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12 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love to Cook (2022 Guide)

Got a kiddo that won't stay out of the kitchen? Give them one of these cute and functional cooking gifts for kids. They'll be inspired to help you out and make creations of their own.

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For the Littlest Chefs: Little Tikes Kitchen

Some kids might not be quite ready for the household kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get some practice in with a play kitchen of their own. Encourage pretend play and before you know it, they’ll be ready to help you with a few tasks as you make dinner.

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For the Sous Chef: Matching Aprons

Chances are your kiddo is watching your every move in the kitchen, hoping to be just like you. With these matching aprons from Williams Sonoma, you can be the perfect pair.

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For Kitchen Regulars: Kidstir

If your littles are always in the kitchen, encourage their passion with a gift that’s just for them: a cooking subscription box just for kids. Kidstir offers up monthly boxes that come with kid-friendly recipes, two cooking tools (you might want to use them, too!), games, puzzles and a grocery list so you can help your tots get everything they need. This subscription is best for ages five to ten.

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For Farm-to-Table Chefs-to-Be: Gardening Kit

If your kids love making the most of your farmers market haul, encourage them to get their hands a bit dirty with this gardening kit. They’ll learn where food comes from, how to take care of plants and—the most delicious part—how to turn their harvest into a meal to share.

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For Slightly Messy Cooks: Rubber-Bottom Mixing Bowls

We know that despite your instructions to be very careful, kids in the kitchen can still be a little messy. Help contain the mess with these rubber-bottomed mixing bowls from OXO. The bottoms of these bowls will prevent the dishes from skidding around while the kids stir up a batch of frosting.

And be sure to check out kids’ cooking sets and other tools to expand their collection.

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For the Next Celebrity Chef: MasterChef Junior Cookbook

Inspire kids with the MasterChef Junior Cookbook, a resource full of kid-friendly recipes (they’re all based on meals made on the show) along with valuable kitchen lessons and important basic skills.

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For Kiddos That Need a Lift: Step Stool

Even the tiniest tots love to help in the kitchen. Make it easier for them to join you while you cut out cookies with a step stool. This one with rails is especially great for younger children. If your kids are a bit older and only need a little lift, try this collapsible option.

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For Breakfast Lovers: Animal Egg Molds

Make breakfast fun with these animal-shaped molds. Use them to make eggs (yolks for eyes, obviously!) or even homemade pancakes. Kids will love helping as you make your weekend breakfast spread.

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For the Accident-Prone: Cut-Resistant Gloves

For kids that are old enough to help with the chopping but not quite old enough to be accident-proof, try these cut-resistant gloves made just for kids. They’ll be ready to slice, dice and chiffonade.

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For Little Bakers: Cookie Cutters

All kids love to lick the spoon, and practically all kids love to make and decorate cutouts. Get them started on their own cookie cutter collection with this set from Wilton. It’s got tons of fun shapes that will help their imaginations go wild. And if you’re looking to expand the collection with some more fun and funky cookie cutters, check these out.

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For Fanatics (Cooking and Otherwise): Character Spatulas

Yes, a regular ol’ spatula would work just fine, but we all know that kids love anything with their favorite character on it! Encourage your kids to step into the kitchen with cooking gear inspired by their favorite fandom, like with these Harry Potter silicone spatulas. Not into witchcraft and wizardry? That’s OK—try Star Wars or Frozen spatulas.

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For Decorators-to-Be: Fancy Sprinkles

Everyone knows that kids love sprinkles on their favorite bakes. Indulge them with their own crazy sprinkles to use as they see fit. Fancy Sprinkles makes tons of decoration blends perfect for topping cupcakes, cookies and even princess toast.

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