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27 Festive Christmas Ham Recipes

Is a Christmas ham the showstopper at your dinner table? Step it up this holiday with these memorable Christmas ham recipes.

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Ham isn’t just for Easter! This holiday season, switch things up a bit and serve one of these mouth-watering Christmas ham recipes. Here you’ll find rich hams glazed with citrus and spices, cranberry, apple cider and even root beer! Each and every recipe is guaranteed to please your family and look spectacular among your Christmas spread.

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Sugar-Glazed Ham

This old-fashioned ham glaze gives a pretty, golden brown coating—just like Grandma used to make. The mustard and vinegar complement the brown sugar which adds a tangy flavor to this glazed Christmas ham recipe. Be prepared to serve seconds! —Carol Strong Battle, Heathville, Virginia

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Festive Ham Glaze

My glaze dates back to shortly after my husband (of 23 years now) and I were married. I cooked a Christmas ham with this glaze—and I’ve done it that same way from then on.
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Contest Winning Holiday Glazed Ham Exps Ft20 43228 F 0930 1 5

Contest-Winning Holiday Glazed Ham

I like to serve this juicy, mouthwatering Christmas ham recipe with mashed potatoes and colorful vegetables. The apricot glaze is delicious, and the pineapple and cloves assure a truly lovely presentation. —Diane Freeman, Falkland, British Columbia
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Mustard & Cranberry Glazed Ham

My delicious glaze uses only four ingredients. It's a simple way to ensure your ham will be the showstopper on your holiday table. —Nella Parker, Hersey, Michigan
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Honey-Maple Glazed Ham

My graham cracker-crusted Christmas ham gets a double coating of a simple honey-maple glaze. The first half melts into the ham while the second half forms a sweet caramelized topping. —Alan Sproles, Knoxville, Tennessee
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Easter Ham Exps Ft21 17513 F 0317 1 2

Sweet-Spicy Ham

I serve this Christmas ham every year. The sweet-spicy glaze turns a plain ham into a mouthwatering sensation. Everyone who tries it loves this juicy main dish! —Jessica Eymann, Watsonville, California
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Apricot Ginger Mustard-Glazed Ham

Although I usually buy spiral-sliced hams, I decided to do a home-baked ham with a gingery glaze. This is how you do special-occasion dining. —Ally Phillips, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
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Baked Ham With Pineapple Exps Tohcom19 13087 B10 01 11b 5

Baked Ham with Pineapple

I first learned the technique for baked ham with pineapple for a themed dinner my husband and I hosted. Since it is widely known as the symbol of hospitality, pineapple was the star ingredient on our menu and on this lovely baked ham. —JoAnn Fox, Johnson City, Tennessee
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Apple-Glazed Ham

Apple-Glazed Ham

Each Christmas I’m asked to prepare this entree. I’m happy to oblige because it is easy to assemble, bakes for a few hours unattended and is simply delicious. —Emory Doty, Jasper, Georgia
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Apricot Glazed Ham Exps Hca19 13254 B04 23 3b 8

Apricot-Glazed Ham

Glaze a bone-in ham with apricot jam for a Christmas entree that’s beautiful and delicious. Any leftovers will make meal planning a breeze later in the week. —Galelah Dowell, Fairland, Oklahoma
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Apple Cider-Glazed Ham

When I wanted to try something new with our Christmas ham, I created this cider glaze. It’s slightly sweet but still has the spicy flavor my family craves. —Rebecca LaWare, Hilton, New York

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Root Beer Glazed Ham

For a unique spin on the traditional glazed ham recipe, try this southern specialty where the secret ingredient is root beer! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Orange Glazed Ham Exps Tham19 1504 B11 13 2b 9

Orange-Glazed Ham

This delicious Christmas ham looked like a sparkling jewel on the table when my mom served it for our holiday dinner. The flavor of the spice rub penetrates through every tender slice. Even its enticing aroma while baking can’t match the wonderful taste. —Ruth Seitz, Columbus Junction, Iowa
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Baked Ham With Cherry Sauce Exps  Hca18 27739 D11 02 2b 112

Baked Ham with Cherry Sauce

There’s nothing I’d rather serve for Christmas dinner or another special occasion than succulent baked ham. My recipe features a rub that adds flavor to the meat plus a delicious cherry sauce with a hint of almond. —Lavonn Bormuth, Westerville, Ohio
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Spiral Ham With Cranberry Glaze Exps Tohdj21 29628 B08 05 3b 1

Spiral Ham with Cranberry Glaze

The sweet, tangy glaze that complements this ham looks so pretty, and the cranberry flavor pairs well with the meat. It’s been a tradition in my home for as long as I can remember. —Pattie Prescott, Manchester, New Hampshire
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Horseradish-Glazed Ham

This glaze is our favorite way to perk up a ham. Leftovers make zippy sandwiches—with more horseradish, of course! —Cathy & Monte Seus, Tulelake, California
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Baked Ham With Honey Chipotle Glaze Exps Hca18 91150 D11 02 4b 12

Baked Ham with Honey-Chipotle Glaze

Your Christmas celebration will be so simple to orchestrate with this sweet, smoky ham recipe at your fingertips. It feeds a crowd and the baked ham glaze tastes fantastic. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Slow-Cooked Ham

Entertaining doesn't get much easier than serving this tasty five-ingredient ham from the slow cooker. And the leftovers are delicious in casseroles! —Heather Spring, Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas
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Easy and Elegant Ham

I fix this moist, tender Christmas ham to serve my large family. It can be readied quickly in the morning, frees up my oven, tastes outstanding and can feed a crowd. Covered with colorful pineapple slices, cherries and orange glaze, its showstopping appearance appeals to both children and adults. —Denise DiPace, Medford, New Jersey
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Honey Glazed Ham Exps Sdam19 41341 C12 05 3b

Honey-Glazed Ham

Here’s an easy solution for feeding a large group. The simple honey ham is perfect for Christmas dinner, where time in the kitchen is as valuable as space in the oven.—Jacquie Stolz, Little Sioux, Iowa
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Cranberry Glazed Ham

That show-stopping entree you've been hoping for is right here, and it only takes five ingredients to make. The sweet and tangy cranberry glaze pairs beautifully with succulent ham. —Joni Peterson, Wichita, Kansas
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Bourbon Glazed Ham Exps133631 Sd2232457c08 25 3bc Rms 4

Bourbon-Glazed Ham

Smoky and sweet flavors come through in every bite of this Kentucky-style Christmas ham. Since I found this recipe, it’s the only ham I make. —Sue Schiller, Tomahawk, Wisconsin
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Glazed Spiral-Sliced Ham

In my mind, few foods in a Christmas spread are as tempting as a big, spiral-cut ham. I always hope for leftovers so we can have ham sandwiches in the following days. —Edie DeSpain, Logan, Utah
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Cider Glazed Ham Exps Hscbz19 36041 E07 11 2b 4

Cider-Glazed Ham

We raise our own pork so I’m always looking for new ways to serve it that’ll warm up everyone at the end of a long day. This recipe wins the hearts of all. —Jennifer Foos-Furer of Marysville, Ohio
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Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham

This pineapple ham glaze is straightforward and simple—just what you’re looking for in a Christmas main dish. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Citrus-Spice Glazed Ham

My dad gave me this recipe. With its Chinese-inspired glaze, it’s a fun twist on traditional Christmas ham. —Amanda Lambert, Bethel, Ohio
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Maple-Peach Glazed Ham

This is one of my husband's favorite recipes. He makes it regularly for his group of friends on the weekends because it's so good and easy. —Bonnie Hawkins, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

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