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17 Secrets IKEA Employees Won’t Tell You

You can save time and (even more) money at IKEA—not to mention score a few little-known perks from the Swedish home goods store.

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We’ll Give You Free Coffee

Members of IKEA Family—a free loyalty program—can pick up a cup of coffee or tea while they shop. Flash your membership card and it won’t cost you a cent. Move over Keurig! Learn why your Ikea mug has a chip in the bottom.

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We Have Shortcuts

Even though working your way through the IKEA labyrinth can be fun, we also understand you might just want to get in and out. You can find maps on the back of the shopping lists we offer at the entrance, which will reveal shortcuts to get you through faster. If you forget to take one, you can usually find signs pointing to shorter routes, or you could always ask an employee. Plus, check out the best time to go to Ikea.

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We’re Designed for Impulse Buys

Taking those shortcuts won’t just save you time—it might save money, too. We hope those big bins of extra-affordable products will catch your eye while you’re winding around, and you’ll buy more than you planned.

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You Can Reserve Your Furniture In-Store

For $5, you can buy your item online and pick it up from the store. You can beat the crowds, plus avoid expensive shipping fees. That might be why Ikea was named America’s favorite home furnishing store.

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We Give Out Free Diapers

Forgot your diaper bag? No sweat. We provide diapers free in the family bathrooms. Diapers are one of the best-value items you can buy at BJ’s.

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Stop Stressing About Missing a Deal

Once you join IKEA Family, you have a 90-day price protection. If the item you just bought goes on sale within three months of your purchase date, we’ll refund you the price difference.

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Please Don’t Put the Displays in Your Cart

If you take one, we’ll have to take time to call that section for permission to sell it—and the answer might be no. You’ll save time by picking one that isn’t meant for display.

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Look Online First

The stock in our store can be overwhelming, so we recommend browsing online before you come in so you’ll know exactly what to look for. Write down the item number, and we’ll be able to track it down even quicker. Find out 15 IKEA add-ons you’ve never heard of.

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Ikea family membership cardAlesiakan/Shutterstock

IKEA Family Members Are Treated like VIPs

You won’t see this on your list of benefits, but IKEA Family members who live near their stores might be invited to press events that aren’t open to the general public.

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IKEA as is section Mezair/Shutterstock

You Might Be Missing the Section With the Best Deals

If you don’t mind a little wear and tear, the IKEA as-is section is your best bet. Returned items and pieces from our displays go there with massive discounts. You’ll find furniture in good condition along items with missing pieces, so the IKEA as-is especially good if you’re into DIYing. These 16 reasons IKEA is a DIYer’s dream destination will spark your creativity.

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We Keep a Schedule

Depending on the store, the As-Is section might only be restocked once or twice a week. Once you know that day, you might score the best items if you can make it in when the newest items were added. Aldo read up on Target’s secret markdown schedule.

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We’ll Find Someone to Put Your Furniture Together

For those of you who are nervous about putting your own furniture together, we have in-person TaskRabbit workers in certain stores. They’ll give you an exact quote for how much they charge for putting together the item in your cart.

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There’s an Ideal Time to Shop

Most people have off during the weekends, so weekday mornings—especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays—are the quietest time if you want a stress-free shopping trip.

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We Aren’t Here to Hover

Some companies train their employees to check-in with customers and encourage them to buy more, but that’s not how we’re trained. Don’t think we’re being anti-social if we aren’t talking to you—we’re waiting for you to come to us.

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We Have Local Deals

You might already know about the annual Kitchen Event and other company-wide sales, but check your local store’s site before you head out. Each franchise is able to discount certain items when they need to get rid of stock.

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You Can Test Before You Buy

The IKEA Place app lets you upload a photo of your home, then virtually place furniture inside. You get to see how it fits in with your decor before dragging it all the way home. Plus, you can get these 15 home tech items at IKEA.

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ikea mattressesMandritoiu/Shutterstock

We Sell Mattresses

Yes, IKEA has great prices on bedroom sets, but we’re blown away by how few people know we sell mattresses and kitchen sets, too. Don’t miss how to build this Ikea Kallax kack: Mid-Century Modern Console.

Sources: IKEA design spokesperson Janice Simonsen; former IKEA employee Maria

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