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10 Healthy Carbonated Drinks You Can Indulge in Guilt-Free

Kick soda to the curb and sip on these healthy carbonated drinks.

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What are healthy alternatives to soda?

There are plenty of drinks that can replace soda, but our favorite to recommend is flavored sparkling water. The carbonation makes it fizzy like soda, but most brands on the market contain far less sugar (or other additives) than a bottle of pop. Thirsty yet? We’ve rounded up some of the healthiest carbonated beverages for you to try—then check out our list of the best and worst hydrating beverages.

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Spindrift Sparkling Watervia

Spindrift Sparkling Water

What do you get when you combine sparkling water, fruit juice and absolutely nothing else? Spindrift’s all-natural sparkling water. Its flavors are free of sugar and preservatives, have less than 20 calories per can. Plus, they’re made with 100% American-grown produce. Speaking of fresh produce, here’s how to tell if your fruits and veggies are ripe.

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In addition to its classic mineral water, this iconic French brand also offers a line of fruit-flavored water. Its eight flavors are made with carbonated water sourced from the south of France and fruit extract. Wondering what are healthy alternatives to soda?

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All of the products from this 135+-year-old Massachusetts company are free from sugar, sweeteners, sodium, carbs, MSG and are certified Kosher. Their extensive line of seltzers, including bottled and canned options, even has a JR line of 8-ounce cans with fun flavors like unicorn kisses, Yeti mischief and dragon whispers. Do you recognize any of these symptoms of sugar addition?

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Vita Coco Sparklingvia

Vita Coco Sparkling

Coconut water lovers, this one’s for you! Vita Coco has taken their already tasty coconut water and added real fruit juice and lots of bubbles. Each can is only 25 calories. Plus it contains electrolytes to keep you hydrated and only 4 grams of naturally-occurring sugar. Though soda is bad for you, this 104-year-old says it’s the key to her long life.

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Sipp Infusions Organicvia

Sipp Infusions Organic

Made will all-natural ingredients, Sipp’s line of organic sparkling waters combine fruits, vegetables and herbs for a light and refreshing beverage. The waters are sweetened with organic agave syrup and have only two grams of sugar, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. This is what’s really inside your natural, artificial and organic food flavors.

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It wouldn’t be a round-up of healthy carbonated drinks without LaCroix. With their iconic packaging and extensive flavor options (14 in their core line, alone) LaCroix is the go-to sweetener- and calorie-free beverage choice. We taste-tested 11 brands of sparkling water and here’s what we found.

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Dr. Priestley’s Fizzy Watervia

Dr. Priestley’s Fizzy Water

Inspired by the chemist and philosopher who is credited with inventing soda water, Dr. Priestley’s Fizzy Water takes its design from the time of America’s Founding Fathers. The brand encourages its customers to use their Meyer lemon ginger, cucumber mint and rosemary grapefruit flavors as a base for a cocktail, or drink on its own.

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Bubly Sparkling Watervia

Bubly Sparkling Water

Perfect for those trying to cut soda from their diets, these sparkling waters come in seven different variety packs, plus 12 single-flavor packs, to keep things interesting. If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons you should avoid soda at all costs.

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As one of the first better-for-you beverage brands, Izze has kept their game up by offering 15 flavors of their fruit juice and sparkling water drink. Though these beverages have more sugar per serving than most sparkling waters, 18-30 grams depending on the flavor and size, these sugars come from the natural fruit juice used, rather than added sweeteners.

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DRY Sparkling Sodavia

DRY Sparkling Soda

With eight enticing flavors, including Fuji apple, watermelon and lavender, DRY sparkling sodas are made with purified water, all-natural flavors and sweetened cane sugar. Some of DRY’s flavors include phosphoric acid, a benign flavor-enhancer, that when ingested in excess may contribute to tooth enamel erosion.

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