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11 Ingredients That Can Help Speed Up Your Metabolism

Looking for a way to boost your metabolism? Adding some magic ingredients to your recipes could be the answer.

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Black tea in glass cup, rustic wood backgroundShutterstock / Oleksandra Naumenko

Black tea

You may already be well aware of the metabolism-boosting qualities of green tea but there’s another tea that has similar effects. Black tea changes gut metabolites and energy metabolism in the liver, according to research from UCLA. That means that sipping this stuff regularly could aid your weight loss journey.

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Red juicy applesShutterstock / French cat


An apple a day keeps the doctor away… but can it also speed up your metabolism? The answer could be yes. Research suggests that not only can these fruits help to boost people’s metabolism, but that they could also have cardioprotective traits, meaning they could keep your heart healthy. Why not make your own apple skewers and grill them at home?

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Healthy yogurt with mix of berry, selective focusOxana Denezhkina/Shutterstock


Whether you enjoy it as a sweet dessert or like to put it on top of something spicy, yogurt could be better for you than you imagine. A study from Imperial College London found that the probiotics in yogurt and similar products had a positive impact on your gut and metabolism.

Get your fix with these 40 yogurt-filled recipes.

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Pearl barley in wooden spoonArisara T/Shutterstock


There are plenty of ways to enjoy this ingredient including making a deliciously good mushroom and barley soup. But did you know that it could also speed up your metabolism? According to one Swedish study, barley can help reduce your appetite, normalize your blood sugar levels, and improve your metabolism too.

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Grilled salmon fillets and herb decoration in old roasted pan.Marian Weyo/Shutterstock

Fatty fish

There’s some seriously good news for pescatarians. Research suggests that consuming fatty fish, this includes fish like salmon, whitefish and mackerel, can lead to an increase in your metabolism and can also help to protect your heart. Not sure what to have for dinner tonight? It might be time to check out some of our favorite fish recipes—all ready in 30 minutes or less!

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A bottle of milk and glass of milk on a wooden table on a blue backgroundShutterstock / DONOT6_STUDIO


There’s nothing quite like a tall, refreshing glass of milk alongside our favorite cookie recipes. Not only does this drink give you a real calcium kick, but it could also be fantastic for your metabolism. Research has recently found that ingredients in milk boost the gene SIRT1 which leads to an active metabolism.

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Juicy grapefruit pieces with fresh mint in a bowl, close upShutterstock / Africa Studio


It’s the perfect breakfast dish and packed with vitamins, but now you have another reason to enjoy the humble grapefruit. Research has shown that this particular fruit could be key when it comes to breaking down fats. Of course, you can enjoy fresh grapefruit just as it is or add some sugar to the mix to break down the bitterness. The choice is yours.

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Cinnamon sticks and powder on a wooden table. rawf8/Shutterstock


If you’re on the hunt for a way to lose weight, you might just have found it. Cinnamon is not only a delicious ingredient that will spice up almost any dish, but it could also be a key weapon in the fight against obesity. Research from the University of Michigan found that it boosts the metabolism by helping to regulate the proteins that support it.

Get more cinnamon in your diet with these savory (yes, savory!) recipes.

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Soya beans in a wooden spoon on old wooden table.Shutterstock / Backgroundy


A staple of many Asian dishes, soybeans should never be overlooked. These tasty treats could be the answer to speeding up your metabolism more than you know. Research suggests that these beans could actually help boost this area while also lowering the chances of cholesterol too. What more could you want?

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Barista Cafe Making Coffee Preparation Service ConceptShutterstock /


If you can’t get by without your morning fix of java, you are sure to love this next one. Some theories suggest that the caffeine in coffee helps to stimulate the metabolism. That means that it boosts the area and leads to a more effective system. So, drinking a few cups here and there could be good for you.

Looking for the best cuppa? We found our favorite coffee. Oh and our favorite cold brew, too!

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Chili peppersShutterstock / Viktoria White

Chili peppers

You’ve likely heard the rumor that spicy food helps to improve your metabolism. Well, it’s not a myth. There’s a load of research to support this idea. The reason is clear. These peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical that helps convert calories into energy. Why not spice up your cooking today?

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