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12 of the Prettiest (and Tastiest) Edible Cake Decorations

Why settle for basic jimmies or sprinkles when you can go over the top with your cake decorations? We've found a dozen of our favorite sprinkles and other edible toppings to snazz up any dessert.

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Crazy Sprinkle Blendsvia

Crazy Sprinkle Blends

Sometimes one kind of sprinkle isn’t enough. That’s when you need to grab one of Fancy Sprinkles’ crazy decoration blends like this one ($8). These mixes combine jimmies, quins, dragees and more to create over the top decorations that can take any treat to the next level.

Purchase here, and shop Fancy Sprinkles’ other blends here.

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Unicorn Sprinklesvia

Unicorn Sprinkles

Love our unicorn cake recipe? Who doesn’t? But if you want to get some of that unicorn pizazz without the extra work, just shake these unicorn-shaped sprinkles ($6) over the top of any one of your favorite desserts.

Purchase here.

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Freeze-Dried Marshmallowsvia

Freeze-Dried Marshmallows

We all know someone (OK, it’s us) that prefers the marshmallow part of Lucky Charms to the cereal part. Good news: You can buy just the marshmallows ($14). Use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes or even to sprinkle into your other breakfast cereals.

Purchase here.

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Teeny Ice Cream Conesvia

Teeny Ice Cream Cones

Everything is cuter in miniature—these desserts are proof. So are these teeny tiny ice cream cone decorations ($6). A few sprinkled on top of a cupcake would be adorable for any party, but we’re dying to add some to an ice cream sundae.

Purchase here.

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Fondant SucculentsSugarJazz/Etsy

Fondant Succulents

When it comes to decorations, we’ve all see our share of pretty flowers. But what about succulents? This sprinkle assortment ($9) includes tiny fondant succulents and coordinating jimmies and nonpareils.

Purchase here.

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Metallic Sprinkle Assortmentvia

Metallic Sprinkle Assortment

Make a statement when you decorate your next birthday cake or celebratory cupcakes with a selection of metallic sprinkles ($30). This kit also includes metallic spray to give your desserts that finishing touch.

Purchase here.

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Cookie Bites

Sprinkles aren’t the only way to top your cupcakes and desserts. These cookie bites ($6) remind us of confetti cake and are the perfect way to top a confetti cupcake. Need a confetti shortcut? Here’s our favorite cake mix.

Purchase here.

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Glitter Starsvia

Glitter Stars

Sometimes regular sprinkles just aren’t enough, especially when you’re making a cake for a special occasion. In that case, you’re going to want gold! These glittery edible stars ($8) are just the thing to turn your favorite dessert into one that’s out of this world.

Purchase here.

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Royal Icing CrittersSweetSarahsBoutique/Etsy

Royal Icing Critters

Give your bakes a too cute touch with royal icing creatures. These bees ($9) are a great addition to cupcakes, cutout cookies and more. Also check out how to use a piping bag the right way.

Purchase here.

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Mini Gem Candiesvia

Mini Gem Candies

Make your desserts shine bright like a diamond with these tiny gem sprinkles ($7). Add a sprinkling over the top of these last-minute treats for a showstopping presentation.

Purchase here.

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Sugar ShellsSugarainbow/Etsy

Sugar Shells

Planning a pool party or decorating cupcakes according to your zodiac sign—looking at you Pisces? Grab a collection of these sugar and fondant shells ($22)

Purchase here.

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Pearl Dustvia

Pearl Dust

Add a bit of luster to any dessert with this pearl dust ($5). Brush this powder over frostings, chocolate or even meringues. It would look so pretty dusted over these meringue heart cookies.

Purchase here.

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