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9 Charcuterie Boxes and Gift Baskets You Can Order Online

Take all the pain out of prep with these ready-to-serve (and eat!) charcuterie box sets.

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Spanish Charcuterie Sampler

If you’ve ever been to Spain, you’re likely familiar with jamon Iberico. The specialty charcuterie meat comes from a rare breed of Iberian pigs that primarily eat acorns, making for an especially rich, nutty flavor. It’s on practically every menu in its home country, but you’ll be hard pressed to find it in your local grocery store. Enter Campo Grande, the meat delivery service bringing you Spain’s finest type of pork no matter where you live.

While you can purchase jamon Iberico from Campo Grande in its traditional form—a whole shoulder on a carving rack—the brand also offers charcuterie-ready packaged Iberico options, like chorizo, salchichon and coppa. Our deputy shopping editor sampled Campo Grandes charcuterie meats and found them exceptionally rich and flavorful. “I’m a charcuterie lover, and I’ve eaten (more than) my fair share of cured meat,” she says. “The Iberico versions of those familiar meats turned my tastebuds up to 11. The salchichon was pepperier than typical salami, the chorizo saltier and more crumbly than grocery store versions and the coppa super rich and funky in a good way, like a French cheese.”

Campo Grande also offers other cuts of Iberico for oven-cooked ribs, pork belly sandwiches, pork loin roasts and so much more.

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Hickory Farms Charcuterie Board Setvia merchant

Budget-Friendly Charcuterie Box

This charcuterie assortment comes with delicious sausage, salami, cheeses and hot mustard—all on a mango wood board. It is one of the more budget-friendly selections, and even comes with a cleaver for cutting. Gifting to a loved one? Pair it with these cheese board gift ideas.

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Diy Charcuterie Board Kitvia merchant

Build-It-Yourself Charcuterie Box

With its cheeses, dried fruits, salami, seeds and other accompaniments, this super-packed DIY charcuterie sampler from Beauty and the Board easily serves up to six. Each of the accouterments comes prepped and individually wrapped, so you can focus on your charcuterie board design skills. If you’re giving it as a gift, add a a sweet handwritten card at checkout.

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Birthday Charcuterie Box Ecomm Via Hickoryfarmsvia merchant

Birthday Charcuterie Box

Make your special day a little sweeter with this birthday-themed charcuterie box. Along with the charcuterie board staples of salami and cheese, it also comes with white chocolate-covered pretzels, confetti cookies and dried pineapple rings. It’s a unique blend of a classic and a chocolate charcuterie board.

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Delux Charcuterie Board Boxvia merchant

Salami Charcuterie Box

Hey salami lovers, this charcuterie collection from Salty Pork Bits is for you! While still including spreads and pickled accompaniments, it’s heavy on the meat. Six 5-inch salamis, all with their own unique flavors, are the centerpiece.

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Grazing Charcuterie Boxvia merchant

Oversized Charcuterie Box

This super-sized charcuterie spread from CheeseBoarder comes with a whopping selection of charcuterie staples—33 total meats, cheeses, spreads and accompaniments, to be exact. It’s a must-have for any big event, and its array of miniature serving utensils makes sharing easy.

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Simple Charcuterie Boxvia merchant

Simple Charcuterie Box

For a simple collection of three cheeses and three types of salami, this charcuterie board from Harry & David has a lot to love. The sweet and savory flavors are curated to complement each other—all you need to do is add crackers and wine. Talk about the ultimate cheese board pairing!

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Smores Charcuterie Board Boxvia merchant

S’mores Charcuterie Box

What’s better than a charcuterie board? One made exclusively for s’mores. And these aren’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill treats—this s’mores kit contains different types of graham crackers and chocolates with fun toppings, like Nutella, sprinkles, toasted coconut and dulce de leche. Pair it with a decadent hot chocolate board for the sweetest possible time.

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Simple Charcuterie Boardvia merchant

Fruit-Based Charcuterie Box

Cheese, salami, nuts and dried cranberries—there’s a lot to love about this fruity charcuterie assortment! What sets this board apart from others is the added fresh fruit, including Gala and Granny Smith apples and juicy red or green pears.

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