The Best Champagne for Mimosas, According to a Sommelier

Choosing the perfect bottle of bubbly is essential when making sensational mimosas. Our sommelier rounded up the best champagne for mimosas for your next brunch bash.

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Toh Ecomm Mimosa
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Most people would agree that mimosas are a must-have for any weekend brunch. As a sommelier, I recommend you stick with good quality but inexpensive sparkling wine for any champagne cocktail. Orange juice will mask your bubbly’s finer points, so it’s wise to save your high-end champagne for enjoying on its own.

For mimosas, choose prosecco, cremant, cava or entry-level Champagne to bring fizz and flavor to mimosas.

Toh Ecomm Putty

Cantina Montelliana Prosecco Extra Dry

With its vibrant, fruity and floral profile, Cantina Montelliana’s extra dry prosecco is made for mimosas. Extra dry means this peachy, melony prosecco is a little sweeter than other styles, but Cantina Montelliana is beautifully balanced and over-delivers at this price point. Make sure to pour it in the right champagne glass.

Why it made our list: If you like your mimosas on the sweeter side, extra dry prosecco is the way to go. It has more residual sugar than other styles of bubbly.

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Toh Ecomm Extra Brut

Louis Bouillot Fine Reserve Extra Brut

Louis Bouillot’s brilliant cremant de Bourgogne hits all the right notes. It’s delightfully effervescent with plenty of stone fruit aromas and flavors. We love using this cremant to make orange-apricot mimosas on balmy summer afternoons.

Why it made our list: Cremant is Champagne’s less-expensive sibling, and it’s a fantastic option when you want that authentic Champagne taste in your mimosas at a fraction of the cost.

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Toh Ecomm Blanc De Blancs

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV

OK, so we said that your special bottles of champagne should be saved to enjoy on their own, but some occasions call for a little decadence. When you want to splash out a bit and mix up some luxe mimosas, Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is our top choice. Its candied citrus and honeyed flavors are stunning with freshly squeezed orange juice (please, do not use anything out of a carton when pairing it with this bottle).

Why it made our list: If you want to add a touch of luxury to your mimosas, Ruinart is a gorgeous, high-quality champagne that’s more expensive yet won’t break the bank, either.

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Toh Ecomm Rose Cava

Segura Viudas Brut Rosé

Rosé sparkling wine for mimosas? Yes, please! With its bright red berry and zesty pink grapefruit flavors, Segura Viudas‘ gorgeous rosé cava is a perfect partner for blood orange mimosas. Cava is chamapagne’s less expensive Spanish cousin, and Segura Viudas is one of our favorites thanks to its quality, consistency and price.

Why it made our list: Seriously, if you haven’t been making blood orange mimosas with sparkling rosé, you’ve been missing out.

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Toh Ecomm Proseco

La Vostra Prosecco

Pouring mimosas for a large group? Pick up a case of La Vostra. This delicious, bright prosecco not only offers excellent value, it’s also superb in cocktails. Use La Vostra to make cranberry orange mimosas for the holidays.

Why it made our list: La Vostra’s refreshing, fruit-driven profile makes it a natural choice for mimosas, whether you’re keeping them classic with orange juice or adding other fruits and flavors.

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Toh Ecomm Rose

Veuve Cliquot Rosé

Veuve Cliquot’s gorgeous rosé is just the ticket for berry mimosas. With its racy acidity and creamy texture, Veuve Cliquot brings complexity to the classic brunch cocktail. It’s our first choice for special occasions like bridal showers and Mother’s Day brunch.

Why it made our list: If you’re a purist who will only drink mimosas made with proper Champagne, Veuve Cliquot is always a solid choice.

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Toh Ecomm Underwood2

Underwood The Bubbles

Canned sparkling wine lends itself to mimosas, and Underwood’s The Bubbles is our budget-friendly, no-frills go-to. Its zesty citrus and apple notes complement the sweet-tart flavor of orange juice to a T, and the canned format will ensure nothing goes to waste. Bonus? If pink sparkling wine is more your speed, Underwood offers a rosé version as well.

Why it made our list: Canned bubbly is ideal for adding a bit of sparkle to a few ounces of freshly squeezed orange juice. It’s a must if you’re mixing mimosas at a picnic or the beach.

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Toh Ecomm Brut Prestige

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige

California is home to some wickedly good sparkling wines, and you won’t find many better in this affordable price point than Mumm Napa Brut Prestige. Apple, berries and spice dominate the nose and palate of this sparkling wine, which are especially tasty with OJ.

Why it made our list: Consistent, delicious and inexpensive. What’s not to love?

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Toh Ecomm Sparkling Brut

Sutter Homes Fre Non-Alcoholic Brut

Just because you don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the fun. Fre non-alcoholic sparkling wine is perfect if booze isn’t your thing. It’s refreshingly dry with hints of lemon, tart green apple and berries—tailor-made for seasonal apple cider mimosas in fall!

Why it made our list: This alcohol-removed sparkling wine is bubbly and pairs well with orange juice. It’s our go-to for virgin mimosas for baby showers.

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