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The Best Frozen Waffles, According to a Blind Taste Test

Need a quick breakfast? Pop a few waffles into your toaster. But first—check out our Test Kitchen's picks for the best frozen waffles.

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Looking for the Best Frozen Waffles

Let’s be real: On a weekday morning, a scratch-made breakfast is not often in the cards. That’s when you plug in the toaster and pop in a few slices of bread or even frozen waffles. Dressed up with some maple syrup and butter, these satisfy our cravings for waffles—at least until the weekend.

But which brands make the best frozen waffles? Our Test Kitchen pros put nine boxes to the test to find out!

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How We Tested Frozen Waffles

This taste test was an easy one for our crew. Our kitchen pros rolled into Taste of Home HQ and popped each brand into the toaster—all on the same setting.

Each waffle was tested solo (no syrup to interfere with the flavor or texture) and scored according to these categories.

  • Appearance: The best frozen waffles should toast up nicely. They should look golden brown and have a nice, uniform shape.
  • Texture: The outside of a frozen waffle should be crisp. Inside, our team wants to see a bit of fluff like a homemade waffle.
  • Flavor: Our team tried a variety of waffles including buttermilk and whole grain. No matter the recipe, waffles should be satisfying and pair well with all sorts of toppings from fresh fruit to salty bacon.

In the end, four brands popped out of the toaster and to the top of our Test Kitchen-Preferred rankings. Check out our team’s favorites—and then take a peek at these recipes that use frozen waffles.

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Best Whole Grain Waffles

Annie’s Organic Homestyle Waffles

In this test, our team sampled traditional waffles made with all-purpose flour as well as whole-grain options. These whole-grain waffles really took our team by surprise in a good way. Annie’s Organic Homestyle Waffles were a favorite among our experts.

In addition to being packed with grains like rye, oats and whole wheat, we discovered other layers of flavor. “You can taste the sugar and vanilla right away with this waffle,” explains the Test Kitchen’s Josh Rink. This sentiment was echoed by our other testers, including Sarah Tramonte: “Tastes a bit of maple or cinnamon which would go really well with syrup.”

Pair this top-notch flavor with a crispy exterior and delightfully fluffy interior crumb and you’ve got a frozen waffle that’s so good you may even skip the waffle iron on the weekend.

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Best Basic Frozen Waffles

Eggo Buttermilk Frozen Waffles

Craving a simple and delicious frozen waffle to top with syrup or even fill with something savory like these egg breakfast sammies? You can’t beat classic Eggo Buttermilk Frozen Waffles, according to our Test Kitchen.

“These ones have a really nice crunch,” says Maggie Knoebel in the Test Kitchen.

The flavor of Eggo waffles is very mellow and would pair well topped with jam for a sweet breakfast or even layered up with ham and cheese to make these waffle Monte Cristo sandwiches. Versatility like this is a major reason you should toss a box of this classic frozen waffle brand into your cart.

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365 Whole Foods Market Mini Wafflesvia merchant

Best Mini Waffles

365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Homestyle Mini Waffles

Everything is cuter in miniature. These mini desserts and 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Homestyle Mini Waffles are proof.

Besides being pretty darn cute, these Whole Foods-exclusive frozen waffles also gained top marks for taste and texture.

“I love the crunch on the edges and the soft, chewy middle,” says Maggie. That crispy outside is what’s going to keep your maple syrup cradled in all the nooks and crannies as you dive into a plate of these on a weekday morning.

As for the flavor, our team loved the whole wheat flour in these organic waffles. It makes the minis feel hearty, though the splash of pear juice used as a sweetener keeps them from being too savory. Overall, these are minis that our team would pop in their toasters—or use to make these ice cream waffle-wiches.

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Best Vegan Waffles

Kashi Seven-Grain Waffles

Our team wasn’t searching for vegan frozen waffles in this taste test. However, our pros were delighted to learn that one of the tastiest picks was also vegan (a win for our plant-based friends): Kashi Seven-Grain Waffles.

Full disclosure: Our team wasn’t totally sold on the appearance of these waffles. Whole grain flour blends can have a slightly gray cast—especially flours like this one that use buckwheat. However, one bite and our team was wowed.

“The flavor and mouthfeel are surprisingly good!” says Josh. On the outside, these waffles are crispy and light. Inside, the middle is delicate and soft.

Flavor-wise, the seven grains of Kashi’s flour blend gave this breakfast favorite a complex and hearty flavor. Our team also picked up notes of maple which means these are pretty tasty solo—but even better when topped with homemade maple butter.

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