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The Best Aldi Finds to Look for in February 2021

From globally-inspired dishes to keto-friendly foods, there's something for everyone in this month's Aldi Finds.

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North Atlantic Lobster TailsCourtesy Aldi

North Atlantic Lobster Tails

Impress your Valentine with Surf & Turf for dinner.

$12.99 / Available Feb. 3

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Mini Chicken Tikka SamosasCourtesy Aldi

Mini Chicken Tikka Samosas

Looking for some Super Bowl snacks? Step away from boring chips and dip and grab these flavor-filled samosas. (You can also find them in a vegetarian version.)

$4.99 / Available Feb. 3

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Coca Cola With Coffeevia

Coca-Cola with Coffee

Can’t choose between a morning cup of joe or a can of Coke? Now you don’t have to!

$5.48 / Available Feb. 3

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Bacon Swiss Or Spinach Feta Egg BitesCourtesy Aldi

Bacon Swiss or Spinach Feta Egg Bites

If you love the sous vide egg bites from Starbucks (one of our favorite low-carb items on their menu), you’re going to want to add these to your shopping cart.

$2.79 / Available Feb. 10

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Brioche Bagels EverythingCourtesy Aldi

Everything Brioche Bagels

This bagel with a schmear is the perfect way to start any morning.

$3.29 / Available Feb. 10

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Tandoori Barbecue Potato ChipsCourtesy Aldi

Thai Curry Potato Chips

Curry in the form of wavy potato chips? Yes, please! You can also sample the Tandoori Barbecue flavor, which is inspired by the flavors of India.

$1.69 / Available Feb. 10

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Bek Overnightoats Vanilla SingleCourtesy Aldi

Brekki Overnight Oats

Overnight oats, one of our favorite nutritious breakfast ideas, somehow got even more convenient.

$3.99 / Available Feb. 10

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Keto Friendly Roasted Veggie Deli PizzaCourtesy Aldi

Keto Friendly Roasted Veggie Pizza

Following the keto diet and craving a slice (or two) of pizza? This protein-packed, low-carb pie has your name on it.

$6.99 / Available Feb. 17

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Chicken Fries Whole Grain HorzCourtesy Aldi

Blazin’ Hot Chicken Fries

Why eat chicken nuggets when you can eat chicken fries?

$4.99 / Available Feb. 17

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Keto Ice Cream Pints Salted CaramelCourtesy Aldi

Keto Ice Cream Pints

Even in the depths of winter, it’s never too cold for ice cream. Available in Salted Caramel, Brownie Batter and Butter Pecan flavors.

$3.99 / Available Feb. 17

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Keto Cookies Double ChocolateCourtesy Aldi

Keto Friendly Double Chocolate Cookies

We love a good keto dessert! The Benton’s keto cookies are also available in Chocolate Chip flavor.

$2.99 / Available Feb. 17

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Paleo Granola Maple AlmondCourtesy Aldi

Maple Almond Paleo Granola

This granola would be delicious in a yogurt parfait.

$3.99 / Available Feb. 17

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Pizza 12in Macaroni And CheeseCourtesy Aldi

Macaroni & Cheese Pizza

Because sometimes you can’t decide between macaroni & cheese and pizza for dinner.

$4.99 / Available Feb. 24

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Chilled Crab CakesCourtesy Aldi

Crab Cakes

Take a trip to the Eastern Shore without leaving your own home.

$5.99 / Available Feb. 24

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Pizza Jalapeno PopperCourtesy Aldi

Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Love this pizza mashup!

$4.49 / Available Feb. 24

Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.

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