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14 Famous Pizza Brands You Can Order Online

These frozen gourmet pizza brands let you taste the best pizza in America without ever leaving home.

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Talia Di Napoli Pizzavia merchant

Talia di Napoli

There are plenty of arguments over which regional pizza style is the “best” in America, but almost everyone can agree that the best pizza in the world comes from Italy. It’s not exactly easy to hop on a plane to Naples whenever you’re in the mood for the best Italian-style pie that money can buy, but it is easy to order from Talia di Napoli. These gourmet pizzas are handmade in Naples in wood-fired ovens, immediately flash-frozen and shipped straight to your door in eco-friendly materials. You can’t go wrong with any of the brand’s classic flavors, but the Margherita pizza is an editor favorite. For a truly authentic taste, pop it in your outdoor pizza oven.

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Johns Of Bleecker Street Pizzavia merchant

John’s of Bleecker Street

John’s of Bleecker Street was one of the first pizzerias in America, opening its doors in New York City in 1929. Using one of the last remaining coal-fired ovens in the Big Apple, John’s produces thin-crust, Neopolitan-style pizzas that are a little bit chewy, a little bit crispy and a truly authentic taste of New York. Pick up the New York-style pizza sampler to try four best-selling pies: “The Sasso” classic cheese, pepperoni, sausage and “Piccante” pepperoni and peppers.

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Labriola Chicago Deep Dish Pizzavia merchant

Labriola Chicago

Chicago deep-dish pizza is made with a thick crust topped with mozzarella, meat and vegetables, with the tomato sauce going on last before going in the oven. Labriola’s makes one of Chicago’s best versions, but is just as well known for it’s thin-crust pizzas, which are also a Windy City specialty. Try ’em both with the Chicago pizza pack, which includes two deep dish and one thin crust pie.

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Lou Malnatis Deep Dish Pizzavia merchant

Lou Malnati’s

Can’t get enough deep-dish pizza? Chicago’s legendary Lou Malnati’s started serving up deep dish pies back in 1971. Now, more than 50 years later, it has over 50 locations! If you can’t visit a Lou Malnati’s restaurant in Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona or Illinois, getting a buttery, Chicago-style pizza crust smothered in sauce and cheese delivered to your door is the next best thing. Pick up two, four or six pies in flavors like cheese, sausage, pepperoni, veggie and spinach. They even have gluten-free options!

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Emmy Squared Pizzavia merchant

Emmy Squared

Oddly, one of the country’s most famous Detroit-style pizza comes from Brooklyn, New York! Emmy Squared Pizza was founded in 2016, and has since brought its take on the Michigan specialty to Philadelphia, Nashville and Washington, D.C. Baked in rectangular pans, Detroit-style pizza is known for its thick, chewy crust and golden brown edges of crispy “burnt” cheese. Pick up this trio that includes three to-die-for pies: Le Big Matt Burger, Roni Supreme and Sausage and Pepper. You’ll definitely need a pizza cutter for these puffy pies, and maybe some of these other pizza tools.

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Buddys Detroit Style Pizzavia merchant

Buddy’s Pizza

If you’d prefer your Detroit-style pizza to actually be from Detroit, you can’t go wrong with Buddy’s, which invented the style back 1946. Legend has it that when the original chef was developing a pizza recipe, she baked it in a rectangular steel tray used to hold nuts and bolts from a nearby automotive shop, thus giving Detroit-style pizza it’s iconic shape. Try Buddy’s best-selling pizzas with this choose-your-own three-pack.

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Pizzana Cacio E Pepe Pizzavia merchant


Have a Michelin-caliber, California-style experience in your very own home by ordering from Pizzana, the critically-acclaimed Los Angeles restaurant that’s become a certified legend for it’s Cacio e Pepe pizza. Since opening in 2017, the restaurant has been named one of Los Angeles Times‘ 101 Best Restaurants three times, and counts many celebrities as devoted fans. Get in on the buzz with this four-pack of Cacio e Pepe pizza pies.

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Corropolese Bakery Red Tomato Pie Kitvia merchant

Corropolese Italian Bakery & Deli

Philadelphia-style tomato pie has a thick, square crust topped with chunky tomato sauce, and if it has any cheese, it’s a light sprinkling of Romano. Though it looks like a standard Sicilian pizza, the locals don’t call it pizza, and they don’t eat it hot from the oven. To enjoy Corropolese’s authentic tomato pies like they do in Pennsylvania, enjoy it at room temperature. This kit includes everything you need to make two pies in the comfort of your own kitchen. It will almost feel like homemade pizza!

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Imos Detroit Style Pizzavia merchant

Imo’s Pizza

St. Louis-style pizza has an unleavened, super-crispy crust and sliced (never diced) toppings. The sauce is almost sweet and instead of mozzarella, it features “provel”—a blend of provolone, Swiss and white cheddar. This type of pizza is typically served with a “party cut”—a round pizza cut into squares. The most iconic purveyor of pizza in St. Louis is Imo’s, which is so beloved that the city officially declared April 8th to be Imo’s Day! Celebrate with a build-your-own four-pack. And make pizza-cutting a breeze with this rocking tool.

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Arcaro And Genell Old Forge Pizzavia merchant

Arcaro & Genell

You may have never heard of Old Forge, Pennsylvania before, but this small mining town is the birthplace of a pizza style that’s so iconic, locals refer to the town as “The Pizza Capital of America.” Old Forge-style pizza, like the kind sold by Arcaro & Genell, has a thick crust that’s light and airy, topped with a distinct blend of American, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Then, after being baked in a conveyor belt oven at over 500°F, the pies get topped with another layer of tomato sauce and baked again, lightly caramelizing the top. Enjoy both a “red” and “white” style pizza with this two-pack.

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Zuppardis Apizza New Haven Style Pizzavia merchant


The pizza in New Haven, Connecticut, is known regionally as “apizza,” and Zuppardi’s is known for making some of the best of them. Created by immigrants from Naples, Italy, New Haven-style pizza is known for its oblong shape and chewy crust. It’s cooked in a coal-fired oven, giving it a charred flavor. The simplest version of New Haven pizza is nothing more than crust, sauce and a sprinkle of grated Romano on top. The most famous variety is New Haven Clam Pizza, which features olive oil, garlic, clams and grated Romano. Try a variety of flavors with Zuppardi’s build-your-own six pack of pies.

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Qc Pizzavia merchant

QC Pizza

QC Pizza hails from the Quad Cities area, made up of five cities (not four) clustered on the Iowa-Illinois border. These pies are special because of the malt added to their pizza dough, which gives their crust a toasted nutty flavor. This pizza also has a little kick, with tomato sauce that’s spiced up with red chili flakes and ground cayenne pepper. You have to try the Midwest-favorite “Kinda Big Dill” pickle pizza that’s topped with garlic-dill sauce, homemade Canadian bacon, fresh pickles, mozzarella cheese and fresh dill.

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Panhandlers Pizzavia merchant

Panhandler’s Pizza

Panhandler’s Pizza is the oldest pizzeria in Fort Collins, Colorado, known for a unique, pan-style pizza with a pastry-like honey whole wheat dough that’s baked lower and slower than regular pizza. In addition to their secret sauce and whole-milk mozzarella cheese, Panhandler’s pizzas are known for their abundance of locally sourced toppings, especially Italian sausage. Dig in to the “Beggar” pizza that’s loaded with all of the good stuff. And speaking of sauce, check out our favorite store-bought pizza sauce brands.

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Goldbelly Pizza Subscriptionvia merchant

Goldbelly Pizza Subscription

Can’t decide what type of pizza to splurge on? Try them all! With a Goldbelly pizza subscription, you’ll get a different regional pizza delivered straight to your door every month, shipped directly from some of the country’s most famous pizzerias.

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