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How to Make a Citrus Wreath

Learn how to make a wreath with the alluring aromas of fresh fruit, spices and herbs that will welcome friends and family home for the holidays.

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A beautiful wreath of greens and mixed fresh citrus over a foyer table.Taste of Home
Taste of Home

Here’s what you’ll need:

The heady aroma of a citrus and spice wreath carries all the warmth and coziness you could ask for at the holidays. Make your own with my easy DIY instructions.

  • 24-in. round wire frame
  • 10 to 14 assorted oranges, lemons, clementines and kumquats
  • 7 to 10 bunches of assorted greens, (I used bay leaf, rosemary and seeded eucalyptus for scent, and filled in with olive leaf and salal—find them at your local florist)
  • 0.62-oz. container whole cloves
  • Eight to ten 18-in. 20-gauge wires
  • Covered binding wire
  • Toothpick
  • Wire cutters
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Wrapping a bundle of mixed greens with binding wire.Taste of Home
Taste of Home

Step 1: Trim and Snip

Trim and snip the greens into 8- to 12-in. lengths. Using covered binding wire, bind together 12 to 15 small bundles of assorted greenery at three points each, leaving wire tails long enough to secure each bundle to the wire frame. I used the salal at the back as the base, then laid assorted herbs and greens on top. The seeded eucalyptus adds an airy quality, so include a little in each bunch.

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Attaching bundles of mixed greens to a wire wreath frame with binding wire.Taste of Home
Taste of Home

Step 2: Attach the Bundles

Position each bundle of greens on the front of the wire frame, overlapping them slightly; secure the binding wire on the back of the frame as you go. Trim and tuck in the wire ends.

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Inserting whole cloves into an orange.Taste of Home

Step 3: Embellish the Fruit

Using a toothpick, poke holes for your desired pattern into one side of a piece of fruit and insert whole cloves. Repeat as desired, leaving several pieces of fruit bare for contrast.

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Adding wire to a clove-studded orange.Taste of Home
Taste of Home

Step 4: Wire the Fruit

Thread a wire through the center of each orange, lemon and clementine, bending the wires gently down at a 90-degree angle.

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Adding wire to a pair of kumquats.Taste of Home
Taste of Home

Step 5: Make Kumquat Bundles

Thread a 20-gauge wire through two kumquats. Gently bend the wire ends down and twist together below the kumquats.

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Wreath with oranges, lemons and kumquats.Taste of Home
Taste of Home

Step 6: Attach the Citrus

Attach the fruit to the wire frame as desired. (Avoid twisting the wire too tightly or it will slice through the fruit.) I like the asymmetrical look of the fruit clustered on the bottom right. You can add a smaller cluster of fruit diagonally across the wreath near the top if desired for balance. Tuck a few pieces of fruit in deeper to add depth. Make it your own by adding bundles of cinnamon sticks or threading a pretty ribbon through the greens if you like.

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Trimming wire ends on the back of the wreath.
Taste of Home

Step 7: Trim

Carefully secure the wire ends of the citrus on the back of the frame. Trim and tuck in the wire ends.

The wreath will have some weight to it, so attach a sturdy wire loop at the top and use a hanger that can support the weight. Your citrus wreath will last 3-5 days or longer if kept cool.

Taste of Home
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