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The Best Kitchen Appliances for 2022

Our staffers spent months chopping, mixing, blending, brewing and pressure-cooking to determine what kitchen gear gives you the best bang for your buck.

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Coffee Maker

You use your coffee maker every morning, but is it really the best one on the market? Find out what brand our Test Kitchen cooks named “best coffee maker.”

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Stand Mixer

Bakers rely on a powerful stand mixer to make everything from bread to biscuits, cakes to cookies. Find out which brand has earned the title of “best stand mixer.”

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Pressure Cooker

Our Test Kitchen tried the most popular brands to find the best pressure cooker you can buy.

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Food Processor

This kitchen essential can slice, dice, chop and so much more. Our Test Kitchen found the best food processor out there so you can prep just like the pros.

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Hand Mixer

Our culinary team put the most popular mixers to the test stirring up your recipes! After months of blending, mixing and whisking, we found the best hand mixer.
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Immersion Blender

The best immersion blender out there does a lot more than puree. Find out why our Test Kitchen chose this brand (and what fancy attachments come right in the box).

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Slow Cooker

Who doesn’t love a good slow cooker? This kitchen superstar is responsible for all our favorite low-and-slow recipes. Our Test Kitchen found the best slow cooker brand for bringing those comfort foods to life.

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Air Fryer

Have you been eyeing up air fryers lately? Wondering which one to buy? Our Test Kitchen tried all the top brands and found the best air fryer out there. Now you know which one to add to your list.

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Sheet Pan

Our staff put 10 brands to work in our Test Kitchen. Find out which brand was named the best sheet pan—and be sure to grab this one for yourself. It’s a bargain you won’t want to miss!

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Knife Sharpener

The secret to success in the kitchen: sharp knives. Keep your knives performing like new with the best knife sharpener brand that’s a cut above the rest.

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