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9 Handy DIY Mug Tree and Display Ideas

Coffee mugs can be difficult to store and take up a lot of space. Here are 9 ways you can put your mugs on display.

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coffee mug treeCourtesy Pineapples and Coffee Cups

Coffee Mug Shelf Tree

Looking for a woodworking project? Use this mug tree as inspiration. Shelves cut at various lengths provide mug storage that will likely become a conversation piece in your kitchen. By the way, have you noticed that Ikea mugs have a chip in the bottom? Here’s the surprising reason why.

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hook-tree-for-mugsCourtesy A Light That Shines

Hook Organizer

For this simple design, grab some scrap wood (an old pallet would work) and add some hooks. Then hang on the wall to display your mugs. Take a look at these tips for hanging items level.

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Metal Mug Tree Courtesy The Cottage Nest

Metal Mug Tree

For a more industrial look, consider a metal coffee mug tree. While there are several metal trees available online for purchase, like this copper wire stand on Etsy, think about how you could repurpose metal items around your home, such as the top of an old coat tree.

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message-board-coffeee-mugCourtesy LoveBirdsChic

Coffee Message Board

Try this DIY idea: Grab some scrap wood, stain it, then paint a message on it. Add some hooks and hang on the wall near your coffee pot. Check out these tips for making the perfect cup of coffee.

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pegboard-tree-for-coffee-mugsCourtesy Bitsy Knows Best

Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard can bring order to even the most unorganized and cluttered space. Try hanging some pegboard in your kitchen, and then add hooks to hang your favorite mugs. This pegboard hook kit ($11) will hold all of your mugs with ease.

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planktree-for-coffee-mugsCourtesy Cerrito Speakeasy

Scrap Wood Tree

Here’s another take on a mug tree using scrap wood. It uses three pieces of scrap wood with hooks to hang mugs. Use a fourth piece of wood to paint a fun message to display on top. Be sure to avoid these common coffee mistakes the next time you make a pot.

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under-cabinet-hooks-for-coffee-mugsCourtesy The Coffee Table

Hooks Under Shelves and Cabinets

Hooks can also work underneath kitchen cabinets. If you have some open kitchen shelving, try hanging a few hooks underneath to store mugs out of the way. Here are some unexpected ingredients you should be adding to your morning cup of joe.

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rail-tree-towel-bars-for-coffee-mugsCourtesy A Farmhouse Reborn

Towel Bars

Try installing some short towel bars or rails and add hooks, similar to this bar from IKEA, for hanging mugs. If you use multiple bars, you can use the bottom bar for coffee pods or tea packets.

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shelves-for-displaying-mugsCourtesy Arquitecasa

Mug Display Shelves

Here’s another way to get that open shelving look in your kitchen. This DIYer made a shelf unit to store dozens of mugs in one place. When displayed like this, the mug collection becomes an art piece. Now that your coffee mugs are organized, check out these other kitchen storage ideas that will free up so much space.

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