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The Bread-Making Tools Every Home Baker Should Have

Looking to challenge yourself by baking a loaf from scratch? You'll want to know about these bread-making tools that make baking simple.

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The Essential Supplies You Need for Baking BreadSydney Watson/Taste of Home

Baking bread is a uniquely challenging and satisfying task. Sure, there’s a bit of fuss when it comes to proofing yeast and getting picture-perfect plaits, but the smell of a freshly baked loaf is worth it. The only thing you need—besides your favorite bread recipe—are a few bread baking essentials to get you started. And don’t miss the rest of the baking supplies our Test Kitchen team can’t live without. Be sure to check out our bread baking guide for even more tips and tricks!

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Sur La Table Stainless Steel Dough Scrapervia

Bench Scraper

If you invest in one bread-baking tool, let it be a bench scraper. This tool is great at manipulating bread dough on your bench and dividing it into sections for braids and rolls. It also comes in very handy during cleanup after all the kneading is done.

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Loaf Pans

Whether you prefer quick breads or yeasted breads, you’ll definitely want to invest in a few loaf pans for your favorite homemade bread recipes. There are plenty of options out there, but you can never go wrong with a great nonstick pan, like this one from our new line of bakewareYour bread will pop right of the pan with ease.

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ORBLUE 13.5" Danish Dough Whisk - LARGE - Dutch Dough Whisk Hand Mixer for Bread, Cookie, Dumpling or Pizza Dough - Best Substitute to a Mixer and Blender - Baking Tool Artisian Blender - 2-PACKvia

Dough Whisk

While we adore our stand mixers, sometimes you need to mix up the dough the old-fashioned way. Instead of slogging through sticky bread dough with a wooden spoon, opt for a dough whisk. This tool helps incorporate ingredients quickly and easily.

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Dough Hook Mixer Attachmentvia

Dough Hook Mixer Attachment

Your stand mixer is invaluable when it comes to making bread. Be sure to keep the mixer’s dough hook attachment at the ready when you start a new bread recipe. It’s so handy, especially for stickier doughs like this one for twisted babka.

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Quick-Read Thermometervia

Quick-Read Thermometer

When you make bread with yeast, it’s absolutely crucial that the water you add to the dough or use to proof the yeast is precisely the right temperature. Too chilly and that yeast won’t grow. Too hot and the yeast dies. Skip the guesswork and invest in a quick-read thermometer. It will tell you in a few seconds if your water is the right temperature—ideally around 110ºF.

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Gourmet Bowl Scrapervia

Flexible Bowl Scraper

Let’s face it: Bread dough can be pretty sticky. To make sure you get every bit of bread dough out of your mixing bowl, skip the spatula and go for a flexible silicone bowl scraper. You’ll find yourself using this handy tool for all your breads, plus plenty of other bakes.

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La Crosse Technology 302-604B Black Indoor Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer Station with MIN/MAX records & Comfort level iconvia

Indoor Thermometer

Getting dough to rise can be tricky business. Yeasted bread dough likes a warm, humid environment—around 75º with 60 to 80 percent humidity—to get the right lift. Make sure your house is warm and humid enough with an indoor thermometer.

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Reusable Bowl Coversvia

Reusable Bowl Covers

Ditch the single-use plastic wrap! Instead, cover your rising dough with reusable bowl coversThese cotton covers fit snugly around bowls, keeping moisture in for the perfect proof.

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Countertop Dough Proofervia

Countertop Dough Proofer

As much as we love making homemade bread, getting the right environment for proofing can be difficult, especially when you live in cooler climates. Ensure you get consistent rising results every time with a countertop proofer. It’s a bit of investment, but worth every penny if you’re an avid bread maker. If you pass on this gadget, be sure to check out these methods for proofing bread when it’s cold outside.

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Wüsthof Gourmet Bread Knivesvia

Bread Knife

To get a good slice of perfectly crusty homemade bread, you’ll need a good bread knife. Serrated is a must to cut through the loaf  without crushing the texture inside, while preserving the crust outside. Our Test Kitchen loves this one from Wüsthof.

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Cuisinart® 2 lb. Stainless Steel Breadmakervia

Bread Machine

You can cut out some of the labor of bread making with a good bread machine. Our Test Kitchen loves this Cuisinart bread maker, especially for newer bread bakers (check out our other favorite bread machines). Bread makers can help you mix up dough, knead and even bake the bread for you. Here are some bread machine recipes to get you started.

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Pastry Brushvia

Pastry Brush

Spread egg washes and glazes over your favorite bakes, like lemon blueberry bread, with this nifty tool. Get a pastry brush, along with other key baking tools, in our utensil set.

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Mini Loaf Pan

Quick bread recipes are easy to convert into mini loaves. Instead of buying (and finding a place for!) heaps of small loaf pans, try a pan like this one from Sur la Table. You can bake up to eight mini loaves all at once.

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Now Designs Large Bread Bin, Ivoryvia

Bread Box

Bread boxes do work! Keep your homemade bread fresher for longer by storing it in a countertop bread box. This one has some vintage flair and is big enough to store a whole loaf, plus some extra buns.

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Yeast Measuring Spoonvia

Yeast Measuring Spoon

The days of measuring out 2-1/4 teaspoons of yeast are gone. Let this handy measuring spoon do the work for you! This is a must for serious bread bakers.

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Baking Stone

Baking stones aren’t just for pizza. Ceramic stones are great at soaking up extra moisture from the exterior of the bread to help develop a crunchy, crispy crust. Use a stone to bake sheet breads that typically call for a baking sheet—and don’t forget to use baking stones for homemade pizza and sourdough bread.

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Proofing Basket

Avid bread bakers swear by these woven proofing baskets called bannetons. They give your breads an attractive shape while rising, plus they really make you feel like an expert baker.

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Premium Professional Bakers Couche - 35"x26", 100% Flax Linen Heavy Duty Proofing Cloth from Tissage Deren of France, with One Bonus Mure & Peyrot Fixed Blade Lame, by BrotformDotComvia


If baguettes are on the top of your baking list, you’ll want a couche like bakers use in France. This sturdy piece of linen is made just for proofing. Nestle your loaves into the folds of this fabric and you’ll have crusty, tasty baguettes in no time.

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SAINT GERMAIN Premium Hand Crafted Bread Lame with 6 Blades Included - Best Dough Scoring Tool with Authentic Leather Protective Covervia

Bread Lame

Wonder how bakeries get those gorgeous designs on the top of their breads? It’s all thanks to a deft hand and a lame (pronounced lahm). These tools are essentially razors designed for baking. Slice into your bread before baking it and you can create neat cuts and designs.

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