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The Best Champagne Glasses to Cheers any Occasion

Here are the best Champagne glasses for every toast, clink and sip—picked by a top sommelier.

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What’s more festive than popping a bottle of Champagne? Nothing! To truly appreciate the fruit flavors and get the most from the bubbles, you need the right glassware. Shopping for Champagne glasses is easier than you think—there are options for every budget and style. Toast to the good life with these gorgeous picks that pull details from your favorite vintage glassware and sturdy modern construction. And, Champagne glasses make a fantastic holiday, wedding or hostess gift. Clink!

How to choose the right Champagne glasses

To help you choose the perfect Champagne glasses, we spoke to a sommelier, an 11th generation wine glass maker and scoured user reviews. We even sipped from a few of these Champagne glasses ourselves.

“Most wine and champagne glasses are made from durable glass that have a lip around the rim to ward off easy breakage,” explains Laura Pauli, a San Francisco-based chef and sommelier at Cucina Testa Rossa. “Crystal is the preferred material for higher-end Champagne glasses as it can be crafted very thinly. It is a delicate, yet still durable material, although more expensive.”

Tall, elegant flutes are still the best glasses for drinking Champagne but Pauli says wine experts actually say certain wider-mouthed wine glasses are okay for sipping Champagne too. “The iconic Champagne flute offers sophistication, elegance and celebration. The tall, thin flute beautifully showcases the streams of bubbles that float up the glass and tickle your nose,” she explains, adding that, “The flute shape retains the carbonation so you can enjoy your Champagne for much longer than in the wide, shallow coupe-shaped glass that allows the bubbles and aromas to dissipate quickly.”

Using Champagne Glasses for Sparkling Wines

Although the differences between sparkling wines can boil down to region, you’ll be happy to know you can use the same glasses for your favorite Prosecco and other far-flung bubbly wines. If you’re wondering what the difference is between them in the first place, you’ll appreciate this celebratory wine more than ever after reading about what Champagne is and how it differs from other bubblies.

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Mikasa Cheers Champagne Flutesvia

Best Amazon: Mikasa Cheers Champagne Flutes

Nearly 10,000 Amazon reviewers rate this set of four Champagne flutes as the best thanks to their genuine crystal construction and whimsical design patterns. They’re also fairly affordable and can hold up to eight delicious ounces of your favorite bubbly wine. They easily mix and match with other glassware pieces from your collection.

Verified Amazon purchaser, Ashley writes, “I like the fact they all have different designs because then people know which glass was theirs. They feel durable and not flimsy. I am actually most impressed with the effort they took to bubble wrap it to make sure the glasses were protected. And let me tell you—they most certainly were.”

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Newmoon Champagne Flutes 2via

Best Villeroy & Boch: NewMoon Champagne Flutes

These modern Champagne glasses have an almost futuristic-feeling vibe about them thanks to a blunt lip that’s shaped like a crescent moon. Of course, that’s where they get their name from. The lowered sipping ridge allows for easy sniffing to take in all the best wine aromas. It’s a detail many may not consider, and an important feature if you’re plunking down serious cash on high-end sparkling wines and want to appreciate every sense-tingling aspect. Future brides and grooms should consider adding these beauties to their wedding registry.

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Lucia Tulip Stemwarevia

Best Crate & Barrel: Lucia Tulip Stemware

These gorgeous tulip-shaped glasses create an effervescent bouquet in your nose thanks to the wider opening. “Many Champagne houses are pouring their Champagne in regular wine glasses to allow for more aromas to waft out and delight the senses, but the classic flute remains the most festive,” says Pauli. A flute with a wider mouth is the happy medium between the two options. This broader shape is also easy to fill with all the greatest Champagne cocktail recipes.

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Champagne Wine Glassvia

Best Riedel: Champagne Wine Glass

Maximilian Riedel is the 11th generation CEO and President of the Riedel Wine Glass Company, the 265-year-old heritage crystal brand known for revolutionizing the wine drinking experience with the introduction of varietal specific glassware. He has an unexpected and highly researched take on Champagne glasses. Riedel says, “Champagne is a beautifully crafted wine and should be enjoyed from a glass that enhances its characteristics. The narrow bowl and rim of a flute stifles the wine, not allowing the aromas to fully develop. The shape of the glass also causes one to tilt their head back when taking a sip, sending the wine to the back of the palate where the intricate flavor profile can’t be perceived. When serving Champagne, I’d recommend serving in a Riedel Champagne Wine Glass, specifically designed to enhance the effervescence, aromas and flavors of Champagne, or in a white wine glass.”

The wider bowl of this specially designed Champagne glass also allows for the wine to aerate and push fruit-forward notes toward the nose. The tapered rim enhances the flavor profile and the unexpected base at the bowl keeps Champagne bubblier for longer. If you really splurged on a fantastic bottle of Champagne, this is the glass to enjoy it in.

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Mikasa Julie Champagne Flutesvia

Best Affordable: Mikasa Julie Champagne Flutes

Cheers to this set of four great Champagne glasses being an affordable dream without sacrificing quality or design! They’re actually made of crystal, which is a rare feat for affordable wine glasses. They can be rinsed in the dishwasher if you pop them in the top rack. These are the flutes you’ll reach for when you’re serving your favorite Sunday brunch recipes with mimosas.

“These glasses are simple elegance,” writes verified Amazon purchaser, M. Rivera. “I bought them because I was looking for lighter daily use drinking glasses. These are perfect! They’re simple, lightweight, easy to hold—even for someone with a few grip issues. The base is sturdy looking and the rim seems thin and flimsy, but it’s not. I dropped one accidentally and it was fine! They also make a lovely sound when clinked together like expensive glassware.”

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Gold Glitter Plastic Champagne Flutesvia

Best Plastic: Gold Glitter Plastic Champagne Flutes

You’ll get 30 affordable and shatter-free plastic Champagne flutes in this popular set. They’re decorated with dazzling golden glitter for a special touch. With over 6,000 Amazon reviews, shoppers just can’t get enough of them for all their occasions and most festive parties. “Purchased these for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower, and they were great!” exclaims one verified Amazon purchaser. “Easy to assemble and not super cheap plastic. I was actually presently surprised with how well they were packaged and how thick the plastic was. We saved them and will be using them for our New Year’s Eve party as well!”

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Lenox Tuscany Classics Toasting Flutesvia

Best Bed Bath & Beyond: Lenox Tuscany Classics Toasting Flutes

You’ll love the added value in this buy-four-get-six toasting flutes set. They boast affordable pricing, perfect purchaser reviews and durable glass construction that makes them worry-free. “This was a Christmas gift to our daughter and her husband,” writes one five-star reviewer. “I was hesitant to order them for fear they could get broken in shipment, but I will not worry about that for future purchases. They were extremely well packaged for shipment and it did not take long to receive this item. They are top quality which I should have expected because they are Lenox. Could not be more pleased—and very pleased with the price.”

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Joyjolt Milo Stemless Champagne Flutes Setvia

Best Stemless: JoyJolt Milo Stemless Champagne Flutes Set

Aside from their beautiful and display-worthy design, these stemless Champagne glasses are ideal for serving a variety of other tall glass drinks and are remarkably affordable. While Pauli doesn’t suggest stemless glassware for drinks meant to be kept super cold (your hands will warm the glass and its contents), these make showstopping vehicles for Black Forests and other classic cocktails. Or perhaps, mock Champagne.

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Waterford Love Forever Lead Crystal Champagne Flutesvia

Best Splurge: Waterford Love Forever Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes

This set of two Champagne flutes offers timeless elegance and high-quality leaded crystal. Totally worth the splurge—especially when you see how memorable the stylized representations of the eternal flame of love are. They offer a heavier weight that feels substantial in the hand and can hold a modest five-ounce pour. Seconds, anyone?

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