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Our Favorite Frosting Tools for Bakery Window-Worthy Cakes

Serious about cake decorating? We've rounded up the most essential frosting tools you need to create professional-looking cakes.

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The frosting tools you need

Gorgeous cakes like these don’t happen all on their own. You need a few special tools to really give cakes that professional (and mouthwatering) edge. Check out our favorite frosting tools that will take your cake decorating game to the next level.

And remember—using these tools isn’t difficult. These easy cupcake decorating ideas are proof!

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Small offset spatulavia

Small offset spatula

Ask our Test Kitchen cooks and they’ll tell you that a small offset spatula is one of their most used tools for decorating cookies, cupcakes and cakes. A small spatula like this ($8) makes spreading an even layer of frosting onto sheet cakes and fancy decorated cakes a breeze. When it comes to frosting tools, this one is a must-have.

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Large offset spatulavia

Large offset spatula

While a small spatula is great for almost everything, a large offset spatula ($28) really comes in handy when frosting large cakes and layer cakes. This long spatula helps to give cakes great even layers of frosting and can make smoothing sides a cinch.

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Cake turntablevia

Cake turntable

Serious about cake decorating? You’ll never regret investing in a decorating turntable ($27). This lazy Susan-like tool allows you to spin your layered cakes and get nice, even layers of icing. Be sure to check out our layer cake frosting tips so you can really make the most use of this tool.

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Cake combsvia

Cake combs

You can use a spatula or a bench scraper to get perfectly smooth sides on a cake. Or you can add an extra level of decoration with cake combs. These ridged tools ($5) can give the sides of your cake beautiful texture. Just give the turntable a spin (or use a steady hand) and move around the edge of the cake.

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Mini siftervia

Mini sifter

Not every cake needs a layer of frosting. Sometimes a dusting of confectioners’ sugar is the only finishing touch you need—and it’s one of Mary Berry’s favorite baking tricks. Get that perfect dusting of powdered sugar with a small sifter like this one from OXO ($9).

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Pastry bagsvia

Pastry bags

If you want to go beyond basic icing or a dusting of sugar, you’ll need a few extra frosting tools, like pastry bags ($7). Fill piping bags with different colored icing and start experimenting with more detailed decoration.

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Basic piping tipsvia

Basic piping tips

Of course, you’ll need some piping tips to pair with your pastry bag. This basic set ($15) is a great place to start if you’re just getting your feet wet when it comes to decorating. These essential tips are enough to get you going when it comes to piping flowers, writing or even making these spectacular zodiac-inspired cupcakes.

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Master set of piping tipsvia

Master set of piping tips

If you’re an experienced baker looking to expand your collection of frosting tools, try this 55-piece set of decorating supplies ($60). This has everything you need when it comes to detailed decoration.

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Gel food coloringvia

Gel food coloring

Make sure your bakes look their best with quality food coloring. Gel color is more concentrated than traditional liquid food coloring, so it really packs a vibrant punch. This 12-piece set ($15) can help you create some amazing technicolor treats, like these rainbow cupcakes.

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