag your own version of this TikTok-famous gadget at a savings of $7.

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 Oil Brushvia merchant

Brush-Head Oil Dispenser

In the market for practical kitchen gadgets on sale that make cooking a breeze? Consider your search over. I’ve touted the benefits of oil dispensers before—but this brush-head oil dispenser, available at a savings of 35%, sports a cute purple bear. Therefore, it’s automatically better than all the others.

Use it as a dropper for salad dressings, or fill it with olive oil and brush your buns before baking. Just seeing the springy purple hue on the counter while you’re cooking is bound to spark joy.

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Egg Timer via merchant

Egg Timer

Springtime brings with it spring sales. It’s the best time to celebrate one of my favorite foods: eggs. Whether you’re cooking up deviled eggs for a potluck or hard-boiling them to dye for Easter, it’s important to cook them as precisely as possible. The NobleEgg Egg Timer offers a convenient way to cook eggs to your ideal texture, from hard-boiled to soft-boiled.

Pop it in the pot along with your eggs, and keep an eye on the color. Once it turns white, it’s time to nosh. I love the different stages for hard, medium and soft eggs—it’s a thoughtful addition, and makes this timer well worth the price at $5 off.

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Pizza Cuttervia merchant

Axe Pizza Cutter

How do lumberjacks cut their pizza? With an axe pizza cutter, of course! This cool Amazon product, available at a savings of 46%, features a comfortable bamboo handle and dishwasher-safe materials. There is one caveat, though—Amazon reviewer Lori notes that “If you are getting this for your husband, buyer beware. He will pretend to be an axe murderer every time he uses it.”

We can’t think of a better endorsement.

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Splatypus Jar Spatulavia merchant

Splatypus Jar Spatula

The Splatypus jar spatula is actually one of the best kitchen products you can purchase. The platypus beak functions as a quality jar spatula. Silicone makes it easy to clean, and the slim profile fits perfectly into even the smallest jam jars to scoop out every last drop.

It’s on sale for a whopping $7 off. Feel free to bill us—we’re stocking up.

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Scaredy Cat Silicone Padvia merchant

Scaredy Cat Silicone Pad

Mee-yow! This Scaredy Cat silicone pad—available at a savings of $6—serves up some serious caution. Set a pot on top and this kitty goes from scared to sleeping and protects counters from hot pans in the process. The silicone material keeps steamy dishes securely in place and makes it super easy to clean.

Trivets are a kitchen essential, so why not scoop one up that makes you laugh?

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Mason Jar Measuring Cupsvia merchant

Mason Jar Measuring Cups Set

Mason jars are one of the best kitchen items you can buy. From canning jams to crafting cocktails, mason jars have a myriad of uses in the home. Why not celebrate them with a mason jar measuring cup set? Each part of the jar functions as a sturdy ceramic measuring cup.

When they’re not in use, stack them together for a pretty piece of decor. Thanks to a 43% discount, this collection only sets you back $17.

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Spoon Restvia merchant

Ketchup Splash Spoon Rest

A list of cute kitchen gadgets on sale wouldn’t be complete without a spoon rest, and this ketchup splash spoon rest caught my eye immediately. Fool your friends (or prompt a chuckle) while it’s available at a savings of 42%. From afar, it looks like a chef had a bit of a mishap—zoom in closer, and you’ll see that it’s just a faux splatter made from heat-resistant silicone.

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Pot Lid Restvia merchant

Farm Animal Pot Lid Lifts

Lid lifters gently rest on the side of pans—much like the viral crab spoon rest—and allow the lid to rest on top. This prevents pots from boiling over and allows steam to escape, regulating cooking temperatures. Snag a set of lid lifts shaped like cute farm animals for a fun spin on this kitchen essential while they’re over $4 off.

The included pig, sheep and chicken look just as cute sitting on the side of the pot as they do in the cutlery tray.

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 Cow Cheese Boxvia merchant

Sliced Cheese Container

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I just found your newest cheap impulse buy: a cow motif cheese container. My niece and nephew refuse to eat anything except processed American cheese sandwiches, so I always have a package sitting in my fridge. Once opened, it looks so sad sitting there.

Finding a cute container to keep the slices in not only cleans up the fridge, but it’s also plain adorable. This is definitely a worthy purchase at a meager $10 after the 23% discount.

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Potato Brush via merchant

Spud Dude Vegetable Brush

Kitchen gadgets with faces—much like the viral Gracula—are my kryptonite. This little dude has one mission: keeping veggies clear of dirt and debris. He does a pretty good job of it, too. Spud Dude, available at a savings of 32%, boasts sturdy nylon bristles that blast away junk without peeling or puncturing a veggie’s skin, keeping the nutrients firmly where they belong instead of in the trash.

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 Lemon Juicervia merchant

Lemon Slice Squeezer

One of the most popular gadgets making its rounds on Amazon is this lemon slice squeezer, on sale for $3 off. This two-piece set of acrylic bird juicers includes a lever and just enough room to fit a single slice of lemon or lime. Squeeze the lever down, and the beak distributes the juice in water, on salads or as the finishing touch on top of fried fish.

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Tea Infuser Mugvia merchant

Tea Infuser Mug

Gift a tea lover a mug that doubles as an infuser and looks like a kitty to prompt ooh’s and ahh’s. The kitty tea infuser mug offers a simple way to steep loose-leaf tea or add a little zing to filtered water and other beverages. Simply fill the center fish with lemon, tea leaves or fruit, fill the mug and pop on the top for a dose of flavor.

Add it to your cart while it’s available at a jaw-dropping 45% off.

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Wine Stoppervia merchant

Rubber Chicken Wine Bottle Stopper

I saved the pièce de résistance for last. Feast your eyes upon the rubber chicken wine bottle stopper, a true marvel of human achievement. This viral gadget offers all the convenience of your average wine stopper—except, well, it’s a chicken.

Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you whip this out after a nice dinner party to reserve the last of your 1976 Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese (if you should be so lucky). Secure one at a savings of almost $4.

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