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36 High-Protein Meals

You simply can't go wrong with these scrumptious recipes that are full of protein and flavor.

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Protein has many health and fitness benefits, including leaving you feeling more satisfied after a meal, providing you with more energy throughout the day, and helping you build lean muscle.

Most of us could use a little more protein in our diets. High-protein salads and scrumptious protein-packed lunch options are just the start.

These high-protein meals are not only yummy, but they’re a great energy source for anyone who is looking to have more pep in their step. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these recipes and get cooking!

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Copycat Pasta Da Vinci

I fell in love with this high-protein dish at a restaurant and experimented until I could duplicate it at home. What’s so nice is that the sauce can be made ahead and be refrigerated or frozen. —Trisha Kruse, Eagle, Idaho

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Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole Exps Tohcom23 271928 P2 Md 02 03 9b Rms

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

This protein-packed casserole has it all: ground beef, bacon, onions and cheese, all baked up in your trusty 9×13 pan. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Pressure Cooker Penne With Meat Sauce Exps Rc22 270316 P2 Md 12 13 4b

Pressure-Cooker Penne with Meat Sauce

This pressure-cooker pasta is delicious and super easy. I like to serve it alongside a chopped salad with Italian dressing. If you have leftovers, try them spooned into individual ramekins and baked with a little extra sauce and cheese on top. —Virginia Butterfield, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania
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Mighty Nice Curried Chicken With Rice Exps Rc22 269645 P3 Md 08 12 1b 2

Mighty Nice Curried Chicken with Rice

This was one of the first chicken recipes I prepared for my husband more than 54 years ago. His exclamation? “Mighty nice!” That’s how it got its name. Sometimes I add extra broth to make more of the yummy sauce. —Kay Stansberry, Athens, Tennessee
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Zucchini Wrapped Chicken Enchiladas Exps Rc22 268945 P2 Md 06 08 5b

Zucchini-Wrapped Chicken Enchiladas

These cheesy zucchini wrapped chicken enchiladas are a protein lovers dream! You will win your whole family over when you make this recipe. It’s full of flavor, texture, and nutrients.
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Keto Meatballs And Sauce Exps Ft19 231162 F 0725 1 Basedon 6

Air-Fryer Keto Meatballs

I have been following a keto diet for a year and a half and have lost 130 pounds. With this recipe for air-fryer keto meatballs, you won't miss the breadcrumbs at all! I like to eat these saucy meatballs on their own, but they're also great over zucchini noodles. —Holly Balzer-Harz, Malone, New York
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The Best Beef Stew Exps Ssmz21 242973 E10 15 5b 4

The Best Beef Stew

This stew is packed with protein and has tons of flavor thanks to the herbs, red wine and balsamic vinegar. —James Schend, Dairy Freed
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Five Spice Chicken Lettuce Wraps Exps Rc22 268770 Dr 06 07 4b

Five-Spice Chicken Lettuce Wraps

With this lettuce wrap, I get all the satisfaction without all the carbs. The pickled carrots really make it feel special. Use them on other sandwiches and wraps for an extra pop of flavor, crunch and color. —Stacy Schneidmiller, Beaumont, Alberta
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Favorite Baked Spaghetti Exps Tohfm21 26331 09 18 E 7b Based On 12

Make-Ahead Spicy Olive Pasta

This is a fancy version of my grandchildren’s favorite baked spaghetti. It feels like such a special dinner, and it’s so cozy for winter. It’s also jam packed with protein, so you will feel energized instead of weighed down. —Louise Miller, Westminster, Maryland
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Glazed Spatchcocked Chicken Exps Tohjj23 192025 Dr 01 13 3b

Glazed Spatchcocked Chicken

A few pantry items, such as mustard and preserves, inspired this recipe. And since then it has been the successful centerpiece for both small weeknight meals and big parties. —James Schend, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
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Chorizo Burgers With Green Chile Aioli  Exps Rc22 268405 P2 Md 06 07 5b 5

Chorizo Burgers with Green Chile Aioli

Chorizo does all the work seasoning these burgers, and the aioli comes together in minutes. Wrap the juicy patties in lettuce for a keto version. Don't worry—the carb lovers in your home can still enjoy them on buns. —Becky Woollands, North Ridgeville, Ohio
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Sheet Pan Salmon With Simple Bread Salad Exps Rc22 268006 P2 Md 05 05 5b 4

Sheet-Pan Salmon with Simple Bread Salad

The abundant fatty acids in salmon make it extremely healthful and ideal for baking. The vibrant protein-packed salad, made on the same sheet pan, complements the rich fish perfectly. —Laura Wilhelm, West Hollywood, California
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Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken Breasts Exps Rc22 267873 Dr 03 02 7b

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken Breasts

My husband is not crazy about chicken, but one of his favorite snacks are Jalapeno Poppers, so I created this dinnertime recipe to give our chicken plenty of flavor. He loves it cooked this way and best of all is the quick cooking with little cleanup! — Donna Gribbins, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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Sheet Pan Soy Ginger Salmon With Veggies Exps Rc22 267277 Dr 03 01 9b

Sheet-Pan Soy-Ginger Salmon with Veggies

This salmon and veggie sheet-pan dinner is packed with umami Asian flavors and is so easy to make. It’s high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and so many other nutrients, but it’s so delicious! We like to serve it over brown rice or quinoa. —Pamela Gelsomini, Wrentham, Massachusetts
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Delicious Pho Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup  Exps Ft21 265510 F 0722 1 15

Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

Pho is one of Vietnam’s most well-known dishes. For many families, the cooking of the dish is a true labor of love and care. With its aromatic broth, slurpable rice noodles and many delicious garnish options, it is very easy to customize a bowl to suit your tastes. Did I mention it’s packed with protein too? —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Spicy Pork Loin Alfredo Exps Rc21 264646 B09 28 13b

Spicy Pork Loin Alfredo

This recipe is a quick and easy high-protein dinner but still has a lot of great flavor. From time to time I’ll add half a pound of sautéed mushrooms to the sauce just before serving. —Cheryl Erikson, Rock Hill, South Carolina
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Pressure-Cooker Pot Roast with Asian Black Bean Sauce

I love stir-fry with black bean sauce. This recipe takes that same delicious flavor and combines it with fork-tender pot roast. —Judy Lawson, Chelsea, Michigan
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Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers Exps Rc22 267508 Md 03 01 3b

Cheesesteak-Stuffed Peppers

This is a hearty, low-carb dish that can stand alone at meal time. It’s loaded with protein and veggies, yet it’s creamy and satisfying so you won’t even miss the carbs! Feel free to substitute thinly sliced chicken breast for a leaner protein option and try other cheeses like smoked gouda or extra-sharp cheddar. —Erica Malerich, Pacific, Missouri. If you want to lose weight, then here’s an effective 7-Day high-protein meal plan for you.
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Steak And Potato Foil Packs Exps Tohjj22 267351 Dr 01 06 7b

Steak and Potato Foil Packs

As a park ranger, I've cooked a lot of meals outdoors. I often assemble a steak and potato foil pack and toss it into my backpack with some ice. Then when I set up camp, it's easy to cook over a campfire. If I'm at home, I use my grill, and the food is just as good. —Ralph Jones, San Diego, California
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Cafe Rio Copycat Pork Bowls Exps Rc22 268454 Dr 05 05 9b

Cafe Rio Copycat Pork Bowls

My friends are big fans of Cafe Rio's sweet pork tacos, so I came up with this version to eat in the comfort of our own homes. Serve the pork in flour tortillas or taco shells, or enjoy it on its own. —Donna Gribbins, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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Slow-Cooker Buffalo Chicken Salad

My husband and sons love Buffalo chicken with blue cheese, so I created this salad. You can even make the chicken the day before and reheat when ready to serve. —Shauna Havey, Roy, Utah
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Kabob Less Chicken And Vegetables Exps Tohescodr21 255157 B05 14 1b 14

Kabobless Chicken and Vegetables

As the primary caregiver for my grandma, I am trying to cook healthier for her. I am fascinated with Mediterranean cuisine. It is much easier to have chicken and vegetables off the kabob, which inspired this sheet-pan dinner. —Chelsea Madren, Fullerton, California
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Roasted Turkey Breast Tenderloins Vegetables Exps Diydap22 43298 Dr 03 01 1b

Roasted Turkey Breast Tenderloins & Vegetables

Classic flavors come together quickly tonight with this family-pleasing roasted turkey and gravy. And you won't have to prepare a veggie side dish, because it's all cooked together. Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen
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Sheet Pan Jambalaya With Cauliflower Rice Exps Rc20 253947 E09 09 5b 12

Sheet-Pan Jambalaya with Cauliflower Rice

Sheet-pan dinners are a busy cook's dream with quick prep and easy cleanup. This sheet-pan jambalaya is a healthy twist on a classic that uses cauliflower rice for a lower-carb supper. —Julie Peterson, Crofton, Maryland
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Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken With Noodles Exps Ft20 241015 F 0214 1 21

Slow-Cooker Thai Peanut Noodles

I like to serve these Thai peanut noodles with green onion or cilantro for pops of color and fresh flavor. This dish is also high in protein, so it’s wonderful for everyone of all ages. —Catherine Cebula, Littleton, Massachusetts
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Instant Pot Taco Pasta

This Instant Pot taco pasta is a welcome change from boring meals. I've taken all the flavors of tacos and created an easy pasta dish. Kids love the taste, and Mom loves how quick and easy it comes together. To lighten things up, use ground turkey. —Christine Hadden, Whitman, Massachusetts
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Skillet Pork Chops In Pineapple Soy Sauce Exps Rc22 270429 P2 Md 12 02 12b

Skillet Pork Chops in Pineapple-Soy Sauce

We try to eat a variety of foods, and although we like pork, it really has very little flavor. One night I was fixing some beautiful boneless pork loin chops and decided to add a fruity sauce. The chops ended up being moist and juicy, and the sauce was delicious. This dinner, perfect served over rice, takes less than 30 minutes. It is wonderful for weeknight meals but nice enough for company too. —Donna Gribbins, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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Sweet & Tangy Salmon with Green Beans

I’m always up for new ways to cook salmon. In this high-protein meal, a sweet sauce gives the fish and green beans some down-home barbecue tang. Even our kids love it. —Aliesha Caldwell, Robersonville, North Carolina
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Grilled Shrimp Cobb Exps Ft20 199882 F 0205 1 1

Shrimp Cobb Salad

This shrimp cobb salad is quite healthy. I often use a grill pan, but you can simply saute, too. Feel free to use any greens you like. — Nicholas Monfre, Hudson, Florida
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Foil-Baked Salmon

Baking salmon in foil is an easy technique that can also be used on the grill. This quick recipe uses lemon zest and slices plus garlic for flavor, but you could also try other citrus fruits, herbs and spices. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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The Best Eggplant Parmesan Exps Dobz21 50060 B08 18 1b

The Best Eggplant Parmesan

I love eggplant and have many recipes that include it, but this one is my favorite. The seasonings make this dish unforgettable. —Dottie Kilpatrick, Wilmington, North Carolina
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Easy Creamy Chicken Enchiladas Exps Ft21 29317 F 1102 1

White Chicken Enchiladas

I adapted the recipe for these rich and creamy white chicken enchiladas from a cooking class I had a while back. —Janice Montiverdi, Sugar Land, Texas
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Sheet-Pan Tandoori Chicken

This tandoori chicken recipe is easy for weeknights since it bakes in one pan, but it is also special enough for guests. The best part? There isn’t much to clean up when dinner is over! —Anwar Khan, Iriving, Texas
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Exps184371 Sd153319d10 09 4b 9

Chicken Verde Quesadillas

I used the corn, peppers and zucchini in my fridge to create these quick and easy quesadillas. Dollop with sour cream and you’re good to go. —Julie Merriman, Seattle, Washington
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Lemony Chicken & Rice

I couldn’t say who loves this recipe best, because it gets raves every time I serve it! Occasionally I even get a phone call or email from a friend requesting the recipe, and it’s certainly a favorite for my grown children and 15 grandchildren. —Maryalice Wood, Langley, British Columbia
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Ground Beef Spinach Alfredo Lasagna Exps Scbz18 49865 C06 28 6b 3

Ground Beef Spinach Alfredo Lasagna

With two types of sauces, ground beef, spinach and three kinds of cheese, this dish is super hearty and goes beyond the expected. When serving, be sure to scoop all the way down to the bottom of the slow cooker so everyone gets a good taste of all the yummy layers. —Deborah Bruno, Mira Loma, California

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