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10 Great Meal Preps You’ll Actually WANT to Do

Meal preps are more than just a pretty picture—here are some good meal prep ideas you'll want to try this week.

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Overnight oatmealTaste of Home

Grab a Healthy On-the-Go Breakfast

This simple overnight oatmeal is a snap to layer, chill and grab each day. Customize the recipe with flavor ideas for banana bread, carrot cake, piña colada and chocolate-cherry oats.

Become a meal planning pro with our guide.

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Taste of Home

Cook Breakfast While You Sleep

This hearty slow-cooker breakfast is packed with veggies, potatoes and satisfying eggs and cheese. Cook up this crowd-pleaser (it serves 8) while you sleep!

Beat the morning with dozens of make-ahead breakfasts.

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Taste of Home

Freeze Portioned Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough 

A chocolaty fix is just minutes away when you have ready-to-bake cookie dough on stand-by the freezer. Treat yourself anytime to warm homemade cookies! You choose how many each time.

These freezable cookies quash any cookie craving.

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Taste of Home

Marinate Your Steak in the Freezer—in Bulk

Stock up when meat’s on sale, then freeze several batches of steak in a tasty marinade made from pantry staples. Your future self will thank you next time you catch yourself wondering what’s for dinner.

Great marinades like these make you want to grill all year.

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Taste of Home

Slow-Cook Little Jars of Lunchbox Envy

Cook these sweet and stylish Chocolate Pots de Creme right in their little jars, using a slow cooker. Make 4 or 8 luscious little chocolate bombs, perfect to tuck in a lunchbox.

Check out the summery berry shortcakes in a jar, too.

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Taste of Home

Make One, Freeze One Casseroles

Buy two rotisserie chickens on sale and make the casseroles that keep on giving! Pop one pan of creamy chicken enchiladas in the oven and the second one into the freezer. Dinner, solved!

Sit down to dinner in 25 minutes or less. These quick recipes start with rotisserie chicken.

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Taste of Home

Just Add Water

Lunch like a boss with two so-simple jars of fancy looking ramen soup—just add hot water to the jar and you’re good to go. Make the prep even simpler with a trip through the grocery store’s salad bar for the soup fixings.

See these top lunches to spice up the workday.

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Taste of Home

Anticipate Any Snack Attack

Drop-in guests? Hungry kids home from school? Need a munchie for watching TV? Just bake up these little taco cups you so smartly prepped ahead and popped in the freezer.

So simple to reheat, the kids can help themselves!

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Taste of Home

Keep It Cozy 

DIY Hot Cocoa Mix makes winter better, period. Whether you give or share this irresistibly wholesome mix, many warm memories are in store. Pass the marshmallows!

These hot homemade drinks are guaranteed to make you feel warm and cozy!

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Taste of Home

Make Pancakes Easy

They’re practically no work when you start with a simple pancake mix. Whether you stock your pantry or give it as gifts, everyone wins with this five-star mix.

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