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10 Best Fire Pits for Every Backyard

These top-rated fire pits instantly turn ordinary yards into neighborhood hot spots.

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Cusinart Chimenea Fire Pit Ecomm Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Fire pits offer glowing focal points to outdoor spaces and instantly turn up the heat on even the best patio furniture. They’re easy to set up and use, and help transition your space from endless summer to the perfect backyard party spot deep into colder seasons. We found the best fire pit options for every type of yard, style and budget.

What to Look for When Buying a Fire Pit

There are so many fire pit styles to choose from, but starting with the type of fuel you plan to burn is probably the most important element. Fire pits typically burn wood, but several modern options offer propane and gas-burning logs. Choosing your fuel source boils down to personal preference, but one thing remains universal—keeping sparks contained. It’s important to look for models with high fire-proof containment walls and materials, much like outdoor pizza ovens. Look for materials like copper, ceramic, ceramic-coated metals, stone, cement or brick. These offer the safest backyard fires with durability that easily lasts for years.

Evaluation Criteria

With so many handsome fire pits on the market to compare, we looked at several important factors when choosing the best. Ease of use and assembly topped our list. Overly complicated, hard-to-put-together models didn’t make the cut. Simple fuel loading and sturdy fire-proof construction impressed us most. We also looked at overall value and price, the beauty of each individual design, ease of preparation and cleanup as well as real customer reviews. And we gave bonus points to models that offered additional safety mechanisms like spark guards that let you turn your backyard into an oasis rather than a hazard.

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Yukon No Stand 24 Fire Pit Ecomm Via Solostovevia merchant

Best Smokeless Fire Pit

Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0

The Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0 is the modern take on the already-popular Solo Stove fire pits that make building a clean-burning backyard easier than ever. This updated model comes in three sizes to suit every outdoor space’s style and shape. What really sets it apart from the pack is the removable ash pan that makes cleanup a total breeze. You don’t need any special tools or gear. Just allow the device to cool after you’ve finished enjoying the fire, slide out the ash pan and dump it! And yes, ash is one of the things you can compost in small to moderate amounts without worry.

These units also feature 360-degree airflow technology that allows for a smokeless, clean-burning fire and are fully encased in durable stainless steel. This ensures better safety and simple cleanup, plus years of worry-free use.


  • Smoke-free, clean-burning fires thanks to 360-degree airflow system
  • Easy setup
  • Available in three versatile sizes, with the smallest being a cinch to pack and go
  • Removable ashtray makes cleanup quick
  • Modest price points across all sizes
  • Worry-free stainless steel encasement


  • Those who don’t prefer sleek, minimalist decor styles will find Solo Stove options limited.

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Cusinart 2 Chimenea Fire Pit Ecomm Via Walmartvia merchant

Best Propane Fire Pit

Cuisinart Chimenea Fire Pit

Forget the wood and go straight to effortless propane with this vintage-inspired Cuisinart Chimenea Fire Pit that works just as nicely on a patio as on a deck. It boasts both reflective heat from the included aluminum plate and residual heat through the eight pounds of charming lava rocks at its base. That means this is one of the best fire pits for fall and winter—it’ll really keep you warm! It also holds a 20-pound propane tank that gives you nine to 15 hours of burn time depending on your settings, and reviewers note how brilliant the insulated hideaway panel is in the rear of the heater. The best part? This 40,000 BTU chimenea-style fire pit also has a flame failure cut-off switch for safety.


  • 20-pound propane tank capacity for nine to 15 hours of burn time
  • Clean-burning propane gas without messy ash or char
  • 40,000 BTUs
  • Offers both reflective and residual heat that really keeps you warm
  • Stainless steel encasement
  • Flame failure cut-off switch for safety


  • Somewhat heavy at about 45 pounds

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Amazon Basics 34 Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Budget-Friendly Wood-Burning Fire Pit

AmazonBasics Wood-Burning Fire Pit

If you’re looking for a classic, medium-sized fire pit to burn the same logs you might throw in your indoor fireplace or wood stove, this AmazonBasics Fire Pit is just the ticket. It’s a budget-friendly option that comes in well below $200 (an impressive feat for its 34-inch size) and offers neutral coloring that easily blends with most yard, deck and patio styles. It consists of a sturdy, fire-safe metallic base in either round or square shapes and is beautifully accented with natural stone. It also has a protective upper screen that shields against flying sparks and shifting embers—something anyone who owns a grill knows the importance of.

“I’ve been in search of an affordable, attractive fire pit both locally and online, and this one fits the bill perfectly,” writes one happy Amazon reviewer. “It is nicer looking than the picture can actually portray and very sturdy (I liked the leveling feature on the legs). It came with the log grate, fire screen and the tool, as described. The fire screen is actually better quality than I anticipated at this price point, and there was no damage whatsoever to any parts!”


  • Burns the same wood logs you would use in your indoor fireplace or wood stove
  • Medium 34-inch size is ideal for typical patios and yards
  • Metal alloy base with natural stone finishing
  • Comes with a log grate and fire screen, plus a poker
  • Very affordably priced
  • Over 3,000 Amazon ratings and a 4.4-star average


  • If you leave it outside, it may collect rainwater. Reviewers suggest drilling a few holes in the bottom to alleviate this issue.

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Concrete Gel Tabletop Fireplace Ecomm Via Wayfair.comvia merchant

Best Tabletop Fire Pit

TerraFlame Concrete Tabletop Fireplace

You don’t need a large setup or expansive yard to experience all the joys of fire pits. This TerraFlame Concrete Tabletop Fireplace comes in four colors. Just place it at the center of your outdoor dining or coffee table, use a match or electric lighter to ignite one of the included flammable gel cans and enjoy the warming ambiance. It’s a smaller profile fire option that features 3,000 BTUs and makes a conversation-starting centerpiece your guests won’t soon forget. It’s also an affordable find and one of the best things to buy at Wayfair.


  • Compact size fits neatly on most outdoor dining and coffee table sets
  • Diameter of just under 11″ makes it a fun focal point or centerpiece
  • Comes in four neutral colors to match most decor styles
  • Made of fire-safe cement
  • No wood or gas is necessary—this fire pit relies on affordable flammable gel cans that emit nearly no smoke
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only 3,000 BTUs means it won’t give off enough heat to warm your guests in the depths of cooler seasons.

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56 Inch Rectangular Fire Pit Ecomm Via Sunvilla.comvia merchant

Best Fire Pit Table

SunVilla Rectangular Fire Pit

The SunVilla Rectangular Fire Pit is the ideal hybrid between a warming, cozy fire pit and the perfect outdoor coffee table. This 56-inch sleek, low-profile wonder is made of durable magnesium oxide and stainless steel that is naturally fire retardant. The 50,000 BTU burner relies on a 20-pound propane tank outside the pit itself, offering the ideal toasty warmth on cool summer evenings and for November s’mores. Natural red lava rocks radiate heat from the inner chamber while the exterior displays a timeless brown stone finish that meshes well with both modern and classic decor. The flame is also adjustable thanks to quick light and pushbutton technology.


  • Coffee table size with an inner fire pit chamber
  • Metal alloy stands up to the elements and is naturally fire-retardant
  • 50,000 BTUs of hand-warming heat
  • Fits nicely with most outdoor furniture styles
  • Adjustable flame and quick lighting


  • 20-pound propane tank requires dedicated exterior space

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Tiki Brand Fire Pit Ecomm Via Amazonvia merchant

Best Portable Fire Pit

TIKI Brand Portable Fire Pit

Take this 21.5-inch TIKI Brand Portable Fire Pit with you on the road, to campsites, cookouts and more. The powder-coated stainless steel finish neatly contains logs, sticks and pellets with ease while keeping fire-lovers safe. Reviewers love the large flame and low smoke this unit provides, which also features a removable ash tray for quick on-the-go cleanup. The lightweight, transportable design has built-in handles for foolproof carrying, and the four-foot heat radius makes it a total win for gathering Adirondack chairs around it come fall.

“The kids love it,” shares one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer. “We use this fire pit a ton. I’ve started burning wood in addition to the pellets. I didn’t realize how much we needed a fire pit of this size on the deck vs. a large pit in the yard. It’s become a part of our weeknight relaxation to sit out and enjoy a fire for an hour or so to wind down before bed.”


  • Lightweight, portable design comes with built-in handles
  • Over 1,500 Amazon ratings with a nearly-perfect 4.8-star rating
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Four-foot heat radius
  • Multiple fuel source options
  • Low smoke
  • Easy cleaning thanks to a removable ashtray


  • More expensive than other comparable models on the market

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36 Inch Round Metal And Steel Fire Ring Ecomm Via Walmart.comvia merchant

Best Fire Pit Ring

Mainstays Metal Fire Ring

Cheap and cheerful is the name of the game with this Mainstays Metal Fire Ring. At under $40, it’s the most affordable fire pit accessory on our list—sink it into the ground around a cleared area or set it on top of bricks. It’s a no-frills metal and steel design that features a 36-inch diameter and a clever lattice design that allows just the right amount of airflow without allowing sparks to fly. Reviewers note that assembly takes “just a minute or two” and doesn’t require any tools.


  • Easy, no-frills fire ring design perfect for a yard or campsite
  • 36-inch diameter
  • Metal and steel frame
  • Lattice design encourages airflow while keeping sparks contained
  • Affordable price point
  • Assembly is fast and doesn’t require any special tools


  • No-frills design means no extras like table space, flame control or fast cleanup
  • Only suited for wood and dried sticks

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X Series Smokeless Fire Pit Ecomm Via Breeo.covia merchant

Best Fire Pit Grill

Breeo X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit

The Breeo X Series 19 Smokeless Fire Pit comes in a sleek stainless steel exterior or rich, rust-colored patina that blends perfectly with outdoors settings. It also connects with the brand’s Outpost grilling system to turn your fire pit into an all-in-one outdoors escape just waiting for burgers, hot dogs, veggies and other mouth-watering grilling recipes. The ability to both enjoy the fire and cook hearty meals made this model a total winner in our Breeo fire pit review. These fire pits are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty you can feel good about. Plus, the brand offers free shipping on all fire pit orders.


  • Compatible with the brand’s Outpost grilling system attachments
  • 22-inch diameter fits nicely on patios and in smaller spaces
  • Robust heat
  • Smokeless flow
  • Two exterior finishes


  • The stainless steel finish costs significantly more than the patina version

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Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Best Indoor Fire Pit

Colsen Concrete Indoor Fire Pit

The small, tabletop-ready design of this Roundfire Concrete Indoor Fire Pit makes it a favorite for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s an elegant way of adding warmth and flair to a chic dining area, and it’s a smokeless cinch to use. Fuel it with rubbing alcohol (yes, the kind you can buy at the drugstore for pennies per ounce). It’s a mess-free compact option that burns for nearly an hour without refilling or added effort. It keeps you rolling in indoor s’mores all winter long, and is tiny enough to take on the go.


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Compact concrete design that’s sturdy enough to use for years but also easy to take on the go
  • Burns rubbing alcohol
  • Smokeless, odorless
  • Adds warmth to indoor dining tables and romantic scenes
  • No cleanup thanks to ash-free burning


  • Only has about an hour of burn time
  • Some reviewers note a funky smell for the first burn, but it goes away quickly

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Mid Century Modern Outdoor Fireplace Ecomm Via Sunvilla.comvia merchant

Best Mid-Century Modern Fire Pit

SunVilla Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Fireplace

Tell the whole family to gather ’round this Brady Bunch fantasy showstopper, the SunVilla Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Fireplace. It comes in vintage, powder-coated shades of orange, gray and blue and features a domed enclosure with a channel chimney design that makes the most of smoke-free fire. It’s a rust-free piece that adds elegance and charm to decks and patios even when it’s not in use. And when it is—oh boy. The 55,000 BTUs of propane-powered heat keep you and your guests toasty even as the temperature dips. Included glass beads offer an elegant, era-appropriate look that distribute warmth gently. If you’re known for outdoor entertaining or have a vacation rental property you want to really impress guests with, this is the one.


  • Authentic mid-century modern design and colors with modern technology and finishes
  • 20-pound propane tank capacity
  • 55,000 BTUs of heat
  • Multi-faceted heat distribution
  • A gorgeous deck or patio focal point that’s worthy of pictures
  • Four-season use
  • Rust-free, powder-coated metal


  • Relatively expensive compared to other models

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Img 3022 8via merchant


Is a fire pit worth it?

If you love spending time outdoors, choosing one of the best fire pits for your yard, patio or deck is definitely worth it. They come in all different sizes, budgets, styles and maintenance levels to suit every type of fire lover’s needs. Fire pits are also the place to keep making your favorite camping recipes year-round because you don’t have to sleep outdoors to enjoy toasty s’mores and campfire hot cocoa.

Can you put a fire pit on grass?

That depends on the type of fire pit you choose. If you opt for a fully-encased fire pit that comes with either support legs of a fire-proof bottom, sure! Just know that the heat your fire pit radiates may damage plant life around and below it. If you’re opting for a fire ring, the glass inside the ring itself will be charred once you light your logs. If you’re looking to preserve your lawn, it’s probably best to move your fire pit to an area paved with concrete, brick, stone or another non-living hard surface. Adding a bit of leftover ash to your best mulch at the end of the growing season can actually be helpful, though.

What type of fire pit is best?

Choosing the best fire pits for your space depends on where you plan to light your fires, how much space you have and the type of material you plan to burn. If you have a giant yard or low budget, a simple fire ring may work best. If you’re working with a patio or deck and a more robust budget, a propane-fueled option may be a better option for your lifestyle. The good news? There’s a fire pit option for whatever your space looks like!

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