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40 Birthday Gifts for Him

Birthdays are fun, but you know what's not? Stressing about presents. No fear—here are the best birthday gifts for him.

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Self-Heating Mug

Is there anything more disappointing than a cold cup of coffee? Pick up a self-heating mug that will allow him to keep his morning coffee hot until it’s gone. He can keep this reviewer-approved mug at his home desk without having to run back to the microwave every hour.

Why it made our list: This mug has thousands of reviews on Amazon, and while it only comes in two chic colors—white or black—it gets the job done.

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Echo Dot

This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the man who loves his smart home. He can play his favorite tunes, control his smart devices, and even set reminders for important tasks. If he’s a big techie, consider picking up a wall mount that he can set up wherever he pleases.

Why it made our list: Amazon’s Bluetooth speakers just keep improving with time, and this device shows it. It’s compact, effective and gets the seal of approval from more than 400,000 Amazon reviewers.

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Beer Club Subscription

Does he love beer? Consider signing him up for a Beer of the Month Club, where he can receive and try dozens of different brews throughout the year. The subscription comes with 12 different beers each month, so if he loves expanding his beer palate, this one’s for him.

Why it made our list: This membership is perfect for beer lovers who prefer breweries and craft beers to cheaper cases you can pick up at the supermarket.

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Heavy-Duty BBQ Tools

Outfit your self-proclaimed grill master with a set of high-quality BBQ tools that will stand up to high flames, tough meats and high levels of confidence. Grill accessories are among the best kitchen gifts you can get on Amazon, and while this set only comes with four tools, they’re guaranteed to last throughout the summers.

Why it made our list: This grill set holds a solid 5-star rating on Amazon. The handles are extra long, so the grill chef can make use of the entire cooking space without worrying about burns.

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Son of a Southern Chef

Cookbooks are great gifts for men who love to cook, especially if they’re filled with tasty, messy and well-crafted recipes, like Son of a Southern Chef. If the man in your life loves good Southern cooking (or deliciously flavorful chicken and vegetables), this cookbook is a must.

Why it made our list: This is the first cookbook written by Lazarus Lynch, a two-time Chopped winner and Instagram-famous chef. It’s filled with unique recipes he’ll be able to brag about mastering.

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The Thermapen is one of our absolute favorite kitchen gadgets. It’s compact, powerful and fast-acting. Help him achieve the perfect temperature whether he’s smoking meats, grilling chicken or pan-frying salmon.

Why it made our list: The Thermapen has a legion of dedicated fans—and for good reason. This meat thermometer reads temperatures instantly and accurately, making it one of the best tools you can buy for any kitchen.

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Meat Mallet and Tenderizer

If he loves to cook, get him a kitchen tool that will not only make his meat much tastier, but also double as a fun stress-reliever. This meat mallet and tenderizer can help him flatten and tenderize most cuts of meat, whether he’s prepping for the stove or grill.

Why it made our list: This meat mallet is affordable and effective, which is exactly what you want in a kitchen utensil. Consider pairing it with the Thermapen for the ultimate meat lover’s birthday gift.

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Wooden Cutting Board

Yes—we’re recommending you buy him a large slab of wood for his birthday. But not just any slab—get him a high-quality cutting board that will change the way he prepares meat and vegetables. Encourage him to take care of his new cutting board by treating it with natural oil and washing it without harsh chemicals.

Why it made our list: This cutting board isn’t cheap, but it gets the job done. It’s reversible, so he can make use of both sides when necessary. It’s also three inches deep, so he’ll feel the heft!

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Electric Trimmer

Whether he’s bald, scruffy or somewhere in between, he could always use a new trimmer. This model comes with 13 attachments, so he can customize his cut based on his mood. If you want to splurge, consider picking up a grooming kit that features the same trimmer, but adds a travel case, scissors and two kinds of brushes.

Why it made our list: This best-selling trimmer has the seal of approval from thousands of Amazon reviewers. It also comes with an attachment made for nose and ear trimming (which is a gift for both him and you).

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Subscription to the Taste of Home Box

If he loves new kitchen toys, he’d love the Taste of Home Box. It’s filled with our favorite products, kitchen gadgets and recipes. It’s perfect for the man who loves to experiment in the kitchen.

Why it made our list: Our Taste of Home Box was made with our readers in mind, so each box is curated specifically for home cooks.

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Stainless Steel Pan

No kitchen is complete without a solid stainless steel pan. This pan can go from the stove to the oven and back without warping or destroying the stovetop. It makes a great gift for men who love braising, sauteing and broiling.

Why it made our list: All-Clad makes fantastic stainless steel cookware, and this pan is no exception. It even comes with a lifetime warranty, which may be music to your ears.

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Make-Your-Own-Hot-Sauce Kit

Hot sauce can really make or break a dish. If you’re shopping for an adventurous cook, pick up a kit that will allow him to make his own hot sauce. Whether he loves experimenting with flavors or wants to just see how hot he can make his sauce, this makes a great gift.

Why it made our list: Uncommon Goods is a great place to shop for unique gifts. This set comes with five bottles, gloves and an array of spices that he can use for his at-home experiment.

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Personalized Headphones Stand

This adorable headphone stand doubles as a chic piece of office decor. If he spends lots of time in work meetings or listening to his favorite songs, this stand is a great way to help him keep his headphones de-tangled and proudly displayed. Plus, it’s personalized!

Why it made our list: This headphone stand is a great gift for the musician in your life, especially if he’s working on outfitting his own office desk.

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Case of His Favorite Brew (with Birthday Labels)

There’s nothing better than getting what you know you love for your birthday. Pick up a six-pack of his favorite beer, but give it a twist with these beer labels that celebrate his birthday. He’ll get to enjoy his favorite brew while celebrating his big day.

Why it made our list: These labels make a great addition to any beer-themed gift, whether you’re opting for that beer club subscription or getting him a personalized beer mug.

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Batch of His Favorite Cupcakes (with Birthday Decorations)

Can you imagine anything greater than watching his face as he sees these great cupcake toppers next to the candles on his birthday dessert? These adorable toppers come in packs of 12, so they work well for cupcakes. But they work just as well arranged on a large birthday cake.

Why it made our list: These cupcake toppers are like the sprinkles on top of his birthday. Pair them with another personalized gift so he knows how much you care for him this year.

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Personalized Airpod Case

If he’s got a pair of the coveted AirPods, this personalized AirPod Case makes a fantastic gift for him. It’s chic, affordable and features a key chain he can clip to his bag or keys. Plus, it costs less than $20, which makes it a budget-friendly gift, too.

Why it made our list: AirPods are everywhere, and if you don’t keep them secured in a case like this, they’re easy to lose. An AirPod case is a great investment, but a personalized case is a perfect gift for him.

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Cocktail Subscription Box

Help him channel his inner Don Draper by signing him up for a cocktail club, like Shaker and Spoon. Each box comes with everything he needs to craft a delectable cocktail. It’s the perfect gift for the man who cherishes his at-home bar and enjoys crafting zesty and fun new cocktails.

Why it made our list: You can send a Shaker and Spoon box as a gift, but your loved one can opt in for the subscription and receive a new box every month if he wishes. Each box features fun flavors and drinks that he’ll enjoy.

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Engraved Whiskey Glass

If he prefers the taste of hard liquor, this engraved whiskey glass makes a great personalized gift for him. It features elegant writing and comes in an equally gorgeous wooden box. Plus, it comes with three whiskey stones, so he doesn’t have to worry about watering down his liquor with ice.

Why it made our list: This tumbler is beautiful as an actual drinking glass, but it also works as a piece of gorgeous home decor he can display in his kitchen or dining room.

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Star Wars Kitchen Towels

A home can never have too many kitchen towels, especially when they feature Star Wars characters and emblems. These kitchen towels look great, but they’re also effective at tackling spills—which is a big deal, considering that many novelty towels are for looking only.

Why it made our list: If he loves Star Wars as much as we do, he’ll love these towels. Pair them with these Star Wars-engraved wooden tools for an out-of-this-world birthday.

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Subscription to Family Handyman

If your at-home handyman is looking for inspiration, tips and DIY projects that can enhance his home, he’d love a subscription to Family Handyman magazine. Pair this subscription with a new tool set or a gift card to Home Depot and he’ll be in home-repair heaven.

Why it made our list: Family Handyman is a great place to check out for at-home tips. Plus, subscriptions are thankfully affordable, so he can get a year’s worth of tips without you breaking the bank.

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Portrait of His Favorite Pet

He may or may not be a dad, but if he’s got a furry companion, he likely considers himself pet dad of the year. Celebrate his birthday with a custom portrait of his pet that he can hang and keep forever. Many Etsy sellers will create custom portraits from pictures, so you’ll want to match his own style to the options you see on the site.

Why it made our list: There’s nothing better than pictures of your pet, especially when they’re hand-crafted. He’ll love this one almost as much as he loves his furry best friend.

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Canvas Apron

Need a clever gift for the cook in your life? This durable canvas apron may be just what you’re looking for. It comes with three pockets and adjustable straps, and it works perfectly as a baker’s apron or grill master’s canvas.

Why it made our list: There are lots of novelty aprons you can choose for the man in your life, but get him one that he will actually use, like this one.

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Personalized Leather Portfolio

Regardless of his age, this leather portfolio makes a great gift for him. Students can use it to arrange their work, professionals can use them to organize their work materials and even home chefs can use it to hold their favorite recipes and recipe cards.

Why it made our list: A leather portfolio is a great versatile present that will grow with him over the years. Don’t be surprised if he finds multiple uses for it as the years go by.

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Fashion Box Subscription

If the man in your life takes pride in his sense of style, he may love a fashion subscription box like Gentleman’s Box. Each month, members get accessories and essentials picked by stylists. There’s a premium box option for men who want a little more, like tech and home goods.

Why it made our list: Gentleman’s Box is available through Amazon, so you get the benefits of Prime Shipping and certified Amazon reviews to sift through. It’s a great option if you’re considering getting him a tie or a pair of socks.

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Cold Brew Maker

If he loves waking up to a fresh pot of coffee every morning, pick him up a tool that will make his favorite drink a little tastier. This cold brew maker allows him to make his own cold brew at home, and honestly, it also just looks really cool.

Why it made our list: There’s something special about cold brew coffee. It takes a little more effort to make, but it’s well worth it—especially for the coffee-lover in your life.

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Beard Grooming Kit

Growing a beard is not easy (or so I’ve been told). It takes time, patience and a great deal of self-care to achieve enviable growth—which is why the beard-laden man in your life would love a high-quality beard grooming kit. This one comes with beard oil, beard balm, multiple brushes and a pair of scissors.

Why it made our list: You may not know the difference between beard oil and beard balm, but he does—and he needs them both. This kit is a great gift for the man with a beautiful beard or one trying to grow his first one.

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House Slippers

There’s a good chance he’s been rocking a pair of slippers that’s older than you are—help everyone out by upgrading his slippers. These house shoes can be worn both inside and outside, so he can still get the mail, walk the dog and grill on the porch without changing shoes.

Why it made our list: These slippers are highly-rated among Amazon reviewers, and they come in seven different colors. They’re also made with memory foam, so they’ll perfectly conform to his feet.

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Meat Shredders

Pulled pork is a gift in and of itself, but if you’ve got a meat-loving man in your life who loves smoking meats on his own, these meat shredders make a perfect birthday present. They’re a simple and effective way to shred meat, and they make an excellent alternative to scraping forks.

Why it made our list: These bear paws have a nearly perfect 5-star rating on Amazon, and they make an excellent addition to his kitchen tool collection.

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Southern Spice Rubs

Speaking of delicious barbecue, this collection of Southern spice rubs features five different dry spice rubs. They include BBQ spices from Memphis, East Texas, Georgia, Lexington and Louisiana. If he loves experimenting with different flavors, he may get great inspiration from this comprehensive set.

Why it made our list: Etsy reviewers love these BBQ spices, noting that they are tasty and well-sized.

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Does he have a signature scent? He may be a perfect candidate for Scentbird, a subscription service that delivers monthly shipments of high-end colognes. Scentbird is a great gift for men who already know which types of brands and scents they love, but it also makes a great present for younger men who are just starting to experiment with new colognes.

Why it made our list: Cologne is a great present for him, but if you’re not sure what he’d like, let him pick for himself. Scentbird has more than 450 colognes to choose from.

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Engraved Wallet

A wallet is a classic present for him, so add a little flair by personalizing it. This classy wallet can be engraved with his name in dark letters, adding a layer of personalization to an everyday object. You can even engrave sayings on the inside of the wallet if you so choose.

Why it made our list: He can always use a new wallet. Opt for a customized one this time and see if he prefers that to the department store staples.

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Pizza Stone

There’s something magical about baking a pizza on an authentic stone. This pizza stone works in conventional ovens and outdoor brick ovens. Plus, it comes with a pizza peel so he can feel like an authentic Italian chef when pulling the pizza out of the oven.

Why it made our list: There are many pizza stones available, but this one is a perfect large square, which not only allows you to fit the entire pizza on the stone, but also allows more room to slide the peel underneath.

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Dutch Oven

If he’s a serious chef, he needs a dutch oven. A great model is Le Creuset’s oval-shaped dutch oven. This timeless dish is perfect for baking, sauteing and broiling. He can use this for his favorite one-pot dishes, including chicken and dumplings.

Why it made our list: You can nab a high-quality dutch oven from Amazon for about $70, but if you want the best of the best, splurge for the Le Creuset.

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Basket Full of Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a great snack for road trips, long days and moments of weakness. If he loves sneaking beef jerky, consider getting him this basket full of—you guessed it—jerky. You can choose healthy jerky, spicy ones, classic ones and even sweet ones, depending on the tastes of your giftee.

Why it made our list: If he loves trying new jerky flavors, this could be a great way to introduce him to new snacks. Each box includes anywhere from four to 12 types of jerky.

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Customized Newspaper for Him

This birthday sign may not be your main gift, but it will be the star of the show. This custom-made newspaper is a fantastic gift for the sentimental man who loves history. It features his face in the middle, then sprinkles facts about the year he was born on the margins. It’s great for printing and hanging around the house on his birthday to help set the atmosphere of the day.

Why it made our list: This customized newspaper is great for tacking to walls and attaching to party invitations. If you want to get creative, you can slide it in the newspaper he receives each day.

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Coffee Subscription Box

Coffee-lovers rejoice—there are dozens of coffee subscription services out there that can introduce you to new beans from all over the world. If you’re shopping for someone who loves subscription boxes, we recommend Atlas Coffee Club. It’s a coffee of the month club that ships a new coffee from a different country every month. It’s the perfect gift for the man who enjoys his morning brew, especially considering that you can purchase your favorite coffee if one particularly strikes your fancy.

Why it made our list: This coffee of the month club is simple and effective—you get one type of coffee a month, end of story. If he loves simplicity and coffee, this is a great choice.

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Book of the Month Club

The Book of the Month Club makes a fantastic gift for men who love to read. Subscribers get to choose from five new books every month—some are bestsellers, while others are from new and notable authors. If you know a man who is rarely seen without a new book, a subscription to Book of the Month could be the perfect birthday gift.

Why it made our list: A Book of the Month subscription is great if you know your giftee loves to read, but you’re not quite sure what genres he likes—or what books he’s read recently. Let him choose for himself!

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Birthday Chocolates

Sometimes it just doesn’t get better than receiving food as a birthday gift. And can you think of a better gift than a heaping basket of chocolate? Harry & David is known for their high-quality gift baskets, and their collection of chocolate gifts is no different. If he’s got a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, check out the birthday chocolate collection and see what stands out.

Why it made our list: We love chocolate, and while you can make your own chocolate to gift to him, sometimes it’s easier to just leave it to the pros.

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Coffee & Bourbon Home Essentials Gift Basket

Combine two of his favorite things with a gift basket like this one from Etsy. It features coffee bean bar soap, essential oil room spray, bourbon lip balm and a bourbon chestnut candle. This basket makes a great birthday gift for the man who just moved into a new home or apartment.

Why it made our list: Who doesn’t love a well-crafted gift basket? This one comes with a collection of home essentials he can’t turn down.

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Fresh Bouquet of Flowers

When all else fails, there’s nothing people love receiving more than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Yes—that includes men, too. Amazon sells an array of fresh flowers that come with same-day or Prime shipping, so you can get them quickly. You can also pick a bouquet that most reminds you of the birthday boy.

Why it made our list: Amazon sources its flowers from many different florists, from small businesses to big companies like Trader Joe’s.

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