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Our Very Best Coconut Rum Drinks

When you're in the mood for something tropical, turn to these fun and fruity coconut rum drinks!

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Guava Coconut Rum Cocktail

My beverage is so sensational it’s like a taste of the tropics in a glass. The guava adds a touch of sweetness to this coconut drink. —Melanie Milhorat, New York, New York

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Nutty Hawaiian

I came up with this tropical-tasting cocktail on a whim one day. Later, when my husband and I went to Key West, Florida, I asked the bartender at an open bar to make it. He loved it so much he asked if he could use it, and of course I said yes!
—Tracy Davidheiser, Reading, PA

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Mixed Berry Sangria

This is a light, tasty beverage to serve with spoons so everyone can enjoy the fresh berries once the sangria is gone. — Linda Cifuentes, Mahomet, Illinois
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Pineapple Rum Punch

I created this with my favorite Bahamian juices. I got the inspiration for it from other Bahama punches I have sampled. —Pamela Vitti Knowles, Henderson, North Carolina

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Pineapple Colada Shake

This frothy, refreshing coconut and pineapple shake is sinfully delicious! Cool and creamy, it just begs to be your poolside companion. —Melissa Jelinek, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
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White Jamaican

A tropical twist on the classic white Russian, my easy-to-drink cocktail blends flavors of coffee, vanilla and coconut.—Mark Brown, Irvine, California

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