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25 Coffee Products for the At-Home Barista

It's time to transform your kitchen into a Starbucks-inspired cafe. These coffee products are what at-home baristas need to make the perfect cup of brewed coffee.

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Whole Bean Coffeevia

Whole Bean Coffee

For coffee as rich and flavorful as what you’d get in your local cafe, opt for whole bean coffee to grind at home.

Take the time to explore different types of beans to find your favorite: roasts (light, medium and dark) impact flavor, as does which region your coffee comes from. You can check with your local coffee shop to see where their beans are from—and even purchase a pound or two.

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Reusable K Cupsvia

Reusable K-Cups

Reusable K-Cups are your answer to enjoying the easy convenience of Keurig machines while being kind to the planet. This Keurig accessory is compatible with all Keurig machines and it’s dishwasher safe. Another bonus to using a reusable K-Cup is that you can fill it with your favorite ground coffee—giving you so many more ways to love your Keurig machine. (Editor’s tip: Reusable K-Cups are compatible with our favorite Nutribullet coffeemaker, too.)

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Did you know that Girl Scout cookie K-Cups are a thing?

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Simpli Press French Pressvia

Simpli Press French Press

A French press is one of the easiest ways to make a rich cup of coffee at home. If you love the taste of freshly pressed coffee, but dread cleaning out the coffee grounds—the Simpli Press French Press is a game changer.

The secret to Simpli Press is the coffee basket that uses a plunging mechanism to pull up the grounds for easy disposal. Say hello to customized and smooth coffee at home in three minutes, and goodbye to scooping out messy coffee grounds. No more grimy sediment! Read our full article on how to use a French press.

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Cafe Worthy Mugsvia

Cafe-Worthy Mugs

What you’re drinking out of matters almost as much as what you’re drinking. These hand-glazed mugs are an elegant addition to any kitchen, and will look charming mixed and matched with your current mug collection (especially on one of these mug trees!).

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Cuisinart Automatic Burr Milvia

Burr Grinder

Baristas attest that one of the keys to a great cup of a coffee is the grinder. A burr grinder customizes the bean’s fineness to the type of coffee you’re making (cold brew vs. drip vs. pour over) and grinds the perfect amount depending on how much coffee you want to make.

While you’re flexing your barista skills, learn all about the different types of coffee.

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Fancy coffee carafes aren’t just for hotels and restaurants. Carafes come in handy for serving large groups at brunch or at your next holiday gathering. They make serving a breeze and keep your coffee piping hot for hours long. Here’s the best coffee brand you should be serving up to your guests.

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Drip Coffee Makervia

Drip Coffee Maker

This Mr. Coffee coffee maker is the best value drip machine you can get on the market today. Anybody can use it—all you need to do is push a button! Learn how to clean a coffee maker to keep yours in the best shape.

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Coffee Scoopvia

Coffee Scoop

Coffee scoops come in handy for measuring ground coffee and even tea for your morning brew. This coffee scoop from Crate and Barrel features one and two tablespoon scoops (for the days you need an extra caffeine boost). Before you scoop, read our fixes for common coffee mistakes.

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Serious aficionados swear that using a Chemex is the purest method of getting your coffee fix. It’s easy to use—all you do is place beans into a filter and pour hot water over them—and promises the smoothest cup you’ve tasted. See how Chemex compares to other brewing methods.

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Espresso Makervia

Espresso Maker

Perfect for coffee experts and for espresso-loving newbies, this Breville Bambino Plus espresso maker can make both one- and two-shot volumes by just clicking the start button. This nifty machine also whips up beautiful, coffee shop-worthy foam perfect for making latte art.

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Big coffee fan? Check out these coffee subscription boxes!

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Reusable Coffee Filtervia

Reusable Coffee Filter

For two-cup-a-day coffee drinkers, using paper filters with your Chemex might start to feel expensive and wasteful. Switching to a reusable coffee filter is a great, cost-efficient addition to a pour over coffee routine.

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Milk Frothervia

Milk Frother

Make it a brew-tiful day with a homemade pumpkin spice latte. This milk frother upgrades an ordinary cup of coffee with foam art. For non-caffeinated drinks, it can make a perfectly frothy hot chocolate, too.

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Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half Coffee Creamervia


If you’re short on time and can’t make a fancy coffee drink, adding a splash of creamer elevates your brewed cup of Joe. This Califia Farms coffee creamer is one of our favorite healthy coffee creamers. It’s not only dairy-free but vegan, kosher, soy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free (phew, that’s a lot)! You could also try whipping up your own homemade coffee creamer.

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Brita Pitchervia

Brita Pitcher

Don’t forget the water! Filtered water—without particles or chemicals—is a core part of a great-tasting cup of coffee. A Brita pitcher guarantees the water you use as the base of your drink is always cafe-standard. Don’t miss the best recipes to pair with your coffee.

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The Aeropress is similar to a French press, but it doesn’t require a long steep time and it can make espresso-style drinks, too. Aeropresses also make the perfect on-the-go companion—its small size is perfect for traveling and camping! (It’s actually one of our favorite travel gifts.)

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Iced Coffee Glassvia

Iced Coffee Glass

You have mugs for your hot coffee drinks, but you need a stylish coffee glass for your iced coffee, too! This restaurant-style iced coffee cup will make you feel like you’re at your favorite cafe. Pour other cold drinks in this glass, like beer, juice or iced tea.

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Instant Mushroom Coffee With Lion's Manevia

Instant Coffee

No time to make java in the morning? This mushroom-enhanced coffee sounds like something you’d get a trendy cafe, but all you need is a spoon and a cup of hot water. The blend is smooth, tasty and will keep you perky all day with minimal effort. Find more healthy coffee recipes.

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Cosori Co108 Nk Electric Gooseneckvia


This electric kettle is specifically made for pour-over coffee and tea. Never worry about scorching your favorite beverages again because the CORSORI kettle has preset buttons specially made for coffee and white, oolong and black tea. It’s also high-speed—boiling water in just under five minutes.

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Kitchen Scalevia

Kitchen Scale

To achieve pro barista status, proportions matter. Measuring out exactly the right amount of beans with the help of a kitchen scale will elevate your coffee and ensure that each cup is made with the perfect ratio. Here are other ways you can use that kitchen scale.

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Mug Warmervia

Mug Warmer

We didn’t realize how amazing mug warmers are until we started working from home. Now we can’t imagine work (or life) without them! Keep your coffee at a freshly brewed temperature while you’re busy answering emails or hopping onto a work call with this mug warmer.

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Here are a few more work-from-home essentials that you need.

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Storage Containersvia

Storage Containers

To preserve flavor, store coffee in airtight containers where the beans won’t be exposed to heat, light, moisture or oxygen. This coffee canister comes with a scooper, too.

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Flavored Syrupsvia

Flavored Syrups

Master the classics at home with a variety pack of Torani coffee syrup, which will ensure you never have to go without your vanilla latte. Put them to work with some of our best copycat coffee shop recipes.

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Coffee Manualvia

Coffee Manual

Get a proper barista education with a trusted coffee guide. This one teaches you everything—from how to store beans to different coffee brewing methods.

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Travel Mugvia

Travel Mug

You can trust YETI to preserve items in their coolers, so you can bet your coffee will keep its temperature inside this YETI Rambler travel mug—both hot and cold! It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. I’ve been bringing it to work every morning for years.

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Coffee Bar Signvia PrettyPerfectStudio/

Coffee Bar Sign

Last but not least, dress up your coffee bar with this fun personalized sign. This sign also comes with a variety of framing options for a nice final touch. Want it quick? You can download the digital version and get your sign within seconds.

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