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9 Doughnut Recipes from Around the World

If you thought doughnuts were purely American, think again! These doughnut recipes from around the world will take you on a tasty journey.

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Moroccan Doughnuts


Sfinge doughnuts are a popular street food in Morocco and are often seen in the front windows of restaurants and other storefronts. Beyond indulging in a few for breakfast with tea or coffee, sfinge are usually served during Hanukkah. Check out these other traditional Hanukkah foods and their significance.

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Gulab JamunShashikantDurshettiwar/gettyimages

Indian Doughnuts

Gulab Jamun

Made with milk solids, deep-fried and soaked in a sweet rose syrup, gulab jamun are a bite-sized doughnut you need to try. Though they’re enjoyed all-year long, gulab jamun are especially prominent during special occasions like birthdays, festivals and holidays. In fact, they’re one of the best Diwali foods.

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Gourmet Homemade Polish Paczki Donutsbhofack2/gettyimages

Polish Doughnuts


As Polish tradition goes, if you don’t have a paczki on Fat Tuesday, you’ll have bad luck for the rest of the year. And since these fluffy, yeasty doughnuts are so good, there’s no good reason to risk it! While you’re at it, make a few of these old-world Polish recipes, too.

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Taste of Home

American Doughnuts

Potato Doughnuts

These dense doughnuts from Pennsylvania Dutch communities in the US are made with a surprising ingredient: leftover mashed potatoes. Find more comfy, cozy dishes in this round-up of Pennsylvania Dutch-inspired recipes.

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The musical "Waitress"

Tahitian Doughnuts

Firi Firi

This is a healthy take on the Tahitian coconut breakfast treat called firi firi, which is typically fried. This version is baked and rolled in a spicy, island-inspired sugar mix.

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Taste of Home

Spanish Doughnuts


These delightful bites are popular in Spain, as well as Portugal, the Philippines, Mexico and other Latin American countries. Churros are delicious on their own, or dipped in hot chocolate, coffee or dulce de leche.

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new orleans beignets recipeTaste of Home

French Doughnuts


Beignets are commonly made with a choux dough (which is similar to a cream puff) or yeasted dough. After being brought to North America by French colonists, beignets are now a staple in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Take a look at these other French-inspired dishes.

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SufganiyotTaste of Home

Israeli Doughnuts


Like sfinge, these filled doughnuts from Israel are favorites during Hanukkah celebrations. While this recipe uses raspberry jam, strawberry jam and chocolate custard are other common fillings. Here’s why we love bourekas, Israel’s trademark pastry.

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Exps120941 Cc153599b05 13 7b 2

Italian Doughnuts


Originating from Naples, struffoli are small balls of dough that are fried until crispy and tossed in a honey and sugar syrup. Struffoli are usually then molded together in a ring or stack, topped with sprinkles and served after Christmas dinner. Next, take a look at these surprising doughnut flavors from Dunkins from around the world.

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