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16 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Fresh Home

Try a cleaner way to clean! These eco-friendly cleaning products help your house sparkle while reducing waste and chemicals.

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Hydrating Hand Soap Ecomm Via Groveco.comvia merchant

Hand Soap and Dish Soap

Say hello to the ultimate set for doing dishes. Like other Grove Collaborative products, this eco-friendly bundle includes two glass bottles to fill with your hand soap and dish soap, respectively. You can refill your bottles as needed without any plastic waste. Want to learn more about Grove Co.? Here’s our experience.

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Laundry Detergent Sheets Ecomm Via Earthbreeze.comvia merchant

Laundry Detergent Sheets

No more detergent bottles cluttering your laundry room: the laundry detergent sheets from Earth Breeze come in compact packaging that’s as biodegradable as the sheets themselves! Free of dyes, bleaches and other toxins, the laundry sheets work in high-efficiency laundry machines and can help combat even your worst stains. Learn more about why we love laundry strips.

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Dishwasher Starter Set Ecomm Via Blueland.comvia merchant

Dishwashing Tablets

Blueland is committed to helping you achieve a zero-waste house—and that includes how you wash your dishes. These dishwashing tablets aren’t wrapped in plastic and are made with planet-friendly ingredients. And when you need a refill? Your tablets arrive at your doorstep in eco-friendly packaging. Check out Blueland’s hand soap tablets, too.

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Swedishdishcloth Holidaydesign4 1080x Ecomm Via Cloudpaper.covia merchant

Swedish Dishcloths

They’re cute, they’re colorful and they’re delightfully functional. These Swedish dishcloths keep your kitchen surfaces shining and are able to wipe up a significant amount of liquid. More resistant to bacterial growth than sponges, these eco-friendly cleaning products can be used for about six months before they need to be composted and replaced. Learn more about Swedish dishcloths. Oh, and speaking of sponges, you have to see this adorable bed-shaped sponge holder.

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Recycled Plastic Trash Bags Ecomm Via Grove.covia merchant

100% Recycled Trash Bags

What you put your trash in matters, too. These 100% recycled, BPA-free trash bags from Grove Collaborative are made from plastic that was heading to the landfill, which means that no new plastic is being put into the world. These trash bags come in two sizes: 13 gallons and 30 gallons.

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Ecos All Purpose Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner

The secret to this non-toxic all-purpose cleaner is in the orange oil, which can remove almost anything (including gum and lipstick) from nearly every surface, from hardwood floors to marble to stainless steel. This eco-friendly cleaning product is free of more than 500 chemicals, but that doesn’t diminish its superstar cleaning power.

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Bambaw Reusable Paper Towels Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

Always going through paper towels? Thanks to Bambaw’s bamboo paper towels, you’ll be saving money, trips to the store and the environment. One roll is said to last as long as 65 single-use ones. Use the bamboo paper towels to mop up spills or wipe up messes, and then pop them into the laundry machine when they need to be refreshed.

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Walnut Scrubber Sponge Ecomm Via Grove.covia merchant

Walnut Scrubber Sponge

Did you know a sponge could be sustainable? This walnut scrubber sponge from Grove Collaborative is made with plant and recycled materials — including walnut shells and recycled plastic fibers. What it’s not made with? Chemicals and dyes, which are found in many commercial sponges. To clean, just pop it into the top rack of your dishwasher. Dry your dishes (and your sponge) on these dish racks. And make sure you take a peek at these viral Scrub Daddy products, too.

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Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner Ecomm Via Grove.covia merchant

Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner

It might have vinegar in the name, but this floor cleaner smells bright and fresh (it comes in three scents that reviewers rave about). Vinegar cleans up grease and grime without using any harsh chemicals, so you’re only bringing good products into your kitchen! It can tackle messes on tile, linoleum and sealed hardwood.

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Good Clean Home Set Ecomm Via Commongoodandco.comvia merchant

Good Clean Home Set

Proving gentle and hardworking aren’t mutually exclusive, the clean home set from Common Good provides the basics for an eco-friendly home, from your kitchen to your bathroom. All of Common Good’s eco-friendly cleaning products come in glass bottles, and refills arrive at your door in low-plastic packaging. Interested in cleaning sets? Check out our favorite cleaning subscription boxes.

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Countertop Spray Ecomm Via Grove.covia merchant

Countertop Spray

Make cleaning your countertops an event instead of a chore. Using plant-based ingredients, the Caldrea countertop spray comes in a variety of mood-evoking flavors. (Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wandering along the Italian coast while wiping up crumbs?) Discover some other fun kitchen cleaning products.

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Mrs Meyers Clean Day Honeysuckle Scent Multi Surface Ecomm Via Target.comvia merchant

All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

Mrs. Meyer’s multi-surface cleaning spray is a great affordable (and effective!) options. It’s cruelty-free and uses clean ingredients to keep surfaces throughout your kitchen dirt-free. We love the honeysuckle scent!

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All Purpose Compostable Cleaning Wipes Ecomm Via Grove.covia merchant

Compostable Cleaning Wipes

All-purpose wipes can be a lifesaver, sweeping away grime and bacteria with little hassle. And these compostable cleaning wipes take it a step further — toss them into a compost bin once done, instead of adding to the trash. Bonus: the zingy pink grapefruit scent will perk you up as you clean.

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Bees Wrap Reusable Food Storage Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Bee’s Wrap

Part of eco-friendly cleaning is reducing food waste. This reusable beeswax wrap is a fan favorite (it has over 7,000 reviews.) Store your food or pack snacks with this plastic-free wrap. After you’re done, clean it, and it’s ready to use again. Each wrap can last for over a year.

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Revitalizing Mist Ecomm Via Dropps.comvia merchant

Revitalizing Mist

Because sometimes you need a little extra help making your kitchen smell good as new. Made with natural essential oils, this revitalizing mist from Dropps clears up stubborn smells, no matter the room or the fabric. Here are some more tricks to get rid of kitchen odors.

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Force Of Nature Starter Kit Ecomm Via Forceofnatureclean.comvia merchant

Multi-Purpose Disinfectant

Part DIY science experiment, part eco-friendly cleaning product. The Force of Nature starter kit includes an electrolyzer that converts water, salt and vinegar into an incredibly strong multi-purpose disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs, mold and mildew.

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